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“The Adventures Of Little Diego - Former Child Star Chapter 8 - Part 2 of 5, Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Cha Gonna Do?"

Updated on October 11, 2013

Marc Copage

So my buddy Peter and I started making these demo acting reels for ourselves. We were both working at this on-camera acting workshop facility. It was set up like a mock TV studio with a control booth and everything. Peter had the keys to the place and we had the idea to go in after hours and tape ourselves with some of our acting friends. Looking back, the videos we shot were not of the greatest quality, but still a worthwhile experience. It was before on camera acting workshops were as prevalent as they are today.

Marc Copage Peter Love

We were also trying to get another record deal during this period of time. I began working with up and coming record producer / writer / arranger, Richard Cason. Richard produced a handful of demos for me. Richard went on to produce quite a number of dance and rap hits. He has been mentioned by many as being a significant part of R&B history as one of the original West Coast Pioneers of the dance/rap tune genre.

"Street Beat' Produced by West Coast Pioneer Richard Cason - With Pop Locking Stars Shabba Doo and Electric Boogaloo

Richard had done a great job producing the demos and I was able to get several meetings with the songs he produced for me. We met with execs from Capital, Warner Brothers, and Motown. It looked like Solar Records would be the company I would be signing with. Solar Records was an emerging player in the record industry founded by 'Soul Train' host and creator Don Cornelius with record exec Dick Griffey. Ricky and Leon Sylvers had a production deal as SOLAR’s in house producers where they were writing and producing for multiple artists on the SOLAR label. Ricky and Leon were from the recording group 'The Sylvers' who were quite popular throughout the 70's.

The Sylvers - 'Boogie Fever' - On Burt Sugarman's "The Midnight Special"

Leon and Ricky produced a number of noteworthy hit's for artists on the SOLAR label throughout the 80's.

The Whispers - 'It's A Love Thing'

Ricky and Leon had a whole team of writers and producers working with them who's job it was to produce hits in a factory type style modeled after Barry Gordy's hit producing factory of the early Motown era. It seemed like something was going on at the production facility 24/7. I had begun working with one of the producers on their music production team, writer/arranger, Wilmer Raglin who had produced, written, and arranged songs for The Gap Band, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Gladys Night & The Pipps, The Whispers, The Brothers Johnson, Levert, and Shalamar to name just a handful.

Shalamar - "Dancing In The Sheets" From The Soundtrack Album Of The Movie 'Footloose'.

And despite the "Julia" show being off the air for nearly twenty years, people still wanted to do stories on me. Mostly 'Where Are They Now' Stories.

Us Magazine

TV Guide - 'Where Are They Now'

Excerpt From Ebony/Jet Showcase Television Show Interview Hosted By Debra Crable And Bryant Gumble

It may be a bit difficult to see as the camera is so far back, but the actress I was working with in the scene from the above video excerpt is Theresa Randle who went on to do a number of high profile feature films. Theresa and I did a play together that was directed by Chip Fields, mother, and manager to Kim Fields who starred in "Facts Of Life" and "Living Single". I was told Kim had a big crush on me at one point. Now she won’t even accept my facebook friend request, lol! Oh, well. Just an interesting little tid bit. Kim has certainly made a successful transition from child star to being a successful adult working actress. I'm quite happy for her!

Actress Kim Fields - Then...

And Now

Theresa was my love interest in the play we did together. And yes, Theresa was another gal on my very long list of unrequited loves. We went out a couple of times, but ultimately the relationship never went anywhere.

Actress Theresa Randle

Theresa made her big breakthrough as an actress in the movie ‘Kings of New York’ playing opposite Christopher Walken. She went on from there to win leading roles in 'Jungle Fever' and "Malcolm X" both films directed by Spike Lee, 'Bad Boys' with Will Smith, "Sugar Hill" with Wesley Snipes, 'Beverly Hills Cop 3' with Eddie Murphy, etc., etc. Theresa reached her goal of becoming a working actress in Hollywood! Quite a feet!

Theresa Randle In "Kings Of New York" With Christopher Walken

The reason I think I was so infatuated with Theresa is because she was both an actress and a dancer and I am told my mother was a professional dancer and actress. Even though I have no idea what my mother looks like, past or present, or any clue to her personality, for some strange reason I felt that Theresa reminded me of my mother.

Actress Theresa Randle

So anyway, I was still trying to get work as an actor, but also getting closer and closer to obtaining a record contract. I was working with producers who had produced and written for a number of popular recording artists and had produced hits for them. I thought I was finally going to have my day! My second chance! I would make my living in the entertainment industry once again!

Marc Copage - "Freaky Man" Demo Recording - Vocals Marc Copage, Produced and Written by Richard Cason

My father was still acting as my manager and handling all of my business affairs. It never was explained to me exactly what happened, or why it happened, but somewhere along the line the contract negotiations and terms could not be agreed upon and the deal fell through. So, no record deal.

Marc Copage

Former Child Stars

Which kid from The Brady Bunch TV series played a voice on the Peanuts Cartoon Strip?

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