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“The Adventures Of Little Diego - Former Child Star, Chapter 9 - Part 3 of 5 “Sexual Healing - You Got What I Need!"

Updated on November 19, 2013

Marc Copage

So I'd become quite friendly with many of these adult entertainers. They would invite me to spend time with them socially and we’d do quite normal things together. We’d go out to sing karaoke, go bowling, hike and even did some golfing.

Out On The Golf Course With Adult Stars Keri Windsor And Lauren Montgomery

Quite a few of these gals, for whatever reasons, seemed to take a liking to me. There was nothing more than anything platonic going on, but I have to admit it was rather fascinating to be allowed this birds eye view into the life of an adult star performer. I assembled a small crew of friends to help me document my adult star project. It wasn't too difficult to convince a couple of buddies to hang out with me and some porn stars for a day.

Playboy Playmate Teri Wiegel

I’d get invited to tag along with my new adult star friends in the routines of their daily lives as well as accompany them when working. Now 'Behind The Scenes' footage is quite common, where it wasn’t all that common at the time.

Warning - TV Mature - Playboy Playmate Teri Wiegel, Husband Murrill And Male Adult Star Performer Billy Glide

Adult Star Performer Billy Glide

There was this one shoot I covered that featured adult stars from the 70's, 80's, 90's, up to 2000 or so. I had become friendly with former adult film star Bionca who had made the transition from acting into producing and directing adult films. She invited me out to cover her latest, a project titled "No Man's Land: The Legends".

Excerpt From Interview With Producer/Director Bionca Seven

On this particular shoot Bionca had booked Sharon Kane, Porche Lynn, Christy Lake, Jeanna Fine, Jeannie Pepper, Kim Chambers, Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn, Teri Weigel, and Asia Carrera to do an all female shoot. On the day I was invited on to the set they were shooting an all female group orgy sex scene. So I asked, what exactly makes a legend in the adult entertainment world?

Adult Star Bionca with Jeanna Fine, Teri Weigel, and Amber Lynn

It was really quite wonderful and unexpectedly heart warming to witness the comradery and genuine love and affection that these ladies had for one another. They had clearly gone through a lot together. Like I said, it's a very tough business, emotionally and physically, on both the men and the women.


Adult Stars, Jeanna Fine, Amber Lynn, Teri Wiegel, and Raven Touchtone

Raven Touchtone is an acclaimed erotic photographer and writer who wrote the adult cult classic "The Devil In Miss Jones" as well as many other classic adult films from the 1970s era. There was much more attention paid to good story telling back then. Back then adult films were made to be seen in a big theater on a big screen not on your television set. Raven believed that an adult feature should contain the exact same elements as a mainstream feature regarding plot structure and character development. A lot of thought went in to those productions.

Raven Touchtone

The shoot took place at this beautiful mansion up in a very prominent and expensive residential area of Los Angeles. You would be surprised at how frequently people rent their mansions out for porn shoots.

Porn Mansion

At the location there was also this beautiful grand piano. During one of the breaks I went over and started quietly playing it and humming to myself. One of the stars of the shoot, Asia Carrera, comes over to me and says, “You missed your calling. That’s so sad.” Asia was the biggest Asian Adult Star name in the business at the time, and quite a lovely person as well I must add. Had it not been for her choice of career she might have been the kind of girl I could really get into, no pun intended.

Adult Star Asia Carrera

Not to say I would never consider dating a porn star. As someone who has never really had an intimate relationship, I'm certainly not going to rule out any options. I just think dating a porn star would be rather challenging for obvious reasons.

Chris Evans Husband Of Porn Star Alana Evans

Asia was a Mensa, which is an organization for people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on approved intelligence tests. So much for the porn stars are dumb stereotype. I’ve actually met quite a number of highly intelligent people who were working as talent in the adult industry. Asia had an extremely high IQ and played classical piano as well. She had even won competitions when she was younger. She told me she always thought of herself as a geek and a nerd while growing up and still does.

Adult Star Asia Carrera

Asia told me she entered porn because because she felt it was the best of her options at the time.

Adult Star Asia Carrera

I’ve also noticed a rather high percentage of women who were raised Catholic and Jewish men that seem to find their way into the porn industry. I've got my theories in regards to women being raised in a strict catholic upbringing. Not sure what the connection with Jewish males is. Maybe because they typically have, generally speaking, an above average sexual appetite and large packages? I don’t know. Just a theory.

Adult Star Evan Stone And His Posse

Anyway, I didn’t know what Asia was talking about. What did she mean, missed my calling?! She made it sound so final. What?! I’ve got plenty of time to make things happen in my life and career! I hadn’t a follicle of grey hair yet. I still felt relatively young and very much believed my dreams were still obtainable. Now, that I’m at the point where I’ve lived more years than I’ve got left on this planet, I’m thinking Asia just may have been right.

Marc Copage

Former Child Stars

Which of these child actors was famous for many tomboyish roles in the 1970s?

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