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Photo Gossip: 'Rare' Picture of Jamaican Reggae Singer Nicky Thomas, at the Q Club London

Updated on September 13, 2017
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Hello, from a former Model, now a Published Writer (Lover's Rock Reggae Music Quiz Book), from NW London with a BA in New Media Journalist.

Jamaican Reggae Singer Nicky Thomas and guest
Jamaican Reggae Singer Nicky Thomas and guest | Source

Who's Who

When photographer R A Albert (1925-2009) got this shot of the late Jamaican singer Nicky Thomas at the legendary reggae club the 'Q Club on, Praed Street Paddington owned by the equally legendary Count Suckle (See who's Who below) in the early Seventies, he was already into a steller career as a professional photographer.

Back then, he probably had no idea that he’d captured one of the most alluring images for his collection, showing West-Indians in Britain circa 1960’s – 1990s at the 'fabulous' 'Q' Club.

Photographer R A Albert (1935-2009)
Photographer R A Albert (1935-2009)

A Talent For Photography

Those with an eye for a great photograph will know, despite the fact that people now own Smart phones with great cameras, nothing can beat the skill of a professional photographer' or a professional photo!

Indeed, it is confidently argued that the more professional the photographer, the more organized, more effective and they give better-looking images. Collectively, it should come as no surprise that professional photographers are still very much in demand.(hire a professional photographer . com)

Certainly. Photographer R A Albert (1935-2009) has pulled enough attention to get his work shown in a prestigeous London gallery ABP Galery London -

A professional who knew 'the nuts and bolts of taking photos, editing, and printing'.- 'the correct angle, the right amount of light, and even the appropriate gesture and expressions'..

Black And White Photography

There's much to be said about black & white photography (monogram) that invites closer inspection. Indeed, 'black and white photography holds its own powerful graphic potential and allures a new generation' say the experts..

To Black and White Photography in Popular Culture - - from the Victorian Age to today -


Drum Roll For an Extrodinary Photographer

A photographer's never far from a subject to photograph. And true to form, with R A being resident photographer at the Q Club, on hand with his camera when tNicky Thomas happened to be in the House, there he was.

The late Jamaican reggae singer Nicky Thomas much admired for his hits that include 'Have A Little Faith', having broken into the British charts; the Top 10 in 1970 with a version of "Love of the Common People" (original version by The Four Preps) selling over 175,000 copies was in this picture (top) in the UK promoting his success.

A concert tour followed, after which Thomas decided to stay, promoting a compilation album, of the same name.

That and a timely visit to Count Suckle's 'Fabulous 'Q' Club' in Paddington.


"Nicky Thomas's "Love of the Common People" – had jaunty orchestral arrangements added to the Jamaican originals ("stringsed up" was the saying) ...."


His self-produced 'Tell It Like It Is' album, featuring "Yesterday Man", and "BBC", a paradoxical commentary on the lack of airplay for reggae records on BBC Radio 1. THOMAS continued recording commercial reggae, working with the likes of Lloyd Charmers.

In 1974, he toured the UK backed by the musicians who would later go on to become Misty In Roots and still, found time to rock at the 'fabulous' Q Club.

His (Thomas's) untimely death came in 1990.

Popular Culture And Photography

Popular culture, is littered with good photography. And whilst it is said that being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level, we have much to thank the professionals, for some of the unforgettable images of our times.

From A Photographer

"it's about capturing a moment, an emotion. And for this to happen, one must interact, love people and know how to catch the right moment.'


R. A Albert (1935-2009)

Staying Power: 2016 R A Albert Photography - July 2016


© 2016 Julie Henry


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      Dave 22 months ago

      I remember R A from back in the day! Good on him!