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The Alluring Aquarius Woman

Updated on June 17, 2008

Diane Lane ~ January 22, 1965

Christy Brinkley ~ February 2, 1954

Farrah Fawcett ~ February 2, 1947

Jennifer Aniston ~ February 11, 1969


The Aquarius Woman and her Awesome Appeal

Independence rules this Awesome Aquarius woman. Possibly the most faithful of all zodiac signs, but only when allowed to come and go as she pleases. There are endless frontiers she needs to explore and close friends she needs to travel among. It would be disastrous to try to squelch this beauty's free will. If she decides she would like to travel to the Ozarks or take up scuba diving on a whim, be supportive, and just maybe, her heart will be yours.

Aquarius women are deeply loving women and can stand by you come what may. Although, love songs may seem silly and romantic sentiment doesn't seem all that important to her, a glorious sunset or a walk on an empty beach will be the right mix to move her. It may be an elusive kind of love, one you're never completely sure of, but one of warmth and undying loyalty.

The Awesome Aquarius woman looks for prestige, but not the kind that comes from monetary fame. This beauty holds respect for the intellectually gifted. Discover a vaccine or figure out a way to feed a village on a shoestring, and you will have this gorgeous woman forever enthralled.

An Aquarius woman is very rarely of the jealous breed. Something unimaginably overt would have to happen before she would take action. Beware, though, if this happened to be the case, you may never see or hear from this gracious woman again. Locked out of her life, you may presume the worst, only to find that she may indeed become your friend once more. The operative word here is friend, a loving relationship can never be regained.

Conversation with an Aquarius woman will be anything but dull. Enchanting and socially graceful, topics can range from the most demure to the most politically savvy. She can flit from subject to subject seamlessly. It will take a true scholar to keep up. Keep in mind, if you do, you will be remembered with a wistful sigh.

If you would like to stay with this amazing creature for as long as possible, be careful not to let your jealousy be known. Never show your possessive side or give out criticism lightly. Be sure to value her friends, who may seem quirky to say the least, for she values each and every one of them. Doing all the right things will insure your lucky place beside her, and it's a place where you future will be sure to hold the most remarkable enchantment.

Alicia Keys ~ January 25, 1980

Ellen Degeneres ~ January 26, 1958

Oprah WInfrey ~ January 29, 1955

Cheryl Crow ~ February 11, 1962

Christina Ricci ~ February 12, 1980

Gena Davis ~ January 21, 1956


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      now I know why I like these individuals...aries always gets along with aquarius :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      ok you're on point!

      vonda g. nelson

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      this is completely true


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