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The Amazing Race 20 -- A History Making Elimination

Updated on February 21, 2012

Phil opens the 20th running of The Amazing Race on a bike with all the other teams on bikes behind them. I'm not sure if that's a future task or just done to open the race, because there was no biking task on the first leg of the race.

The racers racing are:

The Clowns -- Dave and Cherie who are married clowns, hence the name, The Clowns.

Bopper and Mark -- I just love the name Bopper. Anyway Bopper and Mark are life-long friends.

Team Big Brother -- Yep, that gross Rachel and Brendon are running the race. Before the first leg is finished, he will make a comment to reaffirm the reasons people hate Brendon.

The Golfer -- Misa and Maiya. They will make history this leg of the race.

Team Guido -- They themselves claimed to be leading the Guido lifestyle, whatever that is. Their names are Joey and Dan.

The Feds -- Nary and Jamie are federal agents.

Rachel and Dan -- Every year some couple who's relationship is strained decide to do the race instead of booking some marriage counseling sessions, thinking the race will help them bond together. Are they freaking nuts. The race is one of the most stressful things a team can go through. When you're doing a task and things aren't going right the pressure makes you snap. He's a soldier, I believe it was a combat pilot, and while he was off in the war they grew apart. Maybe they should have tried going on a vacation together, first.

The Twins -- Eliot and Andrew.

The Daisy Dukes -- Kerri and Stacy claimed their Daisy Dukes, they're also cousins.

The Divorcees -- Vanessa and Ralph are divorcees who are dating.

Border Patrol -- JJ and Art work for the Border Patrol and it's at them some bigotry is shown.

Okay, the biggest thing I learned during this leg was that there's a Santa Barbara in Argentina. I only thought there was one in California. Duh! I know. Good thing I'm not running the race.

Phil officially starts the race and teams have to pull one hundred mini-hot air balloons down to find the clue to their first destination. There's only a 11 clues hidden with the 100 floating hot air balloons telling them to head to Santa Barbara, Argentina.

The pack gets divided in half at the airport, when only six teams make the first flight, and the other five teams have to take a flight that takes off 2.5 hours later.

Once landing in Salta, Buenos Aires, teams head to their first task, that takes place at the local airport. I tried to write down the name when it flashed on screen and I just couldn't get it. Thus, I'm calling it the airport.

The first task has a nasty little twist. when partners get their team mate to do the task entitled, "Do you have a great sense of direction?" The team mate that thinks they're going to get off easy, learns they have to dive out of an airplane. This was one task it didn't pay to be a slacker.

Me, personally, I don't know what would be worst. Diving out of a plane or driving a shift stick. I only know how to drive an automatic. Everyone I know says a standard is a nightmare to drive. More than one team member has problems with their car. I'm not sure if the reason Maiya got stuck in the sand was because of a stick shift, but she had to get a passerby to help pull her out.

Once the skydiving task was finished it was off to make 120 empanadas. 60 meat and 60 cheese. Team Border Patrol didn't notice that the empanadas had to be made two different ways. I'll give kudos to Team Big Brother's Rachel for making sure she knew how to make both. As over-the-top and as irritating as she can be, she's actually not as bad as Brendon. He doesn't like Team Border Patrol because they work border patrol and he's half Mexican. It was probably the most bigoted comment we've gotten thus far on this race, and Rachel was like, "Dude, really!" What is he afraid of? They'll deport his half-Mexican butt south of the border.

After that came the history-making and dumbest moment all wrapped in one in the history of The Amazing Race. Misa and Maiya arrive at the pitstop, but they don't see Phil standing there and they leave. Phil's all like, "WTF! Where are they going?"

Because of that, Team Guido gets saved from elimination.

Anyway, here's the order the teams checked in:

1. Rachel and Dave and they get the express pass.

2. Rachel and Brendon -- Rachel wanted to be first to get that express pass, but no such luck, Red.

3. JJ and Art -- Team Border Patrol.

4. Nary and Jamie

5. Vanessa and Ralph

6. Eliot and Andrew

7 Kerri and Stacy

8. Cherie and David

9. Bopper and Mark

10. Joey and Danny

Eliminated -- Misa and Maiya.


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