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The Amazing Race 20 -- Africa and Animosity

Updated on April 10, 2012

Until this leg of the race I actually liked Border Patrol, after this leg, I wouldn't mind if they were the next team to get the boot. It's a very bizarro world when Team Big Brother is the only team that did something nice for another team. I swear to God, I've actually started rooting for them to win the whole thing. I know that's an unpopular opinion but compared to the likes of Vanessa they're not the worst ever.

I truly think coming in number one too many times has really gone to Border Patrol's heads because they really let their ugly shine in this episode. First, they were having a fit because Team Big Brother is always following them. Guess what, dudes, you're in a freaking race, unless you're in last place, someone is going to follow you. After starting it up with Team Big Brother, they then tries to rev up the other racers against Nary and Jaime. They don't believe they're school teachers and they're not, but it's none of their business. Run the race and keep your nose and your mouths to yourselves.

Their attempts to stir up animosity with the other teams against Nary and Jaime falls flat as none of the other teams care if they're lying about being school teachers or not. As for Nary and Jaime they stick to their teacher cover story as the Border Patrol boys try to get in their face and get them to admit the truth.

The first task is to board a plane to take teams to Kilimanjaro. There's some ugliness between Rachel/Brendon and Vanessa/Rachel with The Border Patrol goons sticking their beaks into it just trying to rev it up even more. I'm on Team Big Brother's side, because Vanessa started this thing when she was heckling and making vulgar comments to Rachel at the watermelon task.

Once the teams get out of the airport they rush to Arush Airstrip to book a flight. Only two teams can board per plane and Team BB gets lucky and gets to share a flight with the Border Patrol Goons. Upon arrival they have to bike down a hill to the detour:

Markmanship -- which involves this turning wheel with two targets and you have to throw these stick-looking things at it and break both targets


Courtship -- which involves jumping up and down for a minute.

It's thanks to Brendon yelling to Bopper and Mark to do Courtship that allows them to jump ahead in the game, because it's the easiest task, while most of the other teams go for the other task which is harder, thinking they all have such great aim.

Vanessa was the only woman who whined and carried on about the bike being too tall. You get on the pedals to get on it. I've ridden a bike too tall for me, too. She kept falling off and tipping over. So she just walked it up and down the hill.

I had to laugh when The Border Patrol goons were once again yapping that Brendon and Rachel were following them and they were piggy-backing on them and couldn't do anything without the. The goons didn't notice that Team BB wasn't following them or that Rachel and Brendon stopped and got directions and realized they were going in the wrong direction while the goons kept going in the wrong direction. Going in the wrong direction allowed Rachel and Dave to jet ahead to number one.

From there they have to drive to the Simba Campsite and assemble a camp, with this horrible Safari tent, before checking into the pit stop. The tent sent all the teams at each other's throats. Nary and Jaime had the hardest time because they were the only team with two women on it and you really needed at least one man to help put together that horrible Safari tent.

I think this was the first time in the history of The Amazing Race Phil had to address the three teams who caused the most chaos at the airport about their bad behavior. The Goons said they would mind their own business from now on. Rachel said she was going to ignore Vanessa crap. And proving she's trashy and classless, Vanessa was the only one who didn't say the right thing about avoiding causing trouble in future. Still hoping Miss Trashy and Classless and Ralph are the next to get the boot.

The teams checked in as followed:

1. Rachel and Dave who won a trip to Costa Rica. Dave's toned down his annoying attitude, but it's still there. I couldn't stand living with this dude for one day.

2. Bopper and Mark

3. Border Patrol

4. Rachel and Brendon

5. Ralph and Vanessa

6. Nary and Jaime who got lucky because it's a non-elimination

And the total race rankings are:

1. Border Patrol 1.9

2. Rachel and Dave 2.3

3. Rachel and Brendon 3.9

4. Bopper and Mark 5.0

5. Nary and Jaime 5.4

5. Ralph and Vanessa 5.4

I know everyone loathes Rachel and Brendon from Big Brother, but I truly feel Vanessa is worse than they are, and the Border Patrol goons really think they're hot stuff from coming in number one too many times. From the preview for next time, there's a Double U-Turn and it looks like the goon U-Turn Rachel and Brendon. Unless they do this because they're worried about being eliminated their douche bags for using the Double U-Turn. I think unless you're in danger of being eliminated and you should only use the U-Turn as a last recourse to save yourself. Otherwise using it is just a loathsome thing to do that will hopefully bite you on the butt somewhere down the line.


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 6 years ago from America

      No one I mean no is as bad as Rachel. If I hear her cry one more time I'm going to give up on the whole race. I was so mad when I saw that they were in the race.

      Anyway just my complaining about Rachel. Your hub is very good and voted up.

    • pandula77 profile image

      Dr Pandula 6 years ago from Norway

      Interesting hub! Thanks.