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The Amazing Race 20 -- Cochin, India

Updated on April 22, 2012

This is the first time a Reality TV show made me cry

I'm not a crybaby and it takes me a lot to make me cry, but Bopper and Mark had me crying at the end of the show. I know their odds of winning the whole thing isn't good, but I wish there was someway they could win. They're the most-deserving of the teams left.

Border Patrol was still whining about being betrayed by Rachel and Dave and still trashing Team Big Brother with their equally disgusting pals, Vanessa and Ralph. You know what they say? Like to like. They even have the same mentality about the U-Turn as they want to pay Team BB back for U-Turning them, since they say there's one more U-Turn coming up. Rachel and Dave said they'd like to make things up with Border Patrol but if they don't want to, then they're fine with it. Mark and Bopper said Border Patrol were carrying on like a couple of babies. Guess whatever bonhomie they had for Border Patrol giving them money has kind of gone with the wind.

Before the race starts Bopper has to have a doctor look at his knee to see if he's even physically able to continue with the race. The doctor says his knee should be fine if he keeps it braced.

The first destination of the race is to Cochin, India. Once teams arrive in India they need to catch a bus to take them to the Scared Heart College to get their next clue. Mark and Bopper lose their first place lead by catching the last bus and things just continue to go downhill from there.

The task for racers is one team mate has to learn a Bollywood dance routine and do it for the director until he thinks it's good enough. Since Bopper can't do it because his knee is out of commission, Mark has to do it. What makes the task worse is Mark gets sick on the bus ride. He's been getting motion sickness a lot. As someone who gets motion sickness you just feel like you want to die.

When I traveled on the train to go to Springfiled, Massachusetts for vacation I got a seat on the train that I had no idea was seated backwards, so I had to travel backwards from Montpelier, VT to Springfield and I got so sick I didn't think I was going to be able to make it through the whole train trip. I luckily didn't vomit. So I know how Mark feels. And then to have to try and learn a dance routine with the hot sun beating down on. That's just a nightmare.

My question is when Bopper and Mark arrived at the task, Border Patrol said Mark was looking good. I didn't think much of it at the time, but Mark was sicker than a dog and I doubt he looked good. Were those two creeps or whichever one of them said it, digging Mark. If they were, if I was Bopper I wouldn't count on them handing over half that money to him. Do they suddenly have it out for Bopper and Mark because they're friends with Team Big Brother?

Rachel is the only one who gets through the Bollywood task on the first try and that's because she's had a lot of dancing lessons in the past. Border Patrol and Ralph mocks the other Rachel for crying when she didn't make it through the routine, but whichever member of BP that was doing the dance routine couldn't do it, either. Neither did that nasty little trash bag Vanessa. I can't tell BP apart and try not to pay too much attention when they're on because I find them so repulsive.

It was painful watching a sick Mark try again and again to get through that dance routine and not being able to do it. It got to the point Bopper was getting scared for his health, but Mark wouldn't take a penalty and give up. Finally, Bopper made Mark see that dying of heat stroke isn't worth it if he leaves his children without a father. Mark finally calls it quits, while the dance instructor tries to get Mark to do it one last time. Eventually, after getting out of the sun and drinking some water, Mark gives it one last try and makes it through the routine, wanting to quit the race the right way, by doing all the tasks.

The next task is either to hit cricket balls or to drive a rickshaw through an obstacle course. Rachel and Dave and Vanessa and Ralph do the rickshaw task while Rachel and Brendon and Border Patrol do the cricket one. Let's just say Team Big Brother got a little sweet revenge on The Border Patrol bullies.

Border Patrol and Team BB were competing against each other in the cricket task and Rachel and Brendon finished before Border Patrol did. Just like they finished the other task before them. So guess what, duds, you're now following them.

Anyway, the teams checked in as followed:

1. Rachel and Dave who won a trip to St. Lucia

2. Rachel and Brendon

3. Border Patrol

4. Vanessa and Ralph

The last to check in were Bopper and Mark. That's when I started crying when Bopper and Mark were all prepared to make their exit from the race, but wanted to do it with dignity so their kids would be proud of them. These two truly are best friends. The kind of friendship we wish we all had.

But just as they were prepared to make their final bow, Phil told them it was a non-elimination leg and they were still in it. Like I said, I wish there was some way these two could win the whole thing. And I hope every week Vanessa and Ralph get knocked out of the race. I find them to be the two most nasty and vilest people, with Border Patrol coming in second.

The standings for the entire race are:

1. Border Patrol 2.1

2. Rachel and Dave 2.1

3. Rachel and Brendon 3.7

4. Bopper and Mark 4.6

5. Ralph and Vanessa 5.2

I saw the promo for next week where Vanessa took a fall and I said I hope she broke her leg. I shouldn't say that, I know that. I'm superstitious and that could bounce back on me and the last thing I need is to get an injury, myself. She's just so nasty I want her gone from this race. I understand she and Ralph broke-up after the race. I'm sorry to hear that. They're both so nasty, they shouldn't be subjected on anyone but each other. I shouldn't be wishing someone broke their leg, though. I just want her to go climb back into the slime pit she crawled out of.

Having to endure Border Patrol and Ralph and Vanessa on one show is just too much.

It also looks like the head shaving task has been brought back and Team Big Brother's Rachel doesn't want to do it. It's bringing back memories of Joyce and Uchenna, I think their names were. Oh, God, if Rachel actually does do it can you imagine the nastiness she'll be getting from Ralph and Vanessa and Border Patrol. I'm guessing the task may be a Fast Forward.

You want to know what? I couldn't do it, not even for a million dollars.


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