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The Amazing Race 20 -- Of Castles, Beards and Bullseyes

Updated on March 21, 2012

The emotional hijinks weren't on display as much as the last leg. Dave was still a dick but he seemed to tone it down a bit, or the show's editing didn't show all his dickish moments like they did, last week. BB's Rachel was a crybaby whenever she wasn't able to sail through a task. Brendon and Blonde Rachel seemed to find a way to handle their recalcitrant team mate. Now you can add Vanessa and Ralph to teams behaving badly. Since they didn't have BB's Rachel to target, they seemed to target each other. I really don't think any of these three relationships are going to make it for the long haul.

I'm beginning to think the real reason people come on to The Amazing Race thinking it amounts to couples therapy is to get video proof of what having to live with this person is really like. If Blonde Rachel decides to kick Dave to the curb all she has to do is point to the way he treated her on The Amazing Race and say that's what I have to put up with all the time. Do you really think I should have to put up with that? Of course, that motive could be for the ones who want to get out and not get hassled for doing it. Another reason could be to get video proof of how their partner treats them to make them have to watch it in hopes they'll see the bad way they're treating someone they're supposed to love and maybe change their ways.. I do have to wonder if BB's Rachel has ever watched the way she behaves on these reality shows. If she has, it hasn't worked. She's still acting the same way as always.

The big question this leg was could Bopper and Mark come back after nearly being eliminated in the last leg when they'd have to do an extra task as a penalty.

The next leg was to travel to Bavaria. I thought the tasks where like Bavaria; kind of laid-back and not too intense. Sit in a chalet by the fire drinking a glass of ale and listening to some Bavarian music.

The first task was to take a 10 hour train trip to Bavaria. There was none of that stuff about having to book at a travel agent, first, like the last leg. Your first stop upon arriving in Bavaria was to go to a restaurant and pick up a Travelocity roaming gnome and get your next clue. When Bopper and Mark arrived their make-up task was to yodel. The make-up tasks always seem pretty easy to complete. It's not like the good old days when you get no money to travel.

The next task was Fairytale or Champion Male.

Fairytale involved living out the tale of Hansel and Gretel. You follow a trail of gingerbread pieces, which you pick up to a witch with miniature gingerbread houses. And then you need to use your gingerbread pieces to finish the roof of the gingerbread house.

Champion Male involved having to give these Bavarian men with super long beards some bizarre looking beard-style. Some had long pointy spikes. Others had curls. Seeing the done product I can't imagine anyone wanting to walk around looking like that. It must be a Bavarian thing.

After that task was completed came the Sleeping Beauty task. Teams had to find the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's Castle. The tricky part was there were two castles and some teams went to the wrong castle first. It was during this task Ralph and Vanessa starting getting nasty with each other. I don't really think these two have what it takes to make it; they just come off as so nasty, you really don't want to see them subjected to some nice person that might counteract their nastiness. I imagine they were actually married to some nice person, that's why they're divorced.

The final task was a curling like event where you had to slide your roaming gnome across the ice and make it stop in the center of a bulls-eye. This task while rather simple also proved rather difficult to land it in the middle of the target.

Teams checked in as followed:

1. JJ and Art who get a vacation to Thailand.

2. Team Guido

3. Vanessa and Ralph

4. Rachel and Dave

5. Rachel and Brendon

6. Bopper and Mark

7. Nary and Jaime

8. Kerri and Stacy -- elimination --

The teams overall ratings for all the legs combined are:

1. JJ and Art 1.6

2. Rachel and Dave 2.8

3. Rachel and Brendon 3.8

4. Team Guido 5.2

5. Nary and Jaime 5.4

5. Vanessa and Ralph 5.4

7. Bopper and Mark 6.0

Bopper and Mark managed to stay in it by coming in 6th. But their overall rankings are a bit all over the place. So depending on what happens the next leg, they could still be in danger of being eliminated.

JJ and Art have had the most consistency in ranking in the top three. I also don't think I've seen them really snipe at each other.

Rachel and Dave had a strong start but since Dave started showing his true colors on the race they've fallen from the top of the board.

Rachel and Brendon have dropped from the top of the pack due in large part to the dramatics going on between them.

After an early slow start, Team Guido has been showing strong placing their highest this week at #2.

Nary and Jaime's numbers have been consistent, only they've been consistently in the middle or the bottom of the pack. As more teams get eliminated that puts them in danger of being the ones eliminated next.

Vanessa and Ralph are also uneven racers. They scored their highest spot in the race, this leg.

Going by the numbers, the next team eliminated could be Bopper and Mark or Nary and Jaime. Again, it'll all depend on the tasks given, the dramatics going on between the team members, not to mention a good bit of luck.


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    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 6 years ago

      Very entertaining recap! I'm pulling for Bopper and Mark. I like their positive attitudes. Dave is a real jerk. I hope he is watching the show now and having a self-realization. Brendon and Rachel hold some entertainment value for me. Rachel is such a whiner! She's the only person I've ever seen who can cry without tears. :/