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The Amazing Race 20 -- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Updated on March 12, 2012

The racing tasks kind of took a backseat to the antics of some of the racers this week. There was good with Border Patrol sharing a reward with Bopper, there was bad as Ralph and Vanessa were still making nasty remarks about Team Big Brother's Rachel and there was downright ugly from the Rachels racing mates.

I officially rename Dave Dick because that's what he was to Rachel throughout the entire race. He was whining and bitching about everything and then blaming it on Rachel and saying she was the one with the bad attitude and she needs to check her attitude. Rachel should have smacked this jerk in the head with something. I frankly don't know how she stands living with him. All he can do is criticize everything she does. Dude is a class A creep.

Big Brother's Rachel was having her own problems with Brendon, who while a jerk wasn't as big of a jerk as Dave was. He claimed Rachel was yelling at him, and I didn't think she was. Unfortunately, while Blonde Rachel was able to just let all the crap coming from her creepy husband just wash off her back and take care of business, BB's Rachel just couldn't do it. She started crying and saying she didn't want to marry Brendon. Then he was threatening to quit the race. And when they were doing the salami challenge and she couldn't do one she started crying that the Amazing Race is supposed to be fun and she wanted to quit the race. But they ultimately finished the task. But it was getting to the point I wanted to turn the channel so I didn't have to listen to this crap.

Bopper and Mark make a critical mistake at the start of this leg. They don't go to a travel agent, and go directly to the airport, and are told they have to go to the travel agent to book tickets. I'm sorry, I'd do the same thing if I were them. Granted, I have booked train tickets online, but if I were racing, I'd expect to go to the airport and be able to buy tickets. Because of that they get on a plane that's ninety minutes behind the plane the other teams are on. As a result, Bopper and Mark come in last, but thankfully it's a non-elimination leg so they're still in it. It turns out Bopper is doing the race because his daughter is on several different types of respiratory meds and he's hoping to win to give his daughter a better life.

JJ and Art come in first thanks to getting the Fast Forward. It's actually a nasty little task, which seemed simple to do, but wasn't. One of them had to put a helmet on with a landing pad on top and the other had to navigate a toy helicopter to land on the top of the helmet. I don't know how many times they did it, but they finally managed it and checked in first at the pit stop at the Piazza Castello. Phil told them they both won 5,000 and when they thought Bopper was going to be eliminated they told him they wanted to split the money with Bopper, which was a really good and generous thing to do, and I kind of doubt any of the other racers would have done that.

Anyway, the tasks this week were to rappel down a rope to get the next clue, find a Tin Lizzy at an Automobile Museum, figure out the coin they were given had a picture of the building which held their next clue and to either identify the taste of 14 salamis or to clean a statue. As I said, the tasks really took a backseat to the antics of the racers, this week.

This is how it stood as teams checked in at the Pit Stop.

1. JJ and Art who won $5,000 a piece and decided to share it w/Bopper

2. Rachel and Dave and it's mostly because of Rachel who just did the task while Dave moaned and groaned about everything.

3. Team Guido

4. Vanessa and Ralph who I actually find them the most loathsome team on the race

5. Nary and Jaime

6. Rachel and Brendon

7. Kerri and Stacy

8. Bopper and Mark

The teams overall ranking from all four legs are:

1 JJ and Art 1.75

2. Rachel and Dave 2.5

3. Rachel and Brendon 3.5

4. Nary and Jamie 5.0

5. Bopper and Mark 6.0

5. Vanessa and Ralph 6.0

5. Team Guido 6.0

8. Kerri and Stacy 6.5

I also wanted to say something about this Ford Focus parking feature that allows the car to park for you. I'm against it. If you can't park your car, yourself, you shouldn't be driving. I just learned to drive two years ago, because I lived in places that had public transportation so I didn't feel I needed to learn to drive. And as a new driver, let me tell you there are some very bad drivers out there. Having a car that does the driving for you isn't going to improve that.

I've had people cut in front of me to make a left turn and they didn't even put their turn signal on. I had some woman weaving all over the road in front of me because the fool was texting while driving. It's gotten to the point you just don't have to make sure you're driving your own car correctly, you have to watch out for people who aren't driving correctly. And having a car that parks for you is just encouraging the bad driving. If you can't park your own car by yourself, you have no business being behind the wheel.


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