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The Amazing Race 20 -- This Isn't Survivor, Border Patrol

Updated on April 16, 2012

Border Patrol Mixed Up What Reality Game Show They're Competing On

Border Patrol was giggling like a couple of mean girls in anticipation of causing the downfall of two of the other racing teams they didn't like. The Double U-Turn was coming up and if everything worked out like they planned it, they'd be able to screw over Team Big Brother and Nary and Jaime. They had formed an alliance with Dave and Rachel, and each team would knock out one of the teams Border Patrol didn't like. It's not that they felt the teams were a threat to them, but they just didn't like them. Only thing, boys, is this isn't Survivor. You don't form alliances to screw over other teams because you don't like them. And you don't use the Double U-Turn if you're in first place. These were lessons the Border Patrol goons were soon to learn.

The first task is to travel through this crater that has the most amazing wild life you could imagine. After seeing it, I really would like to go one day to see it. From there they travel to Safari Junction in search of Hillary Clington. I thought for a few minutes the real Hillary Clinton would be there handing out clues. That would have been hilarious. It's actually a wooden stand. Vanessa and Ralph are the only team that has a hard time finding it.

Teams have a choice of Water Supply or Air Supply.

In Water Supply you have to fill a cart load of water jugs and deliver it to a family. It seems that the homes have no running water and each day families must line up and fill up these large jugs of water to get their supply of water for the day. It's things like this that make you realize just how lucky you are. I take electricity for granted, and when it goes out I crawl in my bed in the fetal position and can't do anything like my life has stopped for the moment without electricity. The closest I came to not having running water was back in September when Hurricane Irene hit my town in Vermont and the well had to be shut down, so I filled as many jugs of water as I could find to get me through until the well was up and running again.

Border Patrol are the only team that willingly chooses this task because you have to wait in a long line to fill your jugs. It's a hard task and time-consuming. Both Rachel and Brendon and Vanessa and Ralph will have to do this task, as well, thanks to the Double U-Turn.

Air Supply involves patching a bike tire. It's not really that hard if you've done it before. For some reason it seems to take Nary and Jaime an extremely long time to do it. The other teams seem to be able to do it relatively quickly.

From the Water Supply or Air Supply task teams are directed to the Jack Stelzer Pub. Rachel and Dave get Bopper and Mark to agree not to U-Turn them, and they in turn don't U-Turn Team Big Brother like Border Patrol wanted them to. They just don't feel there's any need to U-Turn someone when you're that far ahead in the race and that's the correct mentality to have. It low, rotten and mean to U-Turn someone if you're in no danger of being eliminated and don't need to buy yourself extra time so you won't be eliminated.

When Border Patrol arrives at the pub and sees no one has been U-Turned they're sure they're number one, because Rachel and Dave wouldn't break their alliance with them. They gleefully rub their hands together as the U-Turn Team Big Brother and happily anticipate Rachel and Dave doing the same to the other team they've got it out for, Nary and Jaime.

In the taxi to the Gem and Art Gallery we were treated to Border Patrol yapping, as they began to doubt they were really in first place, assuring themselves Rachel and Dave wouldn't betray their alliance. And I'm like, "Dude, this is not freaking Survivor." The beauty of The Amazing Race is teams don't gang up on other teams they don't like to get rid of them. Each team competes on their own merit and if they get eliminated it's because they couldn't do the assigned tasks as good as the other teams. This reminds me of when teams teamed up against The Cowboys and I loathed everyone one of them because it violates the spirit of the game.

The next task is to gather honey from bee hives. I so could no do that. I was surprised BB's Rachel did it and wasn't whining and crying and complaining the whole time through. Granted, she whined enough during the Water Supply task when some of the jugs fell and she cut her leg. But she was actually a pretty good trooper gathering honey from those bees. If it were me you would have heard me whining and carrying on.

Teams have to walk to the pit stop, Lake Manyara, which could be a problem for Bopper. He hurt his knee on the last leg and before he started the race he had knee surgery a few months back. But in spite of all that, Bopper and Mark make it to their first number one win. They win a trip to Hawaii.

I couldn't help saying, "Karma," when Ralph and Vanessa's cab got a flat tire. I hoped it would give Nary and Jaime a chance to beat them to the pit stop and deal The Border Patrol goons a double defeat. Unfortunately, there was no moment the playing field got leveled in this leg of the race and they were playing catch-up most of the hour. And that, coupled with having to do a Speed Bump, got them eliminated.

I had to laugh at Vanessa and Ralph's outrage that they got U-Turned by Team BB. Like they wouldn't have done exactly the same if given half the chance. And they wouldn't have needed the excuse that they themselves had been U-Turned to do it.

Border Patrol did their fair share of whining when they learned they'd been betrayed. They vowed they weren't going to help Rachel and Dave anymore. They even whined about it to Phil. Anyway, so they may have won in regards to Nary and Jaime getting eliminated, but they have a new team they can moan and groan and plot against; Dave and Rachel.

The teams checked in as followed:

1. Bopper and Mark

2. Rachel and Dave

3. Border Patrol

4. Rachel and Brendon

5. Ralph and Vanessa

6. Nary and Jaime ----eliminated-----

The overall racing standings are:

1. Border Patrol 2.0

2. Rachel and Dave 2.3

3. Rachel and Brendon 3.9

4. Bopper and Mark 4.5

5. Vanessa and Ralph 5.4

By the overall statistics it seems the top three will be: Border Patrol, Team BB and Rachel and Dave. However, Team BB has had a streak of constantly placing fourth in the last few weeks. And since Border Patrol started trying to plot against other teams they've fallen out of the top spot. Meanwhile, Bopper and Mark have been up an upswing, but what with Bopper's knee acting up that could cost them. Unless something saves them again, hopefully we'll be bidding adieu to Vanessa and Ralph soon. But it's still a crap shoot as to who the final three may be.


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    • profile image

      Palanie 6 years ago


      Those Border Patrol guys are an embarrassment. Big Bully Syndrome. Bet they abuse their position of authority whenever they can. They act like the snotty girls in school. All the other contestants have been a joy to watch.

    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 6 years ago

      The Border Patrol agents have such a bad attiude. They had a streak of wins, which seemed to overfeed their egos. Now, they're just being nasty. I like your caption, "This isn't Survivor!". Also, I couldn't agree more about Vanessa and Ralph. Time for them to GO! Great recap. :)