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The Amazing Race 21 -- Amsterdam

Updated on November 27, 2012

Well, after this leg was finished I was down to having no team to root for. I just can’t root for Josh and Brent. It would be like having sex with them because they were the last men left and we needed to repopulate the planet.

The ninth leg begins with teams being given a flag for them to figure out what their next destination is. It’s Amsterdam, but quite a few teams seemed to believe it was Paris before they looked it up.

In what was the most hypocritical moment of the night the thieving Twinnies say that Abbie and Ryan are villains and they want to U-Turn them bc they don’t belong in the race. Apparently, they’re villains in these two annoying twit’s brains and a big threat because if they win the race they’ll win two million. Apparently, the thieving twits don’t get for many they’re the biggest villains of this race.

The Twinnies enlist Trey and Lexie and The Chippies to agree that whomever reaches the Double U-Turn first they’ll use it on Ryan and Abbie and then they’ll waste the other U-Turn so Ryan and Abbie won’t be able to save themselves. Meanwhile, the two hags manage to do the Fast Forward and come in first. For once these two hags won’t have to whine because they didn’t come in first and don’t appreciate they didn’t come in last. To make matters worse the money-grubbing scrubs get rewarded with money for coming in first. Karma where are you? Why haven’t you delivered your wrath down on these two lowlifes?

Once teams arrive in Amsterdam, they find their next clue at the Amsterdam Metro Station. The Twinnies and The Chippies go to the Van Gogh Café where you have to do the Fast Forward, but the hags get there first, so The Chippies head back to do the next task. The Fast Forward is pretty easy. They’re on a bus that travels through water and they have seven minutes the eat all the herring on their plate before the bus returns to shore.

Ryan and Abbie get screwed over on their connecting flight. Once again The Frankfort Curse strikes them. They aren’t allowed to board the plane they have tickets on and once they’re on their other flight it has mechanical difficulties and can’t take off. They have to switch planes. Ryan says they’re done.

They travel by boat to booth on a boat, once there they’re given a sample of their wares along with the clue which is a Detour.

Detour – Back In Time or Organ Grind

In Back In Time, teams have to study Rembrandt’s the Night Watch. Then they must recreate the painting with live models.

Organ Grind – one team operates organ as the other collects tips. They have to collect 30 euros to complete task.

The Chippies do what they do best; they strip down and flash their flesh to make their money.

Next you have to go to a museum and search the gardens for your next clue. They find The Double U-Turn. The Chippies debate on should they do what the Twinnies want or shouldn’t they? They realize whatever they do some team is going to be mad at them. They ultimately do The Twin nies dirty work for them.

My problem with what The Chippies did and why I can no longer root for these two nitwits to win is there was no reason to use The Double U-Turn. Their reasoning was total BS as was the Twinnie hags. The hags were out to get Abbie and Ryan from the moment they mocked their annoying caterwauling. When you’re first or second there’s no reason to use a U-Turn or Double U-Turn, except to play dirty, which is the Twinnie’s stock and trade. Better watch out you don’t leave your money hanging around, Chippies, because the Twinnies will steal it from you like they did with James and Abba.

Because of their plane delay, Josh and Brent manage to catch-up with Ryan and Abbie and they do their tasks together. When they discover they’ve been U-Turned and the other U-Turn was tossed away so they couldn’t use it, Ryan is feeling pretty betrayed. He expected something like this from The Twinnie hags and their partners in crime, Trey and Lexie, but he never expected The Chippies to sink this low.

Roadblock – Ditch Vaulting

Team member has to pole vault over ditch to get their next clue and pole vault back. They get the clue to the pit stop for this leg of the race.

1. The Twinny Hags -- $5,000 each. That’s right, Amazing Race, reward these thieves with even more money.

2. The Chippies

3. Trey and Lexie

4. Josh and Brent

5. Abbie and Ryan – eliminated

Phil tries to get Ryan to make a statement over his elimination, but he’s just done and has nothing to say. I didn’t like Ryan, but I would have rather seen the Twinny Hags go before Ryan and Abbie. Yeah, Ryan insulted fellow racers, but at least he didn’t steal their money not caring if they got stranded in a foreign country.

But like I said at the beginning of this recap is there really is no one left in this race to root for. The Chippies were the last decent team and they managed to get the Hags taint on them. Sorry, James and Jaymes, but when a team is way behind you, they’re not a threat to you. Stick to stripping your clothes off, because when it comes to reasoning things out you two stink.


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