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The Amazing Race 21 -- Bangil

Updated on October 15, 2012

Week #3

This week’s edition of the race featured quite possibly the most exciting race to the pit stop between the bottom two teams. It also featured something called the Blind Double U-Turn. Generally, you have to take credit for when you U-Turn something, but this version of the U-Turn allowed you to U-Turn someone without them knowing you were the one who did it.

The Twins, Natalie and Nadiya, seemed to incur a bit of the wrath of Karma, when they referred to The Chippendales as stupid, then turned around and wanted them to help them find the way to a local restaurant which was the first destination on this leg of the race. The Chippies managed to find it, while the Twins got lost and later incurred more bad luck when they missed the first train to Bangil.

Once teams arrive at the restaurant they face a Roadblock. Who Wants To Serve A Balanced Meal? A team member has to balance 20 plates in their arms, deliver the plates to the table without dropping them and serve the patrons waiting at the table. Quite a few dishes are broken and dropped during this task. Once the task was complete, teams were directed to head to the Surbaya Gubeng Train Station to take a train to Bangil.

They were told to take a seat and keep their eyes open for the next clue. On the train, most of the teams lucky enough to get on the first train agreed they wouldn’t use the Double U-Turn. The rest of the teams got stuck taking the second train which would arrive three hours later than the first one. And this time there would be no task to level the playing field.

The Conductor comes by on the train with the next clue, which is a Detour. Egghead or Lionshead.

Egghead – your head is set on fire to cook eggs. You pick up four eggs from vender, then the local magician will place coconuts on your head and set it on fire to cook eggs. You don’t get the clue until you eat the eggs.

Lionshead – Travel by bike coach to park. Dress in costumes and wear mask that weighs 40 pounds. Do a dance routine. And take part of procession to park to receive the next clue, which is to make your way to Perliman Pos 1. You have to be transported by the local cab system which consists of a seat propelled by a man on a bike.

Once they arrive at the destination, teams are given the chance to U-Turn someone before heading to the Pit Stop, which is located at a local school.

The Monster Truckers decide to U-Turn Gary and Will who are in dead last. When Gary and Will arrive at the U-Turn they can’t decide who to U-Turn. They debate between The Monster Truckers [who by now have safely checked into the pit stop] of The Blondes, Caitlin and Brittany who are behind them. When they finally opt for The Monster Truckers, they seem to be done for. Like many other teams who’ve made the same mistake in past races, they U-Turned someone whose actually ahead of them.

As Gary and Will head off to do the other task, The Blondes seems certain to check in before them. Unfortunately for them, they get themselves a bad cab driver. Instead of taking them to the place where the U-Turn is located and the directions to the pit stop are, he ends up taking them to the location of the second task, where Gary and Will are rushing through the egg frying task.

As bizarre as it is, Gary and Will actually get ahead of The Blondes. Then they catch up and have their cabbie pass Gary and Will’s. It’s like a horse race as the two bicycle-powered taxi’s are racing neck-and-neck. Then there’s a fork in the road. The Blondes cabbie takes the wrong turn while Gary and Will’s takes the right turn and they actually manage to check-in before The Blondes who get eliminated.

The teams checked in as follows:

  1. Abbie and Ryan win a trip to Fiji
  2. Trey and Lexi
  3. The Chippies
  4. James and Abba don’t want to be part of the pack
  5. Josh and Brent
  6. The Twins
  7. Monster Truckers
  8. Gary and Will
  9. Caitlin and Brittany eliminated


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    • BrandyMcNelson profile image

      Brandy McGhee Nelson 5 years ago from Alaska

      Great hub! This was the best episode so far! I was so happy that the blondes got eliminated, but I was so surprised that the substitutes somehow beat them!