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The Amazing Race 21 -- Bangladesh

Updated on October 22, 2012

Just how annoying are The Twins? Very annoying!

On a purely annoying factor, I was wishing the Twins could be eliminated. Of the two, Nadiya is the most annoying. I just wanted to ram a dirty rag down her throat to shut her up. And I don’t think I was the only one.

This leg features a Fast Forward, but it’s the most disgusting Fast Forward I can recall. You had to go to three locations collecting dead rats. I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I wasn’t even able to watch it. I had to turn my head away from the TV every time James and Abba went to collect some more dead rats. Most of the first teams arriving at the first task passed on doing the Fast Forward. Only James and Abba were game enough to try it and because they did, they ended up coming in first.

The first destination on this leg of the race is to fly to Bangladesh and find a bus repair shop. Once there they were greeted with a Roadblock called: Who Wants To Fill In The Gaps? You have to use putty to fill in holes on a panel of a bus and sand it so it’s smooth. Afterwards you have to carry some bus seats to be refurbished to get your next clue.

Gary and Will were yapping about suspecting Rob and Kelley U-Turning them. What they seemed to forget is they U-Turned them, too. Just unlucky for them the Monster Truckers had already checked into the Pitstop. But as annoying as they were, no one could match the annoying factor that Nadiya reached. She was driving the all the teams nuts with her non-stop cheering and yelling at her twin, Natalie. I lived next door to a dog as a kid that wouldn’t stop barking, until he strained his voice and when he barked no sound came out. No one was that lucky to have that happen to silence the annoying twit.

The next stop was a local Market when you had to search through sacks of smelly dried fish for a fish wearing The Amazing Race racing colors. When they got their next clue it was a Detour.


Pound the metal – teams use sledgehammers to beat iron rod into a spike.

Pound the cotton – make a cotton mattress by beating the cotton, stuffing the mattress and sewing it up.

Neither task was all that difficult. The difficult part was making it correctly to the Pitstop. For instance, Rob and Kelley arrived and checked in as #4 only to be told they took the wrong boat, and had to go back and take the right boat. Trey and Lexi somehow arrived at the end of the Pitstop before making it to the beginning, and had to go back to the beginning and finish the route to the Pitstop correctly. Gary and Will did the same thing.

Teams checked in as follows:

  1. James and Abba – Trip to secluded St. James Club in Antigua.
  2. Abbie and Ryan
  3. Terrible Twins
  4. Josh and Brent
  5. Monster Truckers
  6. Chippendales
  7. Trey and Lexi
  8. Gary and Will – did the same thing. – Eliminated

No offense, but after their complaining about the Monster Truckers U-Turning them, I kind of wasn’t sorry to see them go. I wonder if someone complained about The Amazing Race 20 having too many non-elimination legs, because we’ve yet to have one. I kept thinking Phil would tell Gary and Will this was a non-elimination leg. Unless they’re getting rid of the non-elimination legs all together, one has to be coming up soon.


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