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The Amazing Race 21 -- Hot And Bothered In Bangladash

Updated on October 29, 2012

Week #5

The Bangladeshi heat seemed to be the biggest thing racers had to battle in the fifth leg of the race.

Before starting the race, James got a skype from home that his father has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. There’s no chance of remission. So basically his father has a short time to live. James says this will give him a bit more of a push for the race.

As the racers that came in first the last leg, James and Abba are the first to learn that there first destination is a market they have to get to via marked taxi. It’s very slow going in the taxi because the streets are incredibly congested by people milling around them. They find a guy selling eggplant at the market and are told their next destination is Ferry Ghat Road.

A Roadblock is waiting for racers when they reach Ferry Ghat Road called, It Aint Heavy It’s A Roadblock. The Roadblock involves a team member assembling an ancient Bangladeshi scale. Once it’s assembled they need to balance logs on one side with rocks on the other. When it’s balanced you get your next clue.

The heat bothers most of the racers as they work in the sun assembling the scale. For Abbie and Ryan there’s an extra irritant. The Twinnies [rhymes with ninnies] are doing the Roadblock at the same time, and Natalie begins her annoying yelling. She gets miffed when Ryan starts mocking her. Then she gets a boy to start repeating her annoying chanting like an annoying little echo.

Once the scale task is finished, teams are faced with a Detour called Straw Dogs Or Bamboo Jungle.

Straw Dogs – help manufacture an eco-friendly bag. Teams have to beat jute on a bed of nails. Then have to take a bundle of jute to Mill #2 to have it made into a bag.

Bamboo Jungle – collect 40 bamboo pulls. Load them on freight rickshaw and deliver them at construction site. Then they’ll receive a piece of bamboo with a painting on it which is their next clue, which is this leg’s Pit Stop.

Most of the teams choose to do the bamboo task. The Chippendales make what could have been a costly mistake. They get anal trying to make sure they have the right amount of bamboo on their cart, that they take extra time counting it, only to leave three pieces of bamboo on the ground. They have to go back to get their three piece of bamboo and return to get their clue.

The Pit Stop was relatively easy to find compared to the mass-confusion that resulted from last week’s Pit Stop. Unfortunately, two of the teams are a couple of Bitter Betty’s when they check-in. Ryan is all sour because they’re number two, since he’s got some personal goal to beat Dave and Rachel’s record of checking in as number one. The Twinnies are also sour because they’re not number one.

I’m sorry, but they had to know James and Abba came in number one the last leg and did either of the teams even see James and Abba while doing their tasks? No? Then that means they were way ahead of you. Personally, Twinnies, I’m shipping you in last place and eliminated, because you’re just that annoying.

All the other teams were grateful for their spots at check-in and weren’t whining about not being number one.

  1. James and Abba – trip to Malaysia’s tropical rain forest.
  2. Abbie and Ryan – Ryan not happy they’re not number one. Wants to take the record away from Dave and Rachel
  3. The Twins – ninnies upset they didn’t get number one.
  4. Monster Truckers
  5. Trey and Lexi
  6. The Chippies
  7. Josh and Brent – non-elimination

I figured this was going to be a non-elimination leg, since there hasn’t been one yet. So, Josh and Brent got lucky. They have a second chance to try and overcome the obstacles the next leg will entail. But will they be able to?


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