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The Amazing Race 21 -- Istanbul

Updated on November 5, 2012

The Twinnies aren't just annoying; they're also theives

Well, this week made something clear. James and Abba are about the only decent racers still left on this race. Ryan’s a douche bag who has decided that James and Abba and the annoying Twinnies should be off the race. The Twinnies, yes; James and Abba have done nothing to this douche. Then the Twinnies proved they weren’t just annoying, but their thieves. They saw James and Abba money sitting on the desk and pocketed it, then split it with the equally unethical Trey and Lexi. And if that’s bad enough, the thieving skags had the nerve to start trash talking James and Abba, when they little stunt backfired and James and Abba actually checked into the pit stop before these two hags. Worse was they faced no penalty for pocketing another team’s money. The Amazing Race really needs to start making some rules these racers have to adhere to.

Thanks to the generosity of the Bangladeshi citizenry James and Abba are able to replace the money the thieving hags pocketed. I’d love if the next leg of the race Phil would tell Frick and Frack they get no money this leg of the race and they can go beg in the streets for money the way James and Abba had to after they swiped their money. Let’s see if the two cackling hens are still cackling after that.

Teams finally leave Bangladesh and head to Istanbul. Upon arriving in Istanbul you have to take a ferry to the Asian side of Turkey. The Monster Truckers fall into last when they take a train instead of a taxi and they’re never able to make up the time they lost.

Detour –

Simit – transport Turkish bagels and balance them on their heads walking through the streets of Istanbul.

Scrub It – pick up bathing items, choose a bath attendant and be bathed.

Josh and Brent must do speed bump before picking which Detour task to do. They must eat two scoops of Turkish ice cream. This has got to be the easiest Speed Bump a team has had to do.

After teams take a bath or deliver bagels, they have to head to Kapali Carsi next.

Roadblock – serve up Turkish sherbet. You have to dress up as a Turkish vender and serve 40 glasses of the sherbet.

The Pit Stop this leg of the race is, Savarona – a ship. Teams checked in as follows:

  1. Trey and Lexi – trip to Australia.
  2. Abbie and Ryan
  3. James and Abba
  4. The Twinnies
  5. The Chippendales
  6. Josh and Brent
  7. Monster Truckers – eliminated

Josh and Brent managed to stay in the race, but I think it’ll be a brief reprieve. Although I can’t say I’m sorry to see the Monster Truckers go. Rob could be a very rude man at times and lived up to the name, Ugly American.

I know The Amazing Race has a general hands-off policy when another racer does something foul to another racers, but if James and Abba hadn’t been able to raise money they could have been stranded in Bangladesh with no money. What the Twinnies did crossed a line and they need to suffer some kind of consequences for it. If they’re allowed to get away with what they did, what’s to stop other future teams from stealing another team’s money?


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