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The Amazing Race 21 -- James And Abba Race To Find Their Passports

Updated on November 20, 2012

We pick up where we left off from last week. James and Abba can’t produce their passports so they can’t check-in. So Ryan and Abbie and Josh and Brent get to check-in before them and James and Abba come in last but are allowed to stay in the race because it’s a non-elimination leg.

This leg of the race kind of comes in secondary to James and Abba’s attempts to get their passports so they can stay in the race. They try to get new passports and they go to the police to report that their cabbie stole their things. The fact the driver never turned in their stuff is proof that James and Abba were once again the victims of a thief. Last time it was fellow racers Trey and Lexie and the annoying Twinnies.

It’s no shock when James and Abba are ultimately eliminated. Instead of doing the tasks for this leg of the race, they were back at the Embassy and police station trying to get new passports or hope the crooked cabbie had turned their stuff in. What made it so bad that they got the boot was the thieving Twinnies are still in the race and may make it to the end.

Josh and Brent take a four-hour penalty for not finishing swimming task because the pool closed and they still weren’t able to complete the synchronized swimming routine. After waiting out the four hours they’re able to start the new leg of the race.

AgriculturalAcademy – StudyBuilding #6 is the first stop. Trey and Lexie have a hard time finding building #6. Chippies arrive first, but they have to wait til 8 to do the next task. The Chippies and Trey and Lexie go in to start Roadblock:

Who’s In The Zone? A team member is shown Russia’s 9 different time zones and the current time in Moscow. You need to figure out the correct time in 5 cities. A lot of the teams have a hard time with this. Ryan even thinks it’s a trick and the professor in charge of the task is using a flawed time schematic until he finally figures out what he’s doing wrong.

Once the Prof gives them their next clue, they find out it’s a Detour called Mover Or Shakers.

Movers – you have to learn a Russian soldier dance

Shakers – teams have to identify 7 historic Russian leaders at a party where they’re dressed as the historic Russian leaders.

And once they complete they Detour they’re directed to the next pit stop at SokolnikiPark.

  1. The Chippendales
  2. Trey and Lexie
  3. The Twinnies
  4. Abbie and Ryan
  5. Josh and Brent
  6. James and Abba – eliminated

There’s kind of a motley crew left to root for. Ryan’s so repulsive I have no desire to root for him. The Twinnies are annoying and thieves and Trey and Lexie aren’t much better. Josh and Brent do absolutely nothing for me. So that just leaves The Chippendales. If they get the boot before the finale there won’t be any one left to root for.


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