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The Amazing Race 21 -- Shanghai Surprise

Updated on October 1, 2012

Week 1

This year the race begins in Pasadena, California and the starting line is on the Colorado Street Bridge. This year there was no insta-elimination, but there was a Double Roadblock this leg. And several of the teams this season are pretty cutthroat. There’s also a twist. If the person who wins the first leg can win the last leg they’ll win 2 million instead of 1 million.

The teams this year are:

Trey and Lexi – Who are dating.

Natalie and Nadiya – Twins.

James and Abba – A rock star and a lawyer.

Josh and Brent – Goat farmers.

Amy and Daniel – They’ve been dating on and off for 10 yrs. Amy has an artificial leg and is a snow boarder.

Caitlin and Britney – Are best friends.

Rob and Sheila – Are engaged.

Gary and Will – Are substitute teachers and best friends. They applied for The Amazing Race 7 times before finally making it.

Abbie and Ryan – Are dating divorcees.

Jaymes and James – Are Chippendale performers.

Rob and Kelley – Are married monster truckers.

To get their first clue teams have to rappel ten stories. Once they do, they discover their first destination in Shanghai, China. They can only travel on one of two flights. The second flight will arrive in Shanghai an hour and fifteen minutes after the first flight arrives.

Upon arrival in Shanghai, they have to head to sports center for next clue. Which is the first Roadblock.

Roadblock: Whose Ready To Get Paddled. A team member has to play table tennis against the Junior Champion of China and score a point against him. The pro starts using other things against players when they strike out. A clipboard, frying pan, tambourine, and the clue.

Nadiya is getting on Natalie’s nerves as she tries to score a point against the pro.

Now they have to make their way to a restaurant where their other teammate has to do the other Roadblock, which involves eating a traditional Chinese dish which is the fallopian tubes of a frog. My stomach was turning as I watched team members eat those disgusting looking things.

Rob a member of Team Monster Trucker misreads the clue and uses his hands to eat the disgusting dish, only to find out he has to eat it with chopsticks and isn’t allowed to use his hands. So he has to eat another heaping helping of the disgusting dish.

Next stop is to make their way to The Bund to the find the woman using the abacus. This proved to be a lot of the teams Waterloo, as they couldn’t find the women. Some walked right past her without realizing the woman in red was who they were looking for.

When they finally find the lady in red, they’re directed to Bund Observatory which is the first pitstop.

  1. Abbie and Ryan overtake Amy and Daniel [who pointed out to them where the pitstop was] to get 1st place and a chance at 2 million dollars.
  2. Amy and Daniel come in second, when it looked like first place would be theirs.
  3. Caitlin and Brittany
  4. Natalie and Nadiya lie to Monster Truckers about finding the lady in red and head to the pitstop.
  5. Rob and Kelley aka Team Monster Truckers aren’t delayed too much by the twins lies and check in right after them.
  6. James and Abba
  7. Josh and Brent
  8. Gary and Will lie to Chippendales about the abacus lady and they and the remaining teams starts chortling about Ding Dong The Chippendales Are Gone.
  9. Trey and Lexi
  10. Jaymes and James aka Team Chippendales get in a footrace with Rob and Sheila and beat them to the check-in proving the other teams planning their departure we’re a little premature in their celebration.
  11. Rob and Sheila check in last and are eliminated. Sheila says she was worried she and Rob might be at each other’s throats on the race and says she was worried about nothing.

It’s only the first leg and already some teams are showing their teeth. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting season.


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    • nickbardo profile image

      nickbardo 5 years ago from Miami, FL

      The only "reality" show I'll watch. I've been watching since season one!


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