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The Amazing Race 21 -- Spain

Updated on December 4, 2012

It looked like for a few seconds we would finally be free of the gruesome twosome known as The Twinnies. Then Phil had to go and ruin it, giving these two nasty hags a chance to be in the final three. Oh, joy.

Teams are instructed to take a flight to Barcelona, Spain. Once there they’re supposed to travel to Mallorica by ferry. Once there they have to encounter devils and demons playing with fire to get their next clue.

The most disgusting moment of the race was watching the Chipholes, Twinnies and Trey and Lexie celebrating how they manipulated the Double U-Turn to get Ryan and Abbie out of the race. At that moment, I wished all three could be eliminated from the race. Unfortunately, it seems Karma is on vacation this season, as these three teams have suffered no divine payback for the garbage they’ve done.

Next, they have to drive themselves to a sports complex. Well, maybe Karma isn’t totally on vacation. The Twinnies are the worst of the three teams and they start having problems with driving their car. I think it’s a standard, and they’re probably used to driving an automatic. One thing you need to do before coming on the race, take some lessons in how to drive a shift stick. Their problems cause them to fall from first to last place, as Josh and Brent get ahead of them. Of course, the nasty hags have to make foul nasty remarks about them like they’ve done pretty much every team that’s gotten ahead of them or they consider a threat.

Roadblock – Who wants to get smashed?

Teams have to test their tennis skills against a high-powered tennis ball machine and return the ball 20 times. Josh and Brent have problems with this because Josh hurt his ankle on the last leg of the race. Have to run around the court returning tennis balls gets him to almost give up on the task. But finally he mans-up and does it.

Next drive to the town of Campanet and find the coves there. Once there, you have to explore the caverns and find two men playing guitar to get your next clue, which is a Detour.

Detour –

Spin it – you have to repair a windmill by putting on two of the missing blades. The Chipholes speed through the task as does Josh and Brent, while The Terrible Twinnies have major problems with this task, as well.

Bull It – enter a bull ring and pretend to be a bull. Have to hit 8 matador capes and the target correctly before the time runs out. Little Lexie whines after the first attempt that she hurt her finger, so Trey has to be the bull the next time to finish the task.

Next pit stop is the Castell De Bellver. It was a prison for 200 years.

Teams checked in as followed:

  1. Trey and Lexie – Riviera Mayan.
  2. The Chippies
  3. Josh and Brent
  4. The Twinnies – non elimination.

Yep, the two hags live to insult another team for another week. You know they’ll get some super simplistic Speed Bump that won’t cause them any problems. Then Josh and Brent will finally be eliminated and the Twinnie Hags will make final three. This season is tying the season they had several teams that were models for worst season of the race.


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