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The Amazing Race 21 -- Surabaya, Indonesia

Updated on October 7, 2012

Week 2

These are some nasty racers they picked this season. They were trying to think of some nasty nickname for James and Abba when they managed to scoot ahead of them. Okay, I make up nicknames for the racing teams, myself, but that’s so I won’t have to memorize 22 people’s names. But that doesn’t mean I’d be sitting around with the other teams calling them Cheech and Chong. They didn’t call them that. They were trying to come up with a good nickname because they have long hair.

Anyway, this week’s destination is Surabaya, Indonesia where teams get to race bulls and make balloon animals. It’s also the place where Monster Trucker Rob gets his ugly on with a cabbie who can’t find the destination Rob is looking for.

Rob was telling how he met and fell in love with Kelley. He said she was his best friend’s wife. I was relieved to hear Kelly’s husband was dead. No, I’m not happy he’s dead, just the thought he banged his best friend’s wife would just be too sleazy for words. This isn’t a soap opera; it’s real life.

It seems The Amazing Race has been hit by the economy, as well, since the second week running the winning team doesn’t get money or a trip. This week the team that comes in first gets the Express Pass.

Rob and Kelley think they’re making some slick move when they book a flight to Hong Kong to take an connecting flight to Indonesia from there. Only there’s a four-hour layover in Hong Kong. It turns out to be a bonehead move when they’re the last ones to arrive in Surabaya. Lucky for them the next task is one of those field leveling tasks that takes away whatever lead you might have, and erases a bonehead mistake.

A team that actually made a slick move was James and Abba. They take a chance on getting a seat an earlier flight by booking standby and are able to get on it. They’re the first ones to arrive in Surabaya. Meanwhile the bad-natured remaining racers try to think up a nasty nickname to call them because of their long hair.

When they arrive in Surabaya they have to take a number for bull racing and it doesn’t open to 8 am in the morning giving everyone a chance to catch up leveling the field.

When the Monster Truckers finally arrive in Surabaya they’re in last place and when they arrive they get the tenth number for the bull racing.

Teams all enter the bull racing. Teams must hop on a motorcycle with a professional driver and race the bulls. After that they get a clue to their next destination which is a bridge where their next clue awaits. James and Abba still in the lead, but the Roadblock will end up costing them that lead.

Roadblock: Who Likes To Party. Teams must peddle a machine while creating 8 pieces of balloon art and give four children a ride. Will and Gary really struggle on this task. Gary has to get Will to settle down and to calm himself to finally complete the task.

Wijaya Motors is the next destination. Rob gets nasty with his cabbie when he can’t find it. Amy and Daniel also have the same problem trying to find the place. Not being able to find Wijaya Motors will cause one of these two teams to be eliminated.

Once teams arrive at Wijaya Motors they get their next clue, which is a choice between two tasks:

Ice By The Pound – deliver 10 60 pound pieces of ice, then use special cart to deliver ice to the stalls in the market.


Fish By The Barrel – take 2 barrels of fish, sort it and set up a stall.

The twins, Nadiya and Natalie are the only ones to do the fish task and they end up finishing first and claiming the Express Pass.

When you finish the fish or ice task you need to search the market for the next pit stop. The racers checked in as followed:

  1. Nadiya and Natalie
  2. Trey and Lexi
  3. Jaymes and James aka The Chippies
  4. Abbie and Ryan
  5. Josh and Brent
  6. James and Abba
  7. Caitlin and Brittany
  8. Rob and Kelley
  9. Gary and Will
  10. Amy and Daniel – eliminated

For the life of me I can’t understand why The Chippendales had several racers rubbing their hands in glee for almost getting eliminated. From what I’ve seen they haven’t done anything to anyone. Maybe they have it out for them because they’re Chippendale dancers.


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