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The Amazing Race 21 -- The Finale

Updated on December 9, 2012

Will the Terrible Twinnies win it all?

A recap is shown of how the four teams made it to final four. The show decides not to show how the two thieving teams stole another team’s money. The show is apparently trying to gloss over what the two teams did, claiming they told them to do it. Not buying it. Tell me, Amazing Race, did you tell the two thieving teams to chortle over what they did, too?

Teams must fly to Barcelona, Spain and the fly to the LoireValley in France to find their next clue.

The repulsive Twinny Hags are just as repulsive, if not more so, the next to last leg of the race. They keep saying how they want and deserve to be in the final three more than Josh and Brent. They also try to get over two teams, The Chippies and their partners-in-crime, Trey and Lexie, to sandbag Josh and Brent the same way they did Ryan and Abbie. They also accuse Josh and Brent of faking a bad ankle because they run. Of course, they top that by the way they keep calling them evil gays during the Chow task. In short, these two hags are the most vilest individuals to ever grace the Amazing Race and I was personally sickened about them making it to the final three.

Ford Escape must have been sponsoring the show because one of the tasks involved using a new feature on the car as part of one of the tasks. Teams are to pick up 8 empty crates and load their Ford Escape using the feature on the back bumper to kick open the cargo hold. Then they’re to make their way to the Chateau De Villandry and find the Stone Dog.

Next task is to find Da Vinci’s final resting place.

Josh and Brent declare the Twinny Hags are poor sportsmen. Little do they know they’re also thieves who stole James and Abba’s money with their cohorts, Trey and Lexie, which could have left them stranded in a foreign country without any money. Sorry, Amazing Race, you can spin it however you want, it doesn’t make these two hags less vile than they are.

The Twinnies’ Speed Bump is to dress a woman in a corset. Before they have to do their Speed Bump they yell to at their cohorts to sandbag Josh and Brent. However, without them around, they don’t follow their orders, this time.

As they do the Speed Bump they whine about having to do a task no one else has to do. Apparently they forgot they came in last and should have been eliminated instead of having to do a Speed Bump. I’ve never seen any team yap because of the Speed Bump, when they should be grateful they’re still in the race. They also wish flat tires on one of the other teams.

Detour –

Chow or Plow

Chow – Make daily meal for a pack of hunting dogs.

Plow – use a traditional horse and plow.

Lexie going on about how she naturally wants to help people. You sure helped yourself to James and Abba’s money, didn’t you? She just seems like a total phony. Going along with stealing someone’s money shows just what you’re really made of.

La Caves De Roches next stop.

Lexie hopes their beloved thieving partners, The Twinnies, make final three.

Roadblock – Who’s a fun guy?

Search dark maze of tunnels for 3 different types of mushrooms. You have to find 10 of each.

The hags beat Josh and Brent doing mushroom task, and I’m feeling sick to my stomach. If those two vile cretins make the final three it’s going to be the worst finale in the history of this show. Thankfully, by some miracle Josh and Brent make it to the pit stop before them and the two nasties are finally eliminated from the race.

Pit Stop is the Castle of the Ladies.

  1. The Chippies – both win a Ford Escape. One of the J’s intends to give his to his mother.
  2. Trey and Lexie
  3. Josh and Brent
  4. The Hags are eliminated. YES!

Now teams have to fly to New York. Postcard is sending them to Coney Island where they have to figure out a sign is where their next clue is located. Josh and Brent are from New York and may have a home court advantage.

Trey and Lexie don’t think Josh and Brent will be any challenge to them, even though Josh and Brent are from New York. In fact, little Lexie says it repeatedly. Karma finally zapped The Twinnies. Will Lexie and Trey’s thieving hides feel the zap next?

The clue at Coney Island is clever. It’s written on a poster for Houdini, directing teams to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Trey and Lexie and The Chippies run around like chickens with their heads off, while Josh and Brent think it could be something about the sign. All teams finally figure out the clue and head to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Roadblock – Who’s Up For An Amazing Escape?

Teams must perform one of Houdini’s escape tricks. They have to hang upside down in straitjacket and have to figure out how to open it to get their next clue.

All three teams catch up with each other. Next stop is the first pizzeria in New York, Lombardy’s. They have to deliver 10 pizzas to people scattered around Little Italy on foot. Josh and Brent know the area, but screw up two of the orders, giving the Chippies a chance to overtake them. However, the Chippies lose their taxi and have to wait for another to show up.

Teams must figure out emblem after completing the pizza task is from United Nations next clue. Josh and Brent are the only ones who know what it is without asking. Once they get there they find a Roadblock that turns out to be the Waterloo of tasks for all three teams.

Roadblock – Who Has A Way With Words?

A team member has to identify the way they heard hello and goodbye to them in the 9 UN nations they visited and match up flags. All three teams arrive at roughly the same time at UN task. Lexie starts crying because she hits herself with flagpole and whining because they did so great on the race.

Josh is the first one to finish flag task. Unfortunately, they can’t find out where pit stop is. And the Chippies are right behind them. Gotham Hall is the final pit stop. And miracles of miracles Josh and Brent win. I never thought they’d be able to do it.

It took Karma a long time to payback some of these teams for their treachery, but it came down on them just at the right team. After getting the Twinnies out, the next worst team was Trey and Lexie. Hope she enjoyed that $50 she and her boyfriend stole, because she didn’t get a million and she came in last place.

Next worst was the Chippies who helped The Twinnies and Trey and Lexie sandbag Ryan and Abbie, who came in second. Granted, Ryan and Abbie weren’t much nicer than the Twinnies, but what was done to them was rotten.

The most deserving team that never sunk to the depths the other teams did won. It’s not often the race ends like that. It was a nice change. A refreshing change. A hopeful change. It’s the only thing that saved this from being the worst season of the series.

Congratulations, Josh and Brent. You were the team no one thought would and could win and you did.


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