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The Amazing Race 23 -- Cowboys And Cowgirls Start Your Engines

Updated on September 29, 2013

Warning to West Coaster This Is A Recap From Tonight's Episode

Original Airing: September 29, 2013

It’s time again for a new edition of The Amazing Race. An old western movie ranch is the starting line for the beginning of the race. This year’s racers are:

Chester and Ephraim who are football players

Rowan and Shane theater performers starring in a production where they both appear in drag from South Carolina

Tim and Marie exes from Morristown, New Jersey who don’t get along

Leo and Jamal cousins.

Ally and Ashley from Long Beach, California

Nicole and Travis married ER physicians from Atlanta, Georgia

Hoskotte and Naina a father and daughter team from Laguna Nigel, California

Tim and Danny oil plant workers from Oklahoma

Brandon and Adam childhood friends from Chico, California

Nicky and Kim major league baseball wives from the Midwest

Jason and Amy dating from New England

If a racer wins this leg of the race they get 2 Express Passes. One for them and one for another team of their choice. Teams having trouble finding LAX becase there’s so many freeways.

Teams rush to awaiting cars for their first clue. Iquique, Chile is the first destination. Only 7 teams are able to get on first flight, giving them a two and a half hour advantage over the remaining for teams. It seems unless something goes radically wrong, the four teams on the second flight will be battling to not check in last on this leg of the race.

Ally and Ashley and Leo and Jamal get chummy as they wait for their flights to take off being the male and female eye candy of the race. They’re actually the only team I see getting friendly with each other, so far.

Alto Hospicio is the first destination upon landing.

Teams have to do a Roadblock. One team mate has to follow their team mate as the other member paraglides off the cliffs. Nicole has a bit of a leg up in that she speaks Spanish and can communicate with the locals and starts following Travis with a cab. Once the team mate lands the other team mate must find them on one of the beaches. Marie steals the taxi that Jamal ordered for himself. Marie may quite possibly become one of the most disliked team members this season.

Muelle Prat is the next destination.

The second plane touches down as the first teams finish up the paragliding task.

Another Roadblock. You have to choose a rowboat and search the harbor for three particular fishing boats to collect five fish from them. The upshot is the fish supply is limited making it possible you’ll have to go to more than one boat. And the harbor is full of fishing boats you have to search for to find the right ones.

The team member that paraglided has to perform this task. It doesn’t really seem fair since they had to paraglide from the cliffs. Yes, the other team member had to search for them, but they didn’t have to put themselves out of their comfort zone and paraglide off a cliff. It seems it would have been more fairer if the team mate that chose not to paraglide had to do the fishing boat task.

Teatro Municipal Theater is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Nicole and Travis take a cab when the final clue says you have to make your way on foot to next pit stop. They incur a 30 minute penalty even though they arrived at the pit stop first and Phil reminds him that the number one rule on the race is to read your clue carefully so you don’t make stupid mistakes like this.

Nicole and Travis are still hoping they’ll be able to check-in a number one and it’ll take the other teams longer than thirty minutes to check-in. Unfortunately, that hope dies a quick death when Tim and Marie arrive before the thirty minute penalty is up.

Nicole and Travis aren’t the only ones who don’t read the clue right. Leo has Jamal do the row boat task when he was supposed to do it, so precious time is wasted calling Jamal back in so he can do the task.

Naina seems to run into trouble trying to find where her father, Hoskotte landed on the beach. Because of that Hoskotte and Naina are the last to arrive at the rowboat task. It looks like the final two to check-in will come down to Hoskotte and Naina and Brandon and Adam. And Phil said quite definitely that one team will be eliminated. There will be no non-elimination this first leg of the race. Further complicating things is Naina misreads the clue and thinks she has to do the Roadblock instead of her father.

  1. Tim and Marie get Express Pass
  2. Travis and Nicole
  3. Rowan and Shane
  4. Chester and Ephraim
  5. Nicky and Kim
  6. Ally and Ashley
  7. Leo and Jamal
  8. Jason and Amy
  9. Tim and Danny
  10. Brandon and Adam
  11. Hoskotte and Naina are eliminated.

Naina crying as Hoskotte does the task knowing she’s caused them to be eliminated by all the mistakes she made. I don’t think so many people have misread the clue on one leg of the race before. I can understand it happening to the ones at rowboat task. Logic would say that if your partner did the paragliding task you’d have to do that task, so the show was tricky in making the person that paraglided also had to do the rowboat task, as well.

I think in all fairness that Travis and Nicole should be given the second Express Pass by Tim and Marie. If they hadn’t messed up they would have been number one. But as we all know what’s fair doesn’t usually come into play when it comes to The Amazing Race.

If the show pulls more tricky moves like they did with the Roadblocks this is going to be an interesting season.


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