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The Amazing Race 23 -- Tiles And Miles & Slings And Arrows

Updated on October 13, 2013

The mistake of another causes a team to be eliminated

Original Airing: October 13, 2013

As we start the third leg of the race, Rowan and Shane were disqualified when they made one mistake too many on their way to the pit stop just as Hoskotte and Naina had done on the first leg. And for two weeks running the team who checked in as number one didn’t end up as number one. Will the third leg mimic the previous two legs? Let’s find out.

This is how the team roster stands of now:

Chester and Ephraim who are football players

Tim and Marie exes from Morristown, New Jersey who don’t get along

Leo and Jamal cousins.

Ally and Ashley from Long Beach, California

Nicole and Travis married ER physicians from Atlanta, Georgia

Tim and Danny oil plant workers from Oklahoma

Brandon and Adam childhood friends from Chico, California

Nicky and Kim major league baseball wives from the Midwest

Jason and Amy dating from New England

The first destination on this leg is to travel to Lisbon, Portugal by plane and travel to Martine Monet’s Square for their next clue. Leo and Jamal seem to have recovered from their spat at the pit stop last week. The NFL football players get screwed when they get booked on a flight on the wrong day and the doctors manage to book the tickets they wanted to book. They get a flight on two connecting flights to try and get there earlier.

Marie using the Express Pass to get a leg up, but has no intention of giving it up. Team Oklahoma doesn’t trust the Afghanimals as they call Jamal and Leo and plan to U Turn them if they get a chance.

The NFL’s second flight is delayed causing them to scramble to find another flight to catch up with the other teams. And Tim and Marie and the Baseball Wives get into it over who gets placed first on the stand by list for an earlier flight, thus putting an end to their brief alliance. In short, no Express Pass for the Baseball Wives.

Because of their flight delay the NFLers miss their connecting flight and once again scramble to bet to Lisbon.

Teams finally arrive in Lisbon and head to the square to get their next clue. Next clue is a painting directing them to go to Portugual’s National Coach Museum. The clue waiting is a Detour called Tiles Or Miles.

Tiles – assemble a life-sized puzzle.

Miles – use a giant navigation instrument to measure the distance Magellan traveled.

The next clue directs them to another sight in Portugal I can’t even begin to spell. My limited Spanish wasn’t able to translate exactly what the place is. Which is a roadblock called Slings And Arrows.

Teams must put on a suit of armor and fire an arrow at a shield.

Now make their way to Castelo Dos Mouros which is this week’s pit stop.

Jason and Amy get confused how to get to the castle on the way to the pit stop, giving the doctor’s a chance to possibly catch up and beat them to check-in first at the pit stop.

The NFLers get stuck in London when their plane is delayed while all the other teams are in Lisbon. So it looks like they’re out of it unless this turns out to be a non-elimination leg. This, unfortunately, mirrors the past two weeks in what happened to the two previous teams before they got eliminated.

The man dressed up as Magellan at the Miles task looked like he was pretty disgusted with some of the team trying to figure out how many miles Magellan traveled. Team Oklahoma left off a zero and the Cousins seemed totally lost trying to figure it out.

The Blondes and the Cousins are still keeping up their alliance as they both go off to do the puzzle. The Cousins try to manipulate Tim and Marie into using the Express Pass. When they start breaking the tiles as they try putting the puzzle together Tim wants to use the pass, but she refuses to do it.

Hours later the NFLers arrive. Phil meets them at the airport. He tells them they’ve been eliminated. When Phil met them at the airport and they weren’t allowed to do any of the tasks, I figured that’s what was about to happen.

  1. Nicole and Travis and win a trip to Costa Rica.
  2. Jason and Amy
  3. Nicky and Kim
  4. Tim and Danny
  5. Brandon and Adam
  6. Leo and Jamal
  7. Ally and Ashley
  8. Tim and Marie [Phil enjoys teasing them about being the last team to arrive.]
  9. Chester and Ephraim – eliminated

This has been a weird race this season. This is the third week one team got faced with a lot of bad luck and they weren’t able to overcome it and ended up being eliminated. In the case of the NFLers it wasn’t really their fault like the previous teams. The airport clerk is the one who messed them up by putting the wrong date on their tickets and they tried and failed to recover from that mistake.

I’m actually sorry to see them go and sorry this wasn’t a non-elimination leg. If a team ever deserved a second chance, I feel it was them. What happened to them wasn’t really their fault. They didn’t screw up the clerk at the ticket counter did.


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      anonymous 4 years ago

      someone at the ticket counter should be fired.