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The Amazing Race 25 -- How Do You Bend A Nail? What's A Quarry?

Updated on October 12, 2014

Jimbo keeps getting more and more obnoxious!

I can't say I have a favorite team at this point, but I've got a least favorite one. It's the Dentists. Well it's the Jimbo part of the Dentists. His wife just seems like a shadow compared to this obnoxious loud mouth. He looks like a failed body builder who became a dentist and if I was in need of a dentist, he'd be the last person I'd go to even if he was the last dentist on the planet. He was once again yapping about being number one and how the other teams needed to acknowledge his supremacy. Seriously, it's only the third leg of this race, so it's really a little early to be constantly yapping about being number one. If this dude thinks he's going to be constantly number one he's in for a surprise. There's going to be a task that's going to put his butt at the back of the pack. If he's so convinced he's going to be constantly number one, then why doesn't he just give his special little save to one of the poor peons who could never compete with someone as wonderful as he thinks he is?

Anyway, teams were told their next destination on the race to the Shetland Islands in Scotland. They first had to take a train to Aberdeen and then get in an awaiting Ford Focus [every year it seems to be the same brand of car] and drive to the ferry which will transport them and their Ford Focus to the Shetland Islands.

On the way to the train, Michael of Team Fire Fighter twists his ankle, but keeps on chugging along. I have to say I've twisted my ankle a lot and it's never looked like that. It was really nasty looking with it turning black and blue. But he hoped to make it through while allowing his partner to hopefully do the physical tasks so he wouldn't strain his ankle even further.

Once the ferry docks teams are instructed to head to the Royal National Life Boat Institute where they're supposed to search for a puffin. And I'm like one of those teams asking a dumb question. What the heck is puffin? In this case it's someone dressed as a giant bird that kind of reminded me of a penguin. The puffin gives racers a clue to drive to Scalloway Castle.

Let me tell you that was one creepy castle. It would have been perfect as a haunted house for Halloween. But teams finally find their next clue and it's a choice between: Pony Up or Light My Fire.

Pony Up -- requires you to cut 50 blocks of peat and then transport it by Shetland pony to get their next clue.

It took some a while to figure out how to use the tool they were given to cut the peat blocks and then the Shetland ponies were a challenge to work with and get them to do what you wanted them to do. Jimbo got one that didn't want to cooperate after the first trip [it took more than one trip.] Maybe he should have told it how he's number one and he isn't going to let some squat little pony make him number two with its antics.

Light My Fire -- required you to make a Viking torch from scratch after watching it being done.

The Wrestlers wanted to do the pony task but ended up at torch task instead and really had problems. You should have seen the looks they got when Brooke asked how one is supposed to bend a nail. Yeah, I guess in their entire life they've never hammered a nail into anything. Just hit it the wrong way, honey, and it bends all on its own.

Then some of the people doing the torch task ran to the wrong location to set their torch on fire, allowing others to get ahead of them.

After the Dentists, I probably want Team Survivor get the boot. That Whitney chick is just plain annoying. She's always running that big mouth of hers thinking she knows the better way to do something. The guy Keith doesn't bug me as much. Hey, I got an idea maybe Jimbo and Whitney should get together. They both seems like a male and female version of each other.

The next clue directs teams to drive to Berry Farm located on Berry Road. TNT [Tim and Te Jay] get lost and loose whatever lead they had. This is when they utter their infamous question, "What is a quarry?" And to that question is the answer that it's where you get rocks. But they finally find their way to the farm. And awaiting them and the other teams is the task: Get Your Sheep Together.

Get Your Sheep Together -- requires teams to play shepherd dog and herd their flock of sheep into a pen.

There was actually a simple way to do it, which few teams figured out. If you calmly walked them to the pen they went right in. Unfortunately, most teams were yelling and chasing the sheep and baaing at the, which was freaking the sheep out.

Okay, another dumb Kathryn moment exposed. I didn't think pigs had teeth until one bit my finger. And I sure didn't know sheep could jump the way these sheep did. It was hilarious. They were jumping all over the place. They even jumped at your face.

The final clue to the pit stop was to be given a pin and to be told to go where this was found. The smart teams went to the Scalloway Museum to ask where the pin was found. The Fire Fighters headed to a bar and asked the same question and were told the wrong answer, which took them miles away from the pit stop and played a critical part in the two getting eliminated. Although with that funky looking ankle injury it may have been for the best.

Teams checked in as follows:

1. Jimbo and Misti [The Dentists] who got a trip to Dubai and this is where the obnoxious jerk declared himself as the supreme racer.

2. Adam and Bethany

3. Keith and Whitney who got called out by Phil for how they talk to each other.

4. Shelley and Nici who got through this leg without any public peeing.

5. Amy and Maya

6. Brooke and Robbie

7. Kym and Alli

8. Tim and Te Jay

9. The Fire Fighters who were officially eliminated.

The pit stop was kind of hilarious, cause there was Phil standing next to the giant puffin to greet the racers.

I'm kind of sorry to see the Fire Fighters go, as I was kinda rooting for them. Now there's not really anyone to root for. I kind of like the Wrestlers. Maybe I'll root for them. Anyone that can get through most of their lives without ever having to hammer a nail, you've just got to root for.


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