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The Amazing Race 25 -- Jimbo Is Braying No More!

Updated on October 20, 2014

The Dentists crash and burn

This was the leg that the Amazing Race did their annual Ford car promotion and the Dentists crashed and burned. Jimbo started the race still braying about being number one, but by the end of the race he'd lost all bragging rights to his claim to fame.

The first clue instructed racers to head to Copenhagen, Denmark. First they had to do a 13 hour ferry ride to Aberdeen, then catch a flight to Copenhagen. Upon arriving in Copenhagen they had to drive to Sweden.

They all got to drive the Ford Max Hybrid. The main feature they wanted to highlight was how much bang for your buck you got from a gallon of gas. Of course there was a catch. Racers that played lead foot to get to the next destination faster got penalized, since you have to go slow and steady to get the most bang for your fuel bucks. Teams who didn't drive slow and economically were forced to answer a trivia question before they could get their next clue.

The trivia question was to name the capitols of all the Scandanavian countries.

Once the trivia question was answered racers were given a choice between Parking Space and Wedding Cake for this episode's Detour.

In Parking Space -- You got to choose between two Parklet scenes. It seems that the local custom is to nicely stage a scene in some parking spaces. The thing that messed up a lot of the teams was that you had to make sure the vase with a flower painted on it was facing the right way, since one side didn't have the same petals as the other side did.

In Wedding Cake -- You had to construct a traditional wedding cake, was this towering edifice and transport it by bike. The bike was hard to ride, in Jimbo and Misti's case, they dropped the flags off their cake. And keeping the cake from tumbling to the ground since the bike provided rough transport. One team had the brains to take apart the cake and transport it in two separate pieces.

Jimbo and Misti try the Wedding Cake task first and lost one of their flags in transport, then went over to do the Parking Space task and they just couldn't figure out what they were doing wrong. Team after team got their next clue as some of the hot air in Jimbo's over-inflated ego got let out. He could hardly bray about being number one when he was in last place.

Once that task was completed you had to go to the Ida Davidson Restaurant. The Restaurant is famous for serving 280 different sandwiches. One member of the team had to take four sandwich orders and recite all the ingredients while giving the orders. And after that they had to successfully give each diner the correct sandwich.

A lot of teams had some trouble memorizing all the ingredients. Outside the restaurant Jimbo was shooting death rays out of his cold angry eyes as Misti messed up time and time again. Misti didn't read the clue good enough. She was reciting the ingredients for all the sandwiches she took an order for, but she wasn't reciting the sandwich names.

Needless to say that after making a cake of both tasks Jimbo and Misti were dead last. However, it was no biggie as they still had their Save to save themselves.

This leg's pit stop was the VM House. Teams checked in as follows:

1. Kym and Alli who predictably each won the Ford Max Hybrid.

2. Brooke and Robbie

3. Keith and Whitney

4. Maya and Amy

5. Tim and Te Jay

6. Shelley and Nici

7. Adam and Bethany

8. Jimbo and Misti

As it turned out Jimbo didn't have to use the Save because it was a non-elimination leg, meaning he's still got it to use for another bad day. So we're no where near getting rid of the foul dude. I think in this leg more than anything else it felt like Misti was just some plastic mannequin that Neanderthal Man was dragging around. I seriously don't understand why anyone would go to this dude as a dentist. He kind of reminds me of the dentist from Little Shop Of Horrors who gets off on the pain he inflicts. I really hope he doesn't treat his patients to his Glare of Death. He just comes off as having a scary personality or no personality at all, not to mention that he also seems to be lacking in social skills. In short, the guy is one big turn-off. He just seems like some Anger Man who has taken too many steroids to pump himself up.

Another team that were also having problems was Nici and Shelley. Shelley got her nose out of joint because she didn't like the way Nici was talking to her and demanded that Nici do the driving. Then she saw that Nici was going to wrong way and didn't tell her cause she had a bug up her butt. When Nici and Shelley checked in, Nici just walked away in disgust and Phil called her out and told her to act like an adult. Then Mommy Dearest demanded that Nici apologize to her for the way she talked to her. Seriously lady, did you forget you were in a race to win a big prize? You may be the only team mate in the history of the race that sabotaged your own team just because you had your nose out of joint.

So, do I have any favorite to win, yet? I like the Wrestlers, but I don't know if they've got what it takes to win. That's about it. It's kind of a meh season with some of these racers. A lot of them are completely forgettable.


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