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The Amazing Race 25 -- When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!

Updated on October 10, 2014

It's off to London, England

One team can't hold their water and it's an emotional elimination elimination as the two last place teams rush to the finish line praying they won't be the ones to be eliminated.

Racers are given their first destination, which is to head to the airport and go to London, England. Once they touched down in Heathrow Airport, they're to head to Tower Bridge to locate their next clue. Which is a task called: ABOUT FACE OR PANCAKE RACE.

ABOUT FACE -- You get to dress up in the costume of one of the guards at Buckingham Palace and you have to successfully perform the routine for the changing of the guard. [It's not as easy as you think, since there's quite a protocol you have to be able to successfully execute to get your next clue.]

PANCAKE RACE -- You make the perfect pancake and run around a track flipping it in a pan. The trick is you only have a set amount of time to complete the lap and if you don't do it fast enough you have to go back and start all over again.

Teams had trouble with both tasks. Some had trouble properly executing the changing of the guard maneuvers and others just couldn't make it around the track in time while flipping the pancake. Maybe it's me, but some of the tasks seem a bit more difficult this year.

Once teams get that task, they're told to travel by train to Oxford. They all head to Paddington Station and catch a train to Oxford. Once they arrive in Oxford they learn their next task. It's called Drop Back And Punt.

Again, this is another task that seems relatively simple on the surface but one that gives a lot of teams a whole lot of trouble. One team even has to do a redo because they punted backwards. So what exactly is punting? It's standing up on a flat-bottom boat and rowing it.

This is the task that helped The Amazing Race break new ground it's never broken in the last 25 years. One team actually has to result to public urination. When you gotta go, you gotta go. And sometimes you just can't hold your water. And that team was Shelley and Nici.

It's awful, but I'm not really sure which is which. That's just the way I am. If the team is a man and woman, I can tell which is why, but a same-sex team and I never can keep straight which is which. Whatever the case and whomever it was, I'm not sure if it was the daughter or the mother, one of them squats near the water and takes a leak. While nearby some young guys are wrinkling their noses in distaste and no doubt thinking, "Bloody vulgar Americans coming over here and taking a piss in our pond."

After that task was finished you had to go to Christchurch College where you were given a bowler and umbrella and told to tip their bowler. Inside the hat was the clue to where the next pit stop was. You also had a chance to go for an Express Pass.

Bethany and Adam headed to the Bear Inn to get the Express Pass and still had enough time to come in first. The other teams guessed that Bethany and Adam had gone for the Express Pass and didn't waste their time and headed directly to the pit stop.

This leg they weren't exactly told where the pit stop was. All they got was it was Winston Churchill's birth place and from that they had to figure out where it was located at.

Team's checked in as follows:

1. Bethany and Adam who not only got an Express Pass but a trip to Sweden, so these two are sitting pretty.

2. The Dentists aka Misti and Jim. Jimbo isn't winning any points with the viewers whining about being number two. Proclaiming number two is a loser's spot. Well, dude, I'd bet any of your competing team members would be glad to be number two.

3. Kym and Alli

4. Keith and Whitney

5. Tim and Te Jay

6. Michael and Scott

7. Brooke and Robbie

8. Amy and Maya

9. Shelley and Nici

10. Dennis and Isabelle -- who were eliminated.

Earlier, Dennis and Isabelle were going on about how they'd prepared for the race and the most prepared team there. They just couldn't believe they were the ones to get the boot. So I guess it shows that you can prepare all you like and it still won't insure that you'll make it to the end.

Meanwhile the daughter of Team PeePee was crying her eyes out in the taxi on the way to the pit stop over the idea she might come in last and be eliminated. Meanwhile, all I can think of is she must really stink and I'm surprised the cabbie even agreed to give them a ride. I mean, it's not like she pulled down her pants and relieved herself. She basically peed her pants. And it wasn't like she jumped in the water so the water could rinse the smell off a bit. She took a squat and peed her pants. Me, I think I'd have been in the backseat crying because I was sitting in my stinky wet pants and I was aware everyone could smell me and know I peed my pants. And you've got to think they urine must be chafing her. If she had actually gotten eliminated that might have stood as the worst elimination in the history of the show. Someone who peed their pants getting eliminated and having Phil smell you. Talk about embarrassing.

I still don't have a team I'm rooting for. A lot of the teams are kind of meh, this year. I guess if I were rooting for anyone it would probably be the Fire Fighters and Wrestlers. The Dentist Jimbo is just plain nasty. I will cry no tears when he goes.


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