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The Amazing Race -- A Marina Cruise And A Spin Around The Track

Updated on November 10, 2013

Will there be a non-elimination this leg of the race?

Original Airing: November 10, 2013

As this leg of the race begins, Nicole and Travis still have their Express Pass, and to the best of my knowledge none of the other teams are aware of this. They know Pinky and No Brain used their own Express Pass, but are still unaware they gave the Express Pass to Nicole and Travis. And we also had Jason and Amy calling out Pinky and No Brain for stealing their taxi on the check-in mat. With no non-elimination leg so far in this race, will this be the week the last place team will be given a second chance to stay in the race?

The first destination on the seventh leg of the race is Abu Dhabi. Once teams arrive there they will receive their next clue. Nicole and Travis are pumped because that was one of the places they wanted to go. The Afghanimals are also happy about the destination and feel like they’re almost going home. While The Blondes are hoping the Afghanimals will help them in Abu Dhabi. The Afghanimals get on a plane that will get there 10 minutes earlier than everyone else.

Everyone heads to the first destination where they’ll find their next clue. It’s a beautiful mosque. Irani Souk is the next destination. All the women have to cover their heads before they can enter the mosque. Nicole and Travis drop from first place to last.

Detour: Sort It Out or Sew It Up.

Sort it out – search through an enormous selection of dates and find the right ones to assemble an elaborate display platter.

Sew it up – requires teams to assemble a traditional fishing net.

The Afghanimals run into trouble at Sort It Out when they miss some of the tables with dates on it and can’t find the right dates that go on the platter. Meanwhile the overwhelming heat is really getting to the teams doing Sew It Up. Pinky is her usually obnoxious self at the Detour. Pinky and No Brains fighting is upsetting a lot of the other teams doing the date task.

Travis and Nicole run into trouble at the fishing net task as Travis keeps telling Nicole she’s doing it wrong. They talk about using their Express Pass to get through this task. Ultimately, they choose not to use it since they spent so much time working on the fishing net.

The Baseball Wives know where the other dates are but they won’t tell anyone so they’ll get a leg up on the other teams. The Baseball Wives secret date table is discovered by the Afghanimals who finish the task before the Baseball Wives when they find the right table, at last. It seems the Baseball Wives get instant karma for not sharing their info as they finish the date task last.

Al Bandar Marina is the next destination where teams have to take a luxury cruise. The Afghanimals noisily board a yacht and take their cruise.

They arrive in Yas Marina. It’s a Roadblock. A team member has to drop 200 feet and get in a race car taking a gut wrenching ride around the race track, noticing the name displayed there to get their next clue. There’s several signs with race car driver’s name and their times and you have to figure out which racer is the fastest and recite their time.

Jason had trouble remembering the number but eventually got it. While Travis got it on the first go round. The task ended up between The Blondes and The Baseball Wives. The Blondes burned off their lead when Ally went around the track several time and just couldn’t figure out what the correct sign was. Which is kind of a repeat from last week and the singing task coming down between the Oklahoma Boys and The Blondes. Will they be able to pull it off again to avoid elimination?

Yep, Ally managed to do it before Kim did. Now it’s a foot race to the pit stop. And The Blondes beat The Baseball Wives.

Go find Phil on the Champion’s Podium which is the pit stop on this leg of the race.

  1. Leo and Jamal and they win a trip to Paris, France.
  2. Jason and Amy they complain because they didn’t make number one again.
  3. Travis and Nicole are disappointed because they didn’t make number one again.
  4. Tim and Marie
  5. Ally and Ashley
  6. Nicky and Kim

I figured it would be a non-elimination leg, so Nicky and Kim are still in it. I have to say there were other teams I wish would have gotten the gift of a non-elimination before The Baseball Wives. Like Brandon and Adam. I’m not sure how they decide which leg will be a non-elimination leg.

One year it seemed like there was one non-elimination leg after another. But maybe viewers complained and this will be the only one. There’s only six teams left and generally the final involves three teams, so that makes three more eliminations. Doesn’t seem like they’ll be any more non-eliminations after this one. Especially if the show intends to wrap in a few weeks since we’re in November Sweeps.

I really don’t see The Blondes making it to the end. This is the second week in a row they narrowly escaped elimination. At some point they’re not going to be able pull it off. If Kim could have pulled it off on the first run around the track, The Blondes would have been in last place and having to face doing an extra task.

Miraculously, Travis and Nicole have hung on to the Express Pass. So they still have that edge over the other teams. However, I was kind of disgusted by both Jason and Amy and Travis and Nicole being all upset because they weren’t number one. How about being grateful that you’re still in the face. Although I have to say I think Leo and Jamal have gotten the best trip offered on this season of the race. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris.


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