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The Amazing Race -- Adventures in Malawi Continue

Updated on November 7, 2011

Double U-Turn Goes Electronic

The first task of the next leg of the race is to travel by bus to Salima.All the teams board the same bus, so it's game on.

The Double J's Justin and Jen haven't gotten much camera face-time, lately, but that all changes in this episode. Justin reveals he came out to Jen. And Justin doesn't jump down Jen's throat when she does something really stupid in The Road Block task.

Road Block -- After arriving in Salima, one team member must transport a passenger by bike taxi to their destination and return to give the payment to the bike master.

This task caused a few problems. The crank fell off Team Snowboarder's bike, but luckily some locals helped repair it. [Okay, confession time. I can't remember which Snowboarder is which. I know they don't look alike, but I just consider them like one person. Team Snowboarder.]

Larry and Sandy had problems to. They had a hard time finding their destination, so they decided to work together to get the task done.

Once Jen reaches her destination, she realizes Justin still has the clue. Instead of immediately riding back to where Justin is to find out what she has to do after delivering her passenger to his destination, she waits around, hoping another team will show up to show her their clue. Unfortunately, all the teams have already completed their tasks and are on to the next task.

I have no idea how long Jen just stood there waiting for another team to show up. It seemed like a long time. But she finally decides to ride back to Justin and get the clue, and this firmly puts them in last place. It had to be a long time, because Marcus and Amani had to do this slide puzzle as their speed bump and it took them a long time to get er done.

When I heard they had a speed bump, I thought that was an easy task. Only it didn't turn out that way. It looked like it was taking them forever to figure out how to get all the pieces in the right place.

Next up is a ...

Road Block -- Dug Out or Lug Out.

In Dug Out, teams have to get in a traditional dug out canoe and take part of in a race on Lake Malawi.

In Lug Out, teams must unload a cargo ship of passengers and cargo.

Most teams wisely choose Dug Out. Steering the canoe proves quite a task. But it's a lot better than Lug Out, which Marcus and Amani choose. Marcus had to carry passengers on his shoulders, while Amani had to carry the rest and she looked like she was about to drop.

Sandy feels disheartened when Team Grandparents zoom through the canoe task, while she and Jeremy struggle through it.

The next clue tells teams to go to the Jamaica Shop, which is a little out of the way place a lot of teams have a hard time finding. It's there a Double U-Turn awaits and teams have the opportunity to U-Turn someone.

The U-Turn board looks like it's been ungraded and it's gone electronic. I actually miss the old U-Turn board. If it aint broke don't fix it.

Joining Jen in the Homer Simpson slaps forehead and goes D'oh impersonation is Larry and Zac. Larry says they must U-Turn somebody. Now maybe I wasn't watching close enough, but I could have sworn they saw Marcus and Amani leaving the Jamaica Shop, so wouldn't odds say that means they're ahead of you, since both Detour tasks involved being out on Lake Malawi, not being at the Jamaica Shop? Not to Larry and Zac who try to U-Turn them, only since they're ahead of them, it was a totally wasted U-Turn.

Ernie and Cindy had so much trouble in the dug-out canoe, they decided to use the Express Pass they won in the first leg of the race. Unfortunately, it doesn't help them to come in number one.

The Snowboarders zip through the tasks and get into a foot race with Ernie and Cindy to be the first one on the welcome mat at the pit stop which is located at Sunbird Livingstonia Beach. At one point, Ernie and Cindy appeal to the Snowboarders to let them be first, but no dice. The Snowboarders have the right attitude. Dude, this is a race. The Snowboarders win $15,000 in prize money, this time.

The leader board is as follows:

1. The Snowboarders

2. Ernie and Cindy

3. The Grandparents

4. Amani and Marcus

5. Larry and Zac

6. Jeremy and Sandy

7. The Double J's who are eliminated.

Even before the Double J's arrived, I said they have to be eliminated. They can't have another non-elimination leg. They've had a lot this season. In some ways it's been too many. I'm just surprised that Phil didn't rib Larry and Zac about U-Turning the team that was in front of them.

Next week it's out of Africa.

Been thinking who I'd like to be the final three. The Snowboarders and the Grandparents immediately come to mind, along with Larry and Zac. They just make so many stupid ridiculous mistakes, not to mention I love Larry's accent. Speaking of Larry, I thought he looked a lot better physically this leg of the race, then he did on the previous leg.


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