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The Amazing Race All-Stars -- The Most Unchallenging Finale In The History Of This Show

Updated on May 30, 2014

He's how old!

Probably was the most exciting moment of the very boring finale was when in the recap Phil mentioned Dave was 58. My reaction to that was, "He's how old?" Most people shave a few years off their real age, they don't add a couple of years to their age. After the way that man kept going on about U-Turning a 60 year old man, I was livid.

I read an interview Phil gave in TV Guide where he pretty much blasts Dave for trying to use his age so much in the race. The interviewer seemed to suggest Dave was trying to get an advantage in the race because of his age. The fact he lied about his age kind of suggests that's exactly what he was doing. I guess we can see why Dave was so partial to the blondes. They used sex to get ahead in the race and Dave used his age.

The Blondes and Dave started in about Rachel and Brendon, again, too. Like I said, I think the producers told them to cool it, but since this was the last leg, what could you do? Besides, Rachel and Brendon decided to give Old Man Dave and the Bimbette Twins something to really complain about as they decided to play dirty. I don't know if they stole a cab from the Blondes like they whined, but Rachel apparently was throwing dirt in the hole Dave was digging. They just wanted the win too badly. They didn't deserve to win when they started playing dirty. They even tried to pay the Blondes cab to leave.

The final leg took place in Las Vegas. That was probably the most exciting thing about it. The final tasks seemed designed as Amazing Race For Dummies. Were the tasks dumbed down to accomodate the Blondes or so Dave wouldn't complain that they were too hard for someone of his advanced years, even though he's not as old as he's claiming to be? Considering this was an All-Star edition and these players were supposed to be the best of the best, making the tasks easier than they would be on a normal race finale was just so sad and pathetic.

There was no airplane drama as all the teams were on the same flight. Heck, there was no drama, at all. Then there were cars with drivers awaiting them so the Blondes wouldn't get lost on the way, this time. The show claimed they were mimicking someone being taken for a ride by a gangster. When they reached their destination they had to dig a hole and unearth a box. And even with this simplified task the Blondes had trouble. They didn't understand they were supposed to pry the box open and had trouble opening it when they arrived at the scene of a David Copperfield illusion they were to take part in.

You know, if you look at Dave as comic relief, it's almost tolerable and can give you a good laugh. Of course, Dave wouldn't do the David Copperfield illusion and made Connor do it, instead. In fact, there was quite an outcry over the fact that Dave was being allowed to shirk doing tasks when both team members were supposed to do an equal amount of tasks. Maybe the show gave Dave a senior discount on the tasks he had to do like seniors get to ride a bus cheaper than the regular adult fare, even though he was lying about how old he is.

Anyway, to drum up some fake drama in perhaps the most boring episode of the Amazing Race in the history of the show, they made it appear the team mate doing the task when up in flames and didn't escape in time. And there's Dave proclaiming, "You killed my boy." To that I responded, "Maybe you should have done the task, yourself." Of course, the fair-haired Connor was just fine.

Another controversy was Rachel and Brendon haters crying foul because the finale was taking place in Rachel's hometown, but strangely enough they weren't crying foul about the horrible cab driver they got that helped them to lose. No, that was karma. Of course, if Dave or the Blondes had gotten that driver, instead, they would be crying that the show was rigging it so Team Big Brother could win.

Vegas proved to be no advantage to Team Big Brother. Aside from the horrible cab driver, they also had Rachel on the team to screw things up like she did on the last leg. She's like an over-excited dog you need to keep on a tight leash or she'll just run in front of an oncoming car and get hit. Not to mention trying to bribe the Blondes cabbie to leave them. Of course, men do anything for the Blondes, so he refused. Guys, cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

This is exactly why I rooted for the Afghanimals to be in the finale instead. I knew either Rachel and Brendon would do something to screw things up and the fact they tried to cheat to win made there no team in the finale to truly root for to win. Rachel and Brendon had some rootability factor because of Dave and the Blondes targeting them earlier in the race, but when they tried to cheat there went that.

The next simple task was to go up on a scaffolding and screw in light bulbs to light one of the letters in the Mirage hotel sign and then say how many bulbs it takes to light the sign up. That was followed by going for a ride in a helicopter to spot some landmark and sky dive out to the finish line.

Someone spoiled who won an hour before the show began cause it aired earlier in Canada. I wanted to make sure they were telling the truth, so I watched long enough to see if Dave truly won. And he did. Connor forced the old boy to do the last task and I turned it off so I wouldn't have to see his gloating face as he won it all.

In short, the winner was the same as it has been for the last few legs: Dave and Connor.

To those quacking about how karma got Rachel and Brendon good, it karma was really at work neither Dave or the Blondes would have made the finale for their disgusting behavior. The finale would have been the Cowboys, Afghanimals and Big Brother. Sorry guys, on this race Karma was on vacation.

To the Amazing Race please don't do another All-Star season or if you do, pick better teams so you can have an exciting finale instead of the dumbed down slop you gave us with this finale.


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