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The Amazing Race All-Stars -- The Race to the Final Three

Updated on May 13, 2014

Did someone have a talk with Dave?

No, seriously, I think someone had a chat with Dave. Since I believe this show has already been filmed it can't be going on the Internet and seeing the stuff people are saying about him in regards to his behavior or someone from home telling him how he was coming off. So that leaves me to believer the producers sat down and showed Dave the clips of his most ugliest behavior and that snapped him out of it because he was ashamed of what he saw. I've always contended that someone should film someone high on drugs, cause if they ever saw the way they acted when they were on drugs, that would be the impetus they needed to not take them anymore.

After several weeks running of Dave yapping about Rachel and Brendon U-Turning him, their names never came out of his mouth once during the show. And after the Afghanimals betrayed him by not U-Turning Rachel and Brendon, you'd expect him to be on the warpath about that now. Instead, he's hugging on the Afghanimals saying since this is leading to the final three there should be no animosity. Since when has he thought of the race? No, someone definitely had a talk with him. He's back to putting on his fake nice guy act, again.

The Blondes were also keeping their mouth off Brendon and Rachel. But, fear not, Rachel is making up for that lack of drama by declaring how sick she is of the other teams leeching off of her greatness. Yeah, her greatness includes wanting to take off for the next destination without reading the clue to where the next destination is. Brendon caught her that time before it caused them any problems. Unfortunately, she makes another mistake and this time Brendon doesn't catch her. You know, you'd think after the gassing up the car fiasco and her not reading the clue correctly she'd read the clues more carefully, but apparently not. It's for that reason I started rooting for the Afghanimals to make it to the final three.

In the final leg you can't make mistakes like that and come in first. I thought the Afghanimals redeemed themselves by U-Turning the Cowboys instead of going along with Dave and his mob mentality. I also thought they were the only team that might be able to beat Dave in the finale.

The destination for this leg of the race was England. Teams were to take a flight to England and use a Ford Focus [which wasn't given away as a prize for coming in first, this time] to Liverpool. Then they were supposed to take part in a mock soccer game, having to score 4 goals against a goalie.

The Afghanimals got ahead of the pack and were number one when they arrived at the arena. Only they got a really tough goalie who blocked most of their shots. Rachel and Brendon haters were crying foul and saying the fix was in cause they seemed to get the goals in effortlessly and ignoring two facts: Brendon said back home he and Rachel play soccer and they were the only team kicking the balls to one side of the other so the goalie couldn't block them.

It wouldn't be an episode of the All-Stars without the blondes trying to butter up some man to help them and this time it was the goalie. Alternating between flirting and saying how mean he was being to them for blocking their kicks. At the end it looked like he didn't even try to block their kicks so they could finish the task and move on.

In won't say Dave and Connor kick the ball like a girl, because I'm a girl and I've got a killer kick on me. They were just awful. They couldn't kick the ball worth a darn. As a result they fell to last place.

The Roadblock brought back a flashback of the Afghanimals last race and their worst nightmare. On the last race they ended up getting eliminated because they had trouble reciting something in German. This leg you had to recite a poem in Welsh. And you had to do it with oomph. Both Leo [I think it was] and Connor had troubles with it, while Brendon and Rachel and the Blondes skated through that task and headed to the Detour. Connor recited it like a dead mackerel would and had to be told to do it with some oomph while Leo had trouble pronouncing the words.

Things only got worse for the Afghanimals after that. They got lost on the way to the Detour. Ironically, the thing that knocked the Cowboys out of the race happened to them, as well. Some were crying it was karma for U-Turning the Cowboys instead of Rachel and Brendon like they promised Bully Master Dave. Seriously, if anyone was going to get some karma for behaving badly it would have been Dave and he keeps coming in first.

At the Detour you had a choice of shooting clay pigeons and throwing Wellingtons [English boots] filled with water over a finish line. Dave and Connor and the Blondes chose the shooting task and [no shocker] the Blondes finished first. I thought those girls are from the country and you can't bet they know how to shoot.

At one point it looked like the Blondes would come in first, which make me sick to my stomach. Hilariously enough, Dave and Connor came in first because they didn't know which way to go, but figured the Blondes were going the wrong way so they went in the opposite direction of the Blondes and got to the pit stop first. They won another trip from Travelocity. I think to Fiji, this time.

Rachel and Brendon decided to do the Wellington task and I was screaming at my TV when the clue said to get a 9 or 11 and she gets size 10. It was at this point I was rooting for the Afghanimals to get to the pit stop before Big Brother because if you keep making stupid mistakes like that you don't deserve to be in the final three.

Of course, when the judge saw the boot size when they finished the task, Rachel had a meltdown when he said she did it wrong. She felt to her knees and started blubbering while Brendon yelled at her to get up and stop crying. Seriously, I've come to the realization he treats her like a dog. Whenever she does a task he's like, "Good girl. You can do it." So she won't fall to her knees, blubber and shut down. Then when the inevitable happens and she falls to her knees blubbering and not doing the task he yells at her, "Bad Girl! Stop your crying and get up and do it NOW!" And there's also the ever-present promise of a treat. "Rachel, if we win the race, you can have a baby."

Anyway, the Afghanimals finally got unlost and decided to do the shooting task, while Rachel and Brendon had to redo the boot challenge. Who would finish first and make it to the pit stop? Not the Afghanimals. Big Brother got there first, and the Afghanimals were eliminated on the exact same leg they got eliminated on last time.

So the final three are: Dave and Connor, the Blondes and Rachel and Brendon. Unless the tasks are something the Blondes can easily do, it seems to be a two-team race. However, one of those teams keeps screwing up, so it looks almost a certainty that Dave and Connor will win. While I find their behavior on the race reprehensible, going on their race performance they deserve to win it all.

The only team I'll be disgusted by if they win is the Blondes. They shouldn't even be in the final 3 when they're just such a horrible team that have gotten carried throughout most of this season.


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