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The Amazing Race All-Stars -- Tuk-Tuk Madness

Updated on March 31, 2014

It's a miracle no one got hurt

Okay, a Tuk-Tuk is this colorful three-wheeled car that people in Sri Lanka drive and they played a major role in this leg of the race. Meanwhile it's becoming a real dog fight between the racers as they fight to get to the Pit Stop mat, first.

The first destination of the night was the Dutch Museum. This was another one of those level the playing field moments as it didn't open to the next morning, meaning whatever time advantage you had from the last leg was completely wiped out and everyone was now starting at the same spot.

Once the museum opened racers learned that they had to travel by train to Alawa to the fueling station. So it was a race to the train station and everyone got on the train, meaning no one had gotten a lead over another one else, yet. Then it was another race to the fueling station.

Team Big Brother actually arrived first, but their claims they were going to get their act together and chew their competition to bits just wasn't going to happen in this leg of the race. You had to grab a colored card, and Rachel, of course, picked green, and then fuel up four Tuk-Tuks that had that colored card taped on the window, but Rachel thought she had to fuel up green cars instead. So she wasted a great deal of time and ticked off a lot of racers by hogging the gas filling station of which there were only two. She couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong until John decided to be a nice guy and tell her it's the card in the window, not the color of the car.

On a side note, she either packed copies of the same green outfit she's been wearing since the start of the race or that outfit must be starting to stink. I'm hoping she packed multiple copies of that ugly green outfit, cause I wouldn't want to be traveling with her otherwise.

Anyway, because of Rachel's faux pas, she and Brendon were last with the Country Bumpkins upset they made it to the next train taking them to an Elephant Park. To be fair, all the racers were hoping they'd miss the train, probably because of her hogging the gas, but the Country Bumpkins are always wishing bad stuff on Team Big Brother.

Let me be clear, the team I want most eliminated next is the Country Bumpkins. If the Cowboys hadn't given them the Express Pass these two sour blondes wouldn't even still be in the race. Unfortunately, I won't get my wish this leg as it turns out to be another non-elimination. It's terrible, but even as annoying as I found them, I'd rather have the Twinnies still in this than the Country Bumpkins.

Anyway, at the Elephant Park you had a choice of two tasks called Trunk or Sheets. You know, if they wanted to rhyme it they could have called the second task Stunk as it involved messing around with elephant feces.

The Trunk task involved attaching a chain to a heavy log [in the right way] and having the elephant carry the log to an awaiting truck. You had to do that three times, as well as carry three logs to the truck yourself. I ended up feeling sorry for the elephants. I suppose it's better than a zoo, but they're still not free. The elephants looked kind of sad.

Since there were only four chains available to do the elephant task The Country Bumpkins, Trotters and Big Brother had to go play with elephant feces. In Sheets you have to fill a wheel barrel full of elephant dung and take it to a barrel and mix it with paper scraps. This is how paper is made in Sri Lanka. Then you take the mush and apply it to a piece of cloth and then set it out to dry.

All three teams couldn't recall you needed to press the paper down when making it and the quality inspector there kept telling them it didn't pass inspection. Once they finally figured out what they were doing wrong it seemed to go pretty fast.

Next it was off to see a Wiseman you needed to listen for since he was playing a flute-like instrument. You had to climb up on his perch and listen to him play then he gave you the final clue to where the Pit Stop was this leg of the race. It was on the beach at the Mount Lavinia Motel [or Hotel] Beach.

It was a miracle during the fueling task someone didn't get hit by a Tuk-Tuk. Racers were directing Tuk-Tuk's hear and there, running in front of them and even trying to physically move them. Then they got into wild Tuk-Tuk races to get to train stations or the Elephant Park, that it made you antsy just watching it at home on TV. Finally, the racers raced each other in taxis.

The Afghanimals got obsessed with beating the Cowboys to the Pit Stop. They even started calling it the Cowboys vs. the Indians complete with their wild Indian-like yelling. They even got into a foot race with the Cowboys and managed to beat them to the mat. They've decided they've been too nice on this race and need to get back to the way they were on the previous race.

Dave and Connor also got into a taxi race with the Trotters. Somehow they may have done something to trick the Trotters into taking the wrong turn to the Pit Stop. I'm not sure what they did exactly but I saw someone online crying foul at what the Mormons did to the Trotters. Seriously, as low as some of the stuff the Trotters did on previous legs I just call it a little divine justice. I still remember them bulling Kent and Vyxsen during a task and if memory serves they were also in the plot to sand bag the Cowboys which lead to their elimination from the race, last time.

When Dave and Connor arrived at the Pit Stop they got into a foot race with John and Jessica and surprise surprise, John and Jessica won.

Thanks to the Trotters wrong turn, it allowed Team Big Brother to get ahead of them and even with the wrong turn the Trotters made it to the Pit Stop before the Country Bumpkins did. Only Phil had to ruin it by saying it was a non-elimination leg, so the Bumpkins live to pout that Team Big Brother hasn't been eliminated yet.

The teams checked in as followed:

1. Leo and Jamal, who won a trip to Berlin, Germany.

2. Jet and Cord

3. John and Jessica

4. Dave and Connor

5. Rachel and Brendon

6. Flight Time and Big Easy

7. Jennifer and Caroline -- non-elimination

Apparently the show won't be one for two weeks because of the Country Music Awards. See you in two weeks.


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