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The Amazing Race All-Stars -- Week Four

Updated on March 17, 2014

Rachel helps Margie and Luke to her own detriment

I've been sick with that nasty bug going around and it took me til now to feel up to start blogging again. As a result, I'm four weeks behind The Amazing Race All Stars #2 I think.

I have to admit some of the All Stars wouldn't have been my choice to invite back. Like Margie and Luke. Although it was highly entertaining watching the Twinnies and Afghanimals go at it for one task. And it was a sense of delight that the Twinnies got eliminated first.

One team I was really excited about was Mike and Bopper. It was too bad Bopper got an inflamed pancreas which prevented him from going on the race, since he seemed to have a real love for it. Mark was allowed to continue with another team mate, Mallory, who I don't really remember, unfortunately the pairing didn't strike gold as Mark and Mallory got eliminated on the second leg of the race.

Another team I wouldn't have picked to return were the You Tubers -- Joey and Meghan. Thankfully, they got eliminated on the third leg. I don't think in any way, shape or form I would describe them as All Stars.

I like the Cowboys, and hated all the other teams teaming up against them to get them eliminated last time, but this really needs to be the last time they bring them back. It's like Survivor and bringing back Boston Rob until he finally won. They're doing hot and cold so it's a big question if they'll win, this time.

The team I'm actually rooting for now that Bopper got eliminated is Dave and Connor. This is another team that had to quit because of an injury and they went out as number one. I think I'd like to see them win. All the other teams had a fair chance so it's hard to root for any of them.

Anyway, on this leg of the race teams had to head from Malaysian Borneo and head to Kuala Lumpur. There were three flights teams could take. but a delay in the second flight had it arriving around the same time as the third plane arrived. The Cowboys, Afghanimals and Dave and Connor made the first flight.

The first task of the evening was to jump on a bamboo trampoline while a group of people lifted it up so you could try and grab a flag from up above. It was actually harder than it looked, but the Afghanimals got it on the first try while I think it took the Cowboys 47 times to get the flag.
Jessica really messed up her feet while she was doing the task and left with them bloodied and blistered. If she doesn't take careful care of her feet she and John may find themselves eliminated because of injury.

The Afghanimals and team Big Brother turned out to be the good guys on this leg of the race, as the Afghanimals helped direct another team, revealing they decided not to be lying and manipulative like they were on the last race cause they don't want to be Double U-Turned, this time. And when Luke had a temper tantrum when he couldn't do a task, it was Rachel of team Big Brother that actually got him to calm down and enabled him to do the task, which ended up screwing herself over. One piece of personal info from Rachel had me turning my stomach was apparently Brendon told Rachel if they win the race they can have babies. I'm not sure if the world is ready for a Brenchel baby.

The last task was to go to Petronas Twin Towers and go to the Sky Party to either play disc jockey by scratching 7 tunes on a turntable or pouring a pyramid of drinks into separate glasses without getting any of the drinks mixed together.

The drink task was pretty nasty. The drinks were of different color liquors and you had to stack them together then try to pour each drink into the glasses stacked up. The Cowboys finally managed to do it, but it took them a lot of trial and errors. Because Luke is deaf he wasn't able to do the disc jockey task so her and Margie were forced to do the drink task, and in predictable Luke form he smashed all the glasses, and Margie made him clean them up. After encouragement by Rachel, he finally was able to do it. And Brendon also finally was able to do it, but it put team Big Brother in last place.

The Afghanimals tried the drinks tasks at first, but wisely switched to the record scratching task. They didn't think they'd be able to do it, but realized you just had to get into the beat of the music to do it and got through it. The Globetrotters seemed to be the team that had the most trouble with this task.

After finishing this task teams were directed to the Batu Caves where the next Pit Stop was located and checked in as follows:

1. The Cowboys who won a trip to London.

2. Dave and Connor

3. The Afghanimals

4. The Blondes

5. John and Jessica

6. The Globetrotters

7. Margie and Luke

8. Team Big Brother

Rachel was all ready to be eliminated and she was taking it with class and just glad that if it was the end they would go out the right way this time. I don't know if Brendon has matured any, but she seems to have changed for the better despite her horrible fascination with green attire. Only Phil had a nice surprise for the team and told them it was a non-elimination. That means next week they'll have to do a Speed Dump. Let's also hope there isn't a Double U-Turn, since I think that's what happened on the last race.

In retrospect, I think I might have enjoyed this season more if it was new teams. As I said at the beginning, a lot of these teams aren't what you'd call All Stars. It is nice though to see Rachel and the Afghanimals taking their second chance at the race to behave better than they did last time.


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