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The Amazing Race -- Bali, Monkeys and Surfboards

Updated on March 12, 2013

A very ironic elimination

Original Airing: March 10, 2013

The race picked up where it left off: would Dave and Connor or wouldn’t they continue with the race as Phil held out their next clue. The answer was they’d keep racing. Their next destination is Bali, Indonesia.

Upon arriving in Bali, teams have to make their way to the Monkey Forest where they have to get a monkey to open a coconut for you and inside the coconut will be the next destination of the race. It wasn’t as easy at it seemed. There were tourists in the area making the monkeys skittish.

The next clue led to a Detour:

Sandy Bottom – you have to collect sand from the river and transport it uphill to brick maker.


Fruity Top – where you had to recreate a religious offering of fruit and carry it to a temple.

Fruity Top proved to be John and Jessica’s Waterloo. They just couldn’t get the fruit offering right. Unfortunately, instead of using the Express Pass they decided to go and do Sandy Bottom instead.

After that teams were directed to Uluwatu Beach to a surf shop where you had to find a surfboard with the right emblem on it and go to check in to the Pit Stop. If your surfboard didn’t have the right emblem on it, you had to go back to the surf shop. A lot of teams had to go back to the surf shop.

What followed was a very ironic elimination. John and Jessica wouldn’t use the Express Pass on the last task, either, and John couldn’t figure out which board had the right emblem. He kept at it well after all the teams had checked in and it had grown dark. He finally found the right one and checked in. All Phil could say after they were officially eliminated was, “Oy vey.”

I guess you could say Dave and Connor and John and Jessica were a study in when to use the Express Pass and when not to hold on to it for another day. Dave and Connor knew they couldn’t do either tasks, especially with Dave’s lame foot, so they used it and came in first place. However, if John and Jessica used it on the Fruity Top task, would it have made any difference considering how much trouble John had with the surfboard task? The only way the Express Pass could have saved them was if John and Jessica had done the Sandy Bottom task first and used the Express Pass on the surfboard task.

Although, you have to admire the irony in the whole thing John and Jessica were kind of celebrating the fact that Dave had had the foot injury and figured they’d be out of it sooner rather than later. Yet Dave and Connor are still in it, thanks to the Express Pass given to them by John and Jessica, while John and Jessica are gone.

Racers checked in as follows:

1. Dave and Connor who both won $5,000 for coming in first.
2. Pam and Winnie
3. Max and Katie
4. The Country Singers
5. Joey and Meghan
6. Mona and Beth
7. Bates and Anthony
8. Chuck and Wynona
9. John and Jessica – eliminated.


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