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The Amazing Race -- Belgium or Bust

Updated on November 28, 2011

The Grandparents Waterloo

I don't think I can express how much I can't stand that number one obsessed dingbat Cindy. I started screaming at that cow when she was whining about how she won't get to be number one, again, and I scared my poor cat. He was asleep and I woke him up and he came into my bedroom, barely able to keep his green eyes open, looking at me and I could read what he wasn't saying, "Why the heck were you screaming? You woke me up!" Anyway, I apologized to him and started pointing and sputtering at the TV and started screaming again, and he flopped down on the floor by my bed and just let me carry on like a deranged banshee. I have never seen anyone use a U-Turn just so they could be number one, they only do it so they don't get eliminated. And I was hoping karma would get her back in the form of her ending up last after U-Turning The Grandparents just so she could be first. Alas, karma was on vacation, last night, and that noxious cretin is still in the race.

The muscle man pose down really proved to be The Grandparents Waterloo. They never recovered from it and kept trying to catch up, but they never made it. It also looked like they got lost. I was hoping they would have been in the finals. Aside from Cathi not wanting to pay the guy that moved their bed, they were pretty positive racers. I don't think they ever got snippy or nasty with each other during a task. If Amazing Race does another all-stars, I hope they bring back Bill and Cathi. they were great.

I have to tell you I used to think I was a pretty good speller, but thanks to Amazing Race, I acknowledge I suck at it. They flash the name on the screen of a destination and I have to hope I spell it right.

Anyway, the Snowboarders and Grandparents finally complete the muscle pose down, but the Grandparents are dead last, there is no leg that allows all the racers to have an even playing field, and they're playing catch-up for the entire episode.

The first destination on the continuation of this leg is to drive to Gent and find your clue at the Burgstraat. Anyway, it's a Detour.

Detour -- Water or Waffles.

In Waffles you have to assemble a waffle stand and then make Belgium waffles and decorate them identically to the ones in the professional display case, and if you have one strawberry out of place the judge won't give you your clue to the next destination.

In Water you have to build a raft from the materials provided and paddle around in the water to find two halves of a clue that will direct them to their next destination.

In a Detour there's usually one task that's easier than the other and the raft one was actually easier and less time-consuming.

Next destination is the Ford Proving Ground, although I wondered if it was spelled the Fjord Proving Ground. It was actually a place where Ford Mustangs are tested. All the boys in the boy/girl teams wanted to go play with the Mustang. I really don't think I could have passed that obstacle course.

You had to do three things: First go 100 miles per hour. Highest I've ever driven was 75. Then you had to go through an obstacle course of orange cones without knocking them down, at a good speed and to be able to come to a controlled stop without bumping into the back of what looked like a balloon car. Ernie had to do it several times before he passed. Last you had to do a victory doughnut. To say the boys had fun driving the cars. One of the Snowboards was jealous of the other because he got to do the task since he's a big car enthusiast. It's terrible, but I just think of them as a cohesive unit I can never remember their names. I know one is named Tommy. But which one is Tommy. The one with the beard or the one without the beard. The one with the beard was the one who was upset that he didn't get to do the task. Then he started talking about God and asking for forgiveness for his jealous and envy.

From there racers headed to De Muur to participate in some pigeon racing. I thought this was a rather cool and fun task, although I doubt the racers would have agreed with me. Racers release a coop of homing pigeons and are given an address to where the pigeons have flown to get their next clue. When they arrive at their destination, their handed a pigeon and on its leg is a picture of where the pit stop is.

It's a picture of something called the Atomium. It's located in Brussels. I think it's supposed to be a life-sized sculpture of an atom.

1. The Snowboarders and the Bearded Snowboarder is happy to discover that both of them won a Ford Mustang, so he'll get the chance to drive his own Ford Mustang.

2. Jeremy and Sandy

3. Is Miss But I Wanna Be Number One and Ernie. No prize for you.

4. Marcus and Amani


5th and eliminated is, I'm sad to say, The Grandparents. Still hoping Miss But I Wanna Be Number One is eliminated next week.


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