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The Amazing Race -- Dancing In Denmark

Updated on November 14, 2011

Will Cindy's Zeal To Be First Come Back To Haunt Her?

Teams learn their next destination in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the clue they're told that if they can find an earlier fight than the one listed, they can take it. Larry and Zac manage to get to Copenhagen first by taking a flight to London, first. The other four teams also find earlier flights. The only team that doesn't even try to find an earlier flight if Marcus and Amani who arrive in Denmark last.

Waiting at the airport for them is a Ford Focus that's a manual. A MANUAL! What is this? Some new kind of torture? If it were me, there would be no way I could drive that car. None of the teams, thankfully, seem to have much trouble driving a manual. They drive to the bell tower they've been instructed to drive to for their next clue.

Instead of finding a clue box, the clue to their next destination is on a flag and a banner. Jeremy and Sandy don't see the banner and end up going to a restaurant and have to go back to the bell tower to reread the clue. Everyone else heads to Fredrikburg Slot [Again pardon the spelling] with the exception of Marcus and Amani who are way behind.

Roadblock -- a team member must perform three routines of a renaissance dance dressed in costume.

Most of the teams don't have too much a problem doing it, but Zac has major problems. I have to give kudos to Larry for not yelling and screaming at Zac and being very calm and supportive. Of course, he kind of ruins it later when he claims he could have done it better since that's what he's good at.

The next stop is Frilanmusett. And to think I thought being in Denmark the spelling would get easier.

Detour --

All Hopped Up -- Teams must assemble a steeple chase type of race run and then successfully get their rabbit of choice to jump over the hurdles without knocking anything down twice.

All Churned Out -- Teams must churn and make 6 slabs of butter.

Most teams choose the butter.

Once they finish the task they're directed to a windmill where another Double U-Turn is waiting. I was kind of disappointed that there was two of them in a row. I really think there's been too many Non-Elimination legs and Double U-Turns this seasons.

Anyway, Cindy who is obsessed with being number one uses it to U-Turn the Grandparents because she doesn't want them beating her to the finish line the way the Snowboarders did, last week. Her reasoning for using the U-Turn kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. Who cares if you're number one. All that should matter is your not last. Hopefully, next time she's dead last and is eliminated. I think her reason for using the U-Turn was pretty lousy. She knew when she arrived at the pit stop she was in no danger of being eliminated, and she used it just so she could be number one.

When the Grandparents find out they've been U-Turned they in turn U-Turn Larry and Zac. They know that Zac was having problems with the dance and figure they have to be behind them. Of course, when Larry finds out he has a fit. You did the same thing, Larry, only they were smart enough to pick a team that was behind them, not in front of them.

Even though they arrived last in Denmark, Marcus and Amani manage to catch-up and it comes down to Larry and Zac vs. Jeremy and Sandy. Larry and Zac actually finish both tasks before Jeremy and Sandy do, so you expect them to beat Jeremy and Sandy to the pitstop, but Larry gets lost on the way and he and Zac end up being eliminated. Even if the Grandparents hadn't U-Turned them, I don't think the outcome would be any different. They lost because they got lost.

On a nice personal interest note we found out that Bill and Cathi met when they were 12 and 13. After dating for a few years they got married and have been married ever since. See, true love does still exist and not everyone who marries young ends up in divorce.

The racing standings are as follows:

1. Ernie and Cindy who won a trip to Fiji.

2. The Grandparents

3. The Snowboarders

4. Marcus and Amani

5. Jeremy and Sandy

6. Larry and Zac who were eliminated.


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