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The Amazing Race -- Dave's Gonna Be Mad!

Updated on May 7, 2014

The Bully Alliance Crumbles

The race moved to Spain but Dave was still stuck back on the leg he got himself U-Turned on. However, instead of acting like a spoiled two year old brat, he was now the lecturing holy man. Rachel and Brendon had used the U-Turn in an inappropriate manner and thus must be removed from the race. And he was sure either the Afghanimals or Cowboys would do it for him and get justice for him. My response to that was, "Who died and left you boss?"

Meanwhile the Cowboys were vowing they were going to stay out of the Dave Drama. Unfortunately, they got lost again and missed the first flight. They had to take the same flight as Rachel and Brendon and the Blondes and the Blondes wasted no time cosying up to the Cowboys to convince them why they had to U-Turn Rachel and Brendon if they got a chance. Rachel even commented that she saw them wink at the Cowboys like they had a deal. But we never found out if the Blondes had skanked the Cowboys into doing their bidding for them, because the Bully Alliance imploded in ways that just might make Dear Dave's head explode when he finds out.

The first task in Seville was to shave a balloon in a minute as the Barber of Seville serenaded you. If you didn't do it in a minute, you got your balloon popped. Once again, Dave didn't do the task, even though it was easy, considering him yapping about his age. He also must have more experience shaving himself than his peach-fuzz son does. He should have done the last two easy tasks, cause he maybe stuck doing a physical task that will knock him out of the game. Once again, the man isn't thinking strategically and doesn't seem to have his eye on the million dollar prize.

Ironically, there was a dead-heat between The Blondes, Cowboys and Big Brother and Rachel finished first. The fact that Rachel and Brendon was ahead of them was something that should have remained firmly entrenched in the blondes brains. Or they wouldn't have looked stupid in what they did later in the game.

After the Barber of Seville task, the Blondes got to do their Speed Bump, which was pretty darned easy. All they had to do was deliver a ham.

It was around this time you really got the feeling this was the end of the road for the Cowboys. They got lost on the way to the airport and then they walked by the next clue box without even seeing it. And when they finally found it they picked the wrong task to do. They really started crashing and burning the last two legs, and I have to wonder if all the negativity that Dave and his team of bullies bought to the race didn't somehow effect them negatively. They wanted to stay out of the mess, but the grasping Blondes tried to suck them into the vortex by getting them to agree to U-Turn Rachel and Brendon.

The task most teams chose to do was the Running of the Bulls. It was a mean and vicious task. You had to where this bubble bull head and spot the words to a phrase you had to say to get your next clue. What made it so mean and vicious was the other bubble bulls kept making bull sounds and ramming into you. Both Dave and Rachel were driven to beg for mercy by yelling: Dave: I'm old. I'm old. And Rachel: I'm a girl. But it made no matter to the bubble bulls.

Dave and Connor managed to keep their first place position, but were unable to U-Turn Rachel and Brendon to get their revenge cause they already had used theirs on The Afghanimals. They counted on the Afghanimals to avenge their honor. Unfortunately for them, they counted on the wrong team. One of the Afghanimals injured their knee when one of the bulls knocked them to the ground. So that caused them to decide to play for themselves and take out who they perceived was the biggest threat and that was The Cowboys.

Needless to say, Rachel and Brendon were shocked to find the Cowboys had been U-Turned instead of them. They'd been prepared and expecting to be U-Turned by the Afghanimals. And somehow, I don't know how they did it, they even managed to get ahead of the Afghanimals and checked in the pit stop as number 2. It seems that the knee injury must have really slowed them down to let Team Big Brother to get ahead of them.

After the Blondes did the other task was to learn the flamingo dance [how I would have enjoyed watching those two get banged around] their little worlds was rocked to see the Afghanimals betrayed their alliance and U-Turned The Cowboys instead. So in a last desperate attempt to get Rachel and Brendon out of the race, they U-Turned, completely forgetting the fact that Rachel was ahead of them with the Barber of Seville task and they also lost more time having to do their Speed Bump. Of course, the most hypocritical thing out of these two mealy-mouthed man magnets was them claiming it was nothing personal. Yeah, that's why you were rubbing up against and flirting with the married Cowboys to get them to U-Turn Rachel and Brendon, cause it's nothing personal. Well, these two nitwits weren't yapping about being in the Accidental Alliance, which was no more at this point, at least. Maybe they could rename their alliance The Fakes as both the Blondes and Dave put on this fake nice front that's as fake and phony as a three dollar bill.

Unfortunately, that meant the Cowboys were out of it and possibly the worst team to ever race on the show, the Blondes, made it into the top four.

Teams checked in as follows:

1. Dave and Connor who won a trip to St. Croix.

2. Rachel and Brendon

3. Leo and Jamal

4. Caroline and Jennifer

5. The Cowboys -- eliminated --

Of course the big question remains on what Dave will do when he learns all his grand schemes to get Rachel and Brendon eliminated for daring to U-Turn him are now nothing but ashes at his feet. Since the Afghanimals were part of his Bully Alliance will he start carrying on about how they BEE-TRAYED him? Or will the fact he's just two legs from the finish get him to finally let it go? Guess we'll find out next week.


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