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The Amazing Race -- Dune Buggies And A Wild Rapid Ride

Updated on November 18, 2013

Pinky and No Brain pull another dirty trick

Original Airing: November 17, 2013

So the Baseball Wives will be facing an extra task this leg for being last place, last week. I wonder if last week’s non-elimination will be the only one this race. We went pretty far before there was even one. Maybe viewers complained about there being too many the last race? I’m not sure it was the last race, but I started thinking there were too many, myself. One of the reasons The Amazing Race still stays fresh after all these seasons is it figures out what’s bringing the show down and corrects it. Like when several seasons all these models were coming on the race to get noticed. Now models barely make it on the race these days.

Abu Dhabi’s race track is where the leg begins and the first task is the Viking Coin Puzzle [coins they picked up in Norway] that will unlock a code to unlock the Ford SUV they’ll be using this leg of the race. Once they unscramble the puzzle and drive to the dunes for their next clue.

Apparently this leg will be featuring another U-Turn. Tim and Marie are worried Jason and Amy may use it on them. Nicole and Travis thinking of U-Turning Jamal and Leo. Jamal and Leo can’t U-Turn anyone this leg because they’re already U-Turned someone.

Dune buggies wait in the desert for the teams. They have to follow the flags into the desert to find their next clue. Nicole and Travis get stuck in the sand, but manage to unstuck themselves relatively fast to stay on the Afghanimals butts. Al Ain Oasis is the next destination. Nicky and Kim also get stuck in the sand. The Blondes literally kick dirt in the Baseball Wives’ faces as they pass them by.

Travis and Nicole actually beat the Afghanimals to the clue, first.

Al Jahil Fort is where they’re supposed to go after the Detour. Nicole and Travis use the Express Pass to skip through the detour and arrive at the U-Turn, first. They U-Turn the Afghanimals for lying about using the U-Turn on Adam and Brandon. It’s a Double U-Turn, so another team can be U-Turned. At the pit stop they reiterate they U-Turned the Afghanimals for being liars, as they feel they’ve played an honest race and are offended by the way the Afghanimals are playing it.

Detour – Wedding Guests. They must collect the ingredients, prepare them and deliver it to the wedding guests.

Beauty Contests – is a camel beauty contest. You have to pick the right camel that has the features that will make him be considered beautiful and then you have to dress him up to be judged.

Apparently the camel is not a fan of Pinky and No Brain as he kicks Tim while he and Marie are dressing up. Their camel gets rejected at judging and they go back to get a new camel. When they pick a blond camel they make it through the task. Tim and Marie, however, can’t find their next destination.

They even arrive at the Wedding task and when Leo and Jamal see that they’re done they decide to switch, not realizing that they’ve been U-Turned and have to do both tasks, anyway. They call Travis and Nicole losers for U-Turning them when they find out, forgetting they’ve done the same thing themselves, and lied about it.

Jason and Amy’s camel won’t stand-up and even rolls around in the sand. They have to pick another camel, too. It’s more calmer than the other one and they complete the task. Jason and Amy see Pinky and No Brain running around like two chickens with their heads cut off still not being able to find the right tower where the Double U-Turn is and where directions to the next destination are.

Marie, of course, blames Tim for not finding the tower and says she’d like to punch him in the face. Then they U-Turn the Baseball Wives for some incident their holding a grudge over that happened at the airport. Yet they think Jason and Amy should get over them stealing their cab. It’s pretty low class of them considering they know the Baseball Wives also have to do a Speed Bump, too.

The Baseball Wives actually get through the camel task on the first try. Unfortunately, they still have to do a Speed Bump and they’re in last place. However, the Blondes get lost on the way to the Road Block so it could end up being a replay of last week with the Baseball Wives vs. The Blondes to the pit stop.

Wadi Adventure is the Road Block. You have to navigate the largest man-made rapids. On the course you have to capture three flags to complete the Road Block. Nicole can’t grab the flags on her first run of the rapids. Nicole has to go through the rapids twice. Both Jason and Tim breathe through it on their first try. Well, they also happen to be a lot taller than Nicole and height is a big advantage in this task.

The Speed Bump is to dive in a wave. They waste time climbing out of the water up a rope ladder.

Jebel Hafeet is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Apparently the road to the pit stop has a lot of twist and turns.

  1. Nicole and Travis – they get any vehicle in Ford’s line-up
  2. Jason and Amy
  3. Tim and Marie – Marie declares the Baseball Wives don’t deserve to survive another leg because they screwed them over in the airport. But she thinks stealing other team mates’ cabs makes her worthy to remain on the race, apparently.
  4. Leo and Jamal
  5. Ally and Ashley
  6. Kim and Nicky – eliminated

The really had no chance once they got U-Turned. May Pinky and No Brain be the next to go, as Pinky is the most disgusting racer on this race.


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