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The Amazing Race -- Express Passes And The Doubte U Turn

Updated on October 27, 2013

Polkas and Poses and Rose Pastries

Original Airing: October 27, 2013

As we pick up where we left off there is no rest-stop on the previous leg of the race and once racers check into the pit stop they have to continue racing. So far only one team has managed to check in. Will the Mountain Men be able to keep that lead? And will Nicole and Travis succeed in prying that Express Pass from Marie’s tight grip in exchange for telling her just where the pit stop is? And let’s not forget that a Double U-Turn is coming up that could change everything.

Marie has to give up the Express Pass to find out where the pit stop is but she’s mad about it. No longer will she be able to hold it over the other teams heads like an anvil. Her little power trip is over.

Brandon and Adam on their way to pick up a boat. They’ve been racing for thirty hours. From the boat they’re to fly to Poland and head to Solidarity Square. Since the boat doesn’t leave to 8:30 pm all the teams will be able to catch up to them.

Even though Nicky and Kim are the last team to arrive they don’t get eliminated because they’re still racing.

Nicole and Travis and Marie and Tim agree to keep it quiet that Marie gave Nicole and Travis the Express Pass. Nicole and Travis don’t want a target on their back and Marie still wants to use it against the other teams.

The Oklahoma Boys are talking about using the Double U-Turn. They were actually talking about it before they heard one was coming up.

Teams must travel by taxi to the Golden Gate to get their next clue.

Detour: Pose or Polka

Pose – copy the pose of a statue of Neptune and get donations from passersby.

Polka – learn the polka in full costume.

While the Oklahoma Boys find trouble finding the Golden Gate the other teams have some problems locating it.

Tim and Marie, the Cousins and the Blondes having a hard time even finding Solidarity Square.

The Oklahoma Boys fighting over who has to dress in the female costume. Unfortunately, the Oklahoma Boys are terrible dancers and the polka dancers get a good laugh at watching them.

Next they have to find Medieval Harbor Crane in the costume they’re wearing. That’s where the U Turn is waiting. Jason and Amy don’t U Turn anyone and have to make their way to the longest apartment building.

Brandon and Adam start with the posing task but when they’re not making enough money they head to the polka task.

Tim and Marie decide to use their Express Pass so they don’t have to do Pose or Polka and get U-Turned. Tim wanted to U Turn Travis and Nicole but Marie said they’re weren’t U Turning anyone. The Baseball Wives decide not to U Turn anyone, either.

The Oklahoma Boys are deciding who to U Turn as Travis and Nicole try desperately to make it there before getting U Turned. They U Turn Leo and Jamal. Nicole and Travis don’t U Turn anyone.

It is an extremely long building as Jason and Amy look for the clue box. Roadblock.

Who Has A Sweet Tooth – you have to visit 12 addresses and find the right pastry. Something referred to as a Rose Pastry. While the first few pastries taste good, after having to eat 12 you’re going to get sick of it. The clue warns to be polite and use good manners. Was that aimed at Miss Marie?

The Cousins decide to U Turn Brandon and Adam. Which means they have to go back to the statue task. Does that mean they get to use the money they initially made in that task when they tried it earlier? It could possibly backfire on The Cousins.

Travis helps Amy and Marie find the right apartment with the Rose Pastry.

Now you need to go to Sopot Pier and search for Phil which is the pitstop.

The Cousins are able to make it through the pose task fast. So it seems that Brandon and Adam may be screwed when they were initially in first place. No one is donating to Adam and Brandon while The Cousins were able to work the crowd and make the money fast.

1. Tim and Marie win a trip for two to Hawaii.

2. Jason and Amy

3. Nicole and Travis

4. Nicky and Kim

5. Tim and Danny

6. Leo and Jamal

7. Ally and Ashley

8. Brandon and Adam and they’ve been eliminated.

This is why I hate the Double U Turns. You can run a race and not make any mistakes and if someone U Turns you it can cause to be eliminated. It’s really sad that this wasn’t a non-elimination leg, because Brandon and Adam really deserved a second chance. They were actually my favorite team on the race and I was hoping they’d win it.

So as things stand Nicole and Travis still have their Express Pass, while Marie and Tim had to use theirs. In retrospect, Marie may regret not doing what Tim wanted and U-Turning Travis and Nicole. There’s also the possibility of a Fast Forward, which I don’t believe has been used this season, so far.

We now have 7 teams and we haven’t had a non-elimination leg, so far. So one should be coming up pretty soon. Of the remaining teams, I’m not sure who has what it takes to make it to the top three. I guess the one team I hope doesn’t make it is Marie and Tim. It’s pretty bad when they have to put in a clue to be nice to locals helping with the task and I really think it’s because of her.

But who do I want to win? There’s kind of none of the teams left I’m even rooting for. Maybe that will change during the final weeks of the race.


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