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The Amazing Race Finale -- I Think I'm Gonna Puke

Updated on December 13, 2011

Yes, the cretinous toads won. As soon as I saw that yellow t-shirt coming towards the finish line, I switched the channel. I had no desire to see those two win after their trash talking about their competitors earlier in the episode. We're the A+ students and their the C students.

How many times did it take Mr. A+ Ernie to get through the Mustang driving task. And would these two bozos even be in the finals if Jeremy and Sandy's [who figured out the clue, correctly] cabbie to tell their cabbie the correct destination?

The final destination was Atlanta, Georgia. The first task was to successfully land a flight simulator. This proved to be Marcus and Amani's Waterloo. Marcus could just not land the flight simulator correctly. And because that it pretty much became a two team race.

The next stop was to find a former residence called The Dump. This proved to be Jeremy and Sandy's undoing. They went to a Depot Square called The Dump, when it was really the former residence of Margaret Mitchell. It took them awhile to figure that out, which allowed The Yellow Shirt and her equally mealy-mouthed partner to get the lead.

Even struggling with the task to type out their next clue when there was no 1 on the typewriter and you have to type an l instead, didn't really erode their lead. And they just whizzed through the map task of pinning a rope on a giant billboard map of all the countries they traveled to, while Jeremy and Sandy missed one. So it was pretty much a foregone conclusion who would win.

Maybe if Team Sesame Street [that's my own private joke, I kept wanting to call them Bert and Ernie opposed to Cindy and Ernie] could have kept their trash talking out of it it might have been more palatable to watch at time I began to loathe and despise win.

Sorry to break it to their over-inflated egos, but they weren't A+ students. They had to U-Turn a couple almost three times their age just to win number one because they couldn't do it on their own. They used a Fast Forward and still couldn't make it to number one. Jeremy and Sandy figured out the clue correctly in the last leg that helped Team Sesame Street get into the finals, they didn't. Marcus and Amani made it through tasks quickly and even made it to number one without having to use cheats to make it. You two are so far from A+ students it just isn't funny. Although I do think these two deserve each other, since they seemed to be high on themselves and can live in a fantasy land bubble where their the greatest and everyone else is subpar to them.

Anyway, the minute I saw the yellow shirt, I grabbed my remote and put on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have to say I like Willie Wonka better.

Ultimately, it is what it is. The Amazing Race is the only reality game show where you rely solely on yourself to win or lose. Viewers who don't like you can't vote you off and fellow team mates can't team up against you and get rid of you. It's why it's one of the best reality shows around and the only one I really still watch with any regularity.

It's also great the interesting places they find for contestants to go and the interesting things they get them to do. Just because a team I consider to be two rotten apples one, doesn't mean I'm going to let it ruin the whole show for me. As Scarlett said, next year, it's another new season with new racers.

However, if Amazing Race does a season where they bring back past racers, I do hope they'd bring back The Grandparents and the Snowboarders. Thought they were both great teams.


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    • profile image

      CindySucks 6 years ago

      I had the same reaction when they won. I can't stand that couple. Ernie actually seems like an OK guy, but Cindy is slowly but surely pulling him to the dark side.


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