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The Amazing Race -- Head Butting Rams, Singing Birds and the Angklung

Updated on November 24, 2013

The Afghanimals have a vendetta against Travis and Nicole

Original Airing: November 24, 2013

As we open this week the first non-elimination team of the season, the Baseball Wives, got eliminated when they got U-Turned and had to do a Speed Bump at the same time. It was just too big a deficit to overcome. Meanwhile the Afghanimals are out to get Travis and Nicole for U-Turning them for lying about U-Turning Brandon and Adam. Apparently, it’s okay when they U-Turn someone, but when someone U-Turns them it’s a sin against nature. Yeah, pretty hypocritical.

The first destination on this leg is to fly to Bandung, Indonesia and find the Ram Arena. Jason and Amy say they’d like to work with Travis and Nicole. They’re the type of team they want to associate with because they’re trying to play the game with integrity.

The Afghanimals are actually late leaving to get their first clue for the leg because they say they want to go with the Blondes. Travis and Nicole tell them when asked why they U-Turned them that one of the reasons was because because they lied about U-Turning Brandon and Adam.

At the Ram Arena, the clue alerts them to the first task on this leg of the race:

Head-Butting Rams – Teams have to find two rams in the marked truck, take them to a festival and wait until they butt heads. Then return them to where they got them.

After that, they’re told to travel to the Rancaekek Station and catch a train.

Jason and Amy get ahead of Pinky and No-Brain when Pinky and No-Brain’s cab won’t start. Jason and Amy laugh that Pinky and No-Brain weren’t able to steal their cab, this time. Unfortunately, they just miss the train, as the Afghanimals make sure no other teams get on their train and the Blondes cheer.

So it looks like if things continue as they do it could become a race between Jason and Amy and Pinky and No-Brain to not be last to check in.

The train arrives in Bandung and a Detour awaits.

For The Elephants – visit a market and buy food for the elephants so they can feed them to get their next clue.

The Blondes have a blonde moment in not realizing they have to pick up the fruit before finding the trolley to transport it to the elephants. Then when they arrive at the market they can’t hail a cab and are kind of walking around like two chickens with their heads cut off. The Blondes start fighting. Ashley wants to do the bird task and Ally wants to keep doing the elephant task.

Meanwhile, I was wishing the elephants would pick the Afghanimals up with their trunk and give them a good shake. They were that annoying.

The other task is:

For The Birds – deliver two lovebirds to the Bird Song Arena and get them to sing to get your next clue.

Travis and Nicole finish first and head off to where they can get their next clue, which leads them to a…

Roadblock – assemble an angklung, an Indonesian musical instrument. You have to assemble it correctly and then play for a group of awaiting children to get your next clue. Travis is wishing Nicole had let him do it, but she said she would. He actually knows more about music than she does and hopes she picks different sizes to create the correct sound.

All the teams [minus the Blondes] catch up at the Assemble Angklung while Nicole doesn’t have a clue how to assemble the instrument. The Afghanimals figure out the instrument first. When Nicole tries to get a peek of their instrument to see how it’s assembled the Afghanimals self-righteously claimed that Travis and Nicole are such liars. Dudes, that would be called cheating, not lying. You’re the liars. Try to keep it straight.

Seriously, I think good old Jamal and Leo are replacing Pinky and No-Brain on my dislike meter. These two think it’s okay for them to do stuff but no one else can do the same as they or they cry foul. Actually, that’s Pinky’s attitude, as well. Anyway, these two teams are becoming the two most obnoxious teams left on the race. Although to give the devils their due, if you want to self-righteously declare you’re playing a clean game and disdain them for being liars, expecting the people you U-Turned and are disdaining to help you through the task is really beyond the pall.

I think there’s only one week left of November Sweeps, so I’m surprised the race hasn’t reached its finale, yet. It appears that it’ll be airing in a non-sweeps month. There’s no way it can be stretched out to February Sweeps. So most likely the finale will air some time in December.

Pinky and No-Brain jumped to number two when Tim breezes through the angklung task since he has previous music experience. Jason has Amy help Nicole do it, before they head off to the pit stop, just as the Blondes arrive to do the task. Amy actually ends up doing the task for Nicole while Jason keeps yelling to hurry up. Both Jason and Travis harangue their women, afterwards: Amy for doing the task for Nicole and costing them possible lead time and Nicole for not doing it right.

The Bosscha Observatory is the pit stop for this leg of the race.

  1. Leo and Jamal win $7500 each as they bray that karma is going to bring Travis and Nicole down. These two turkey better watch out cause they’re due for some karma to visit down upon their heads.
  2. Tim and Marie
  3. Jason and Amy
  4. Travis and Nicole
  5. Ally and Ashley and they get eliminated

I can’t wait until the Afghanimals discover their racing girlfriends got the boot. And I think The Blondes were the only ones on the race that actually can tolerate them. Pinky and No-Brain are the ones that started with the Afghanimal moniker for them. There’s bad blood between them and Travis and Nicole. And Jason and Amy want to align with Travis and Nicole. So the obnoxious duo should watch their backs.


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