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The Amazing Race -- I'm Gonna Pump You Up

Updated on November 22, 2011

The next best thing to non-elimination...

The first destination of this race is to find the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. Once arriving, they learn it's a Roadblock.

Roadblock -- You have to memorize the poem on the base of the statue, then bike to a theater and recite it to the man waiting in the audience. If he doesn't think you did it with enough feeling, he'll make you go back and do it all over again. And by do it all over again, you have to bike back to the statue and then bike back to the theater.

Cathi and Tommy get lost on the way to the theater. And when they arrive, they also have to do a do-over. Cathi forgot one of the words and Tommy's performance was sub par. Sandy also got sent back to Go because she didn't do it with enough feeling, either.

Once that task was completed, teams then had to drive to Lego Land Park.and find the Pirate Carousel ride. Once there they come upon a Detour.

Detour -- The Pirate Carousel is a ride that features a bunch of spinning tea cups. Teams have to get in one with a jigsaw puzzle and they can only try putting the puzzle together while the ride is going. When it stops, you have to stop.

Jeremy and Sandy have to get off the ride and do it all over again when one of their pieces of the puzzle flies out of their tea cup.

Next up is heading to the Hamburg Train Station. Teams have to travel by train to Brussels.

This leg of the race really pissed me off. Well, Cindy and Ernie, did. I was still pissed off by Cindy's "I have to be number one" mentality from the last leg. Then she got all pissy because all the teams would be on the same train, threatening her from being number one, again. I really want this twit eliminated from the race, next.

Anyway, they lose their tickets and then even though they don't have a ticket, they board the train with the other teams. Where I come from, you don't board a train if you don't have a ticket. When the conductress found out she should have thrown their lousy butts off the train. Even worse, these two board the connecting train and no one asks them for a ticket, so they get away with riding on a train without a ticket. Did I say how much I want these two to be eliminated next?

Anyway, upon arriving in Brussels, teams have to take part in a muscleperson body building posedown. This is not as easy as it sounds, as the teams are judged and the judges are pretty harsh. Marcus and Amani get through on the first try. The Grandparents are really having a hard time with this, and the Snowboarders aren't doing much better.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the gazebo at Parc Elizabeth. Marcus and Amani arrive first and told they won a trip to Panama and also that there's no rest period and they have to continue racing.

From the promo, The Grandparents aren't seen in any of the tasks for the upcoming legs, so they may have totally fallen to the bottom because of that muscle pose down.

One interesting thing I realized is teams weren't given a choice of doing one task or the other. They were told they had to do this task.

Going back to Cindy and her quest for number one. A lot of teams want to be number one, but I've never seen one U-Turn someone just to make sure they came in first place. Usually, teams only do the U-Turn, which is considered a really crummy thing to do, only if they're behind the pack and need it to stay in the race.

If she doesn't get eliminated in this upcoming leg, then I hope she never sees number one, again.


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