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The Amazing Race -- Into Africa

Updated on October 30, 2011

Haul that bale; sew that suit

The thing that messed up teams this leg was not treating people the way you'd want to be treated. In short, if you provided a service, you'd expect to be paid for it.

Teams are excited to learn their next destination is Africa. Lilongwe to be specific. All the teams get on the same plane, but some disembark quicker than the others and that gives them a leg up on this leg of the race. They need to go to the tobacco warehouse at gate #7 to complete a roadblock.

The roadblock involves a team member having to steer 10 massive bales of tobacco through the warehouse to a particular area to get their clue. Bill and Cathi and Amani and Marcus are late to the task because of a traffic jam. Bill actually finishes the task pretty fast since he's used to hauling bales of hay and doing farm work.

Memorial Tower is the next stop after the tobacco warehouse. This time it's a detour: All Sewn Up or Not Grown Up. Most of the teams pick Not Grown Up which involves building cardboard milk carton looking trucks for children of the Lilongwe Lea School.

In All Sewn Up teams have to sew up the seam of a jacket and pair of parents on a manual sewing machine at the White Horse De-Sign tailor shop in the old market place.

After teams finish with the detour, they have to go to the R.K Furniture Shop, where they're given two wooden bed frames they have to transport to the pit stop. The pit stop is located in the Kumbali Village and teams will be sleeping in the beds they haul.

The teams are to transport the beds by trucks, but the trucks will only take them so far and they have to carry the beds to the pit stop on foot.This is where the slip-up happens where teams who would have been able to check in at a higher position than they did had to be sent back to pay the driver that drove them there.

There was actually only two teams that committed this faux pas. The Double J's would have been checked in as team #1 but they didn't pay their driver and it cost them the first position, as well as a trip to a private island in the British Virgin Islands. The Grandparents were the other team who didn't pay. I'm kind of appalled at Cathi when Bill asked if they should pay the driver. Her answer was, "Not unless he asks to be paid." They would have been able to check in as team #3 but ended up checking in as team #6.

Amani and Marcus' cab breaks down as their heading to the pit stop and it causes them to check in last. Lucky for them it's another non-elimination. There seems like there's been an awful lot of them this season.

The team rankings are as follows:

1. The Snowboarders who got the coveted first place and the trip to the British Virgin Islands because the Double J's didn't pay their driver.

2. The Double J's

3. Jeremy and Sandy

4. Larry and Zac

5. Ernie and Cindy

6. The Grandparents

7 Marcus and Amani

At the start of the race Larry seemed to be having some trouble breathing and said it was because it was warm. But he did a great job in the super-physical tobacco bale task and seemed to be fine.


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