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The Amazing Race -- Pinky And No Brain Pull A Dirty Trick

Updated on November 3, 2013

A singing task proves too much for some teams

Original Airing: November 3, 2013

According to teasers for tonight’s episode there will be a Fast Forward as well as a fight on the check-in Matt. And I being prejudiced against Pinky and No Brain [as they’ve been nicknamed] thinking Marie and Tim will somehow be involved in this fight?

The first stop on this leg is: Vienna, Austria by train. Once there they must find the Opera House and find Rigoletto who will lead them to the costume department. All teams head to the train. Marie and Tim suggest Amy and Jason work with them this leg. All the teams on same train. Leo and Jamal are lying about not U-Turning Adam and Brandon. Dudes, if you want to play hardball has the guts to admit what you did.

Rigoletto gives the teams a Detour and Flash Forward.

Light Brigade – assemble a chandelier.

Masquerade – wear ornate masks and join the ball and match the masks their wearing to another couple that’s dancing.

Fast Forward – each team mate have to make a 500 foot bungee jump. Jason and Amy decide to head there. They’re told they can’t do it because it’s too windy and the couple argues if they should stay or go. Jason agrees to wait but he’s very bad natured about it. Amy eventually agrees to leave the Fast Forward and go back to do the Detour.

Tim and Marie finish the Detour, first, but can’t find a taxi. Everyone else doesn’t seem to have as much trouble getting a taxi as they do.

The next clue is a Roadblock that involves the Vienna Boys Choir. Teams must join the choir and learn how to sing a song in German. They get tutored before joining the choir in the tune and how to pronounce the German words.

A lot of teams get sent back after their first attempt to go back and practice some more. Travis is the first to make it through the task. The Baseball Wives decide not to take Jason and Amy’s cab and find their own. Meanwhile the first words out of Marie’s mouth after finishing the task is to steal someone’s cab. They steal Jason and Amy’s cab and are going to try and blame The Cousins for doing it. Jason and Amy find their cab was taken and Amy promises to flip out on the person who took their cab.

Unfortunately for Tim and Marie, Jason and Amy figure out who really took their cab.

The Blondes and the Oklahoma boys having a hard time completing the singing task.

Next up they have to head to a palace to search for their next clue. Teams have to make their way through a maze to find their next clue.

The Gloriette is the pit stop for this leg of the race. All the teams race on foot to get to the pit stop first. Travis tells Nicole to drop her back. She’d better pray no one takes it and that her passport isn’t in the bag.

  1. Nicole and Travis and win a trip.
  2. Nicky and Kim
  3. Leo and Jamal
  4. Tim and Marie
  5. Jason and Amy
  6. Ally and Ashley
  7. Tim and Danny are eliminated

Jason and Amy start making digs at Tim and Marie and both teams arrive at the pit stop mat within seconds of each other. Jason takes on Marie. Marie won’t apologize for what she did. Thinks she didn’t do anything wrong.

Back at the singing pit stop both Team Oklahoma and Team Blonde are still having problems making it through the singing task. Team Blonde makes it through the task before Team Oklahoma. Team Oklahoma finally makes it while the blondes have a hard time hailing a cab. Team Oklahoma tailing behind Team Blonde and never manage to catch up as they get eliminated.

This time it wasn’t a team getting messed up by an airline clerk or getting U-Turned that caused them to be eliminated. It was the fact the team just couldn’t do the task. This was a task where the team might have stayed in the race if they took a time penalty and just hadn’t finished the task after the first time they failed at it. Would it have caused Team Blonde to be eliminated instead of Team Oklahoma? There’s no way of telling.

Since Marie and Tim are compared to two cartoon characters let me adopt my best Daffy Duck voice to say to Marie, “You’re dispicable!” She wouldn’t even cop to doing anything wrong and tries to claim Jason and Amy would have done the same, when they clearly told her there were already two other cabs there and they went and caught their own cab.

A few questions, though. Did Tim and Marie tell the cab that brought them to wait. If so, does that mean they didn’t pay their cabbie and took another team’s cab. And since no cabbie is going to wait without the meter running, did Tim and Marie actually end of paying Jason and Amy’s cab tab?

I might not have a problem with the cab thing [since it isn’t as reprehensible as stealing another team’s money] if Marie didn’t plan to steal someone else’s cab to screw them over in hopes it would cause them to get eliminated even before she walked outside the building. There’s a difference between doing something on the spur of the moment and doing it in the premeditated fashion she wanted to do it in. I think she may be quite possibly one of the worst racers that I can recall in recent years.

Shouldn’t there be some sportsmanship on this race? If you win by cheating and sabotaging other teams, what kind of win is it if you can only win by underhanded means?


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