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The Amazing Race -- Salt Mines And Shoe Shines

Updated on October 6, 2013

One team has nothing but bad luck on the road to Santiago, Chile

Original Airing: October 6, 2013

During the last leg Hoskotte and Naina got eliminated for not reading their clue correctly. I have to admit I’d probably have done the same thing. I would have assumed since my father did the first task I was expected to do the next. I can read stuff fast and not read it correctly. And they weren’t the only players to misread this clue. Sometimes you see what you assume instead of what’s there. From here on out teams need to be very careful when reading the clues.

This is how the team roster stands of now:

Chester and Ephraim who are football players

Rowan and Shane theater performers starring in a production where they both appear in drag from South Carolina

Tim and Marie exes from Morristown, New Jersey who don’t get along

Leo and Jamal cousins.

Ally and Ashley from Long Beach, California

Nicole and Travis married ER physicians from Atlanta, Georgia

Tim and Danny oil plant workers from Oklahoma

Brandon and Adam childhood friends from Chico, California

Nicky and Kim major league baseball wives from the Midwest

Jason and Amy dating from New England

The first destination of the second leg of the race is to go to the deck of the Museo Corbeto Esmeraldo. It turns out to be one of those level evening destinations as it doesn’t open until 7:15 in the morning. The Officer Of The Day will post their next clue.

Nicole and Travis make a pitch to Tim and Marie to give them the Express Pass. While I think it would be the right thing to do, being too pushy could be a turn-off.

The Office Of The Day posts that to get your next clue you have to say a famous quote by Arturo Prat in Spanish. No one seems to have too much trouble finding out what the quote is and saying it in Spanish. The next destination is the Irlanda Salt Mines. And that’s where the trouble starts to begin.

A Detour awaits and to get to it teams have to ride bikes to the salt mines. Nicole has real problems getting to the destination on the bike. Once there they have a choice of Brining or Mining.

Brining – Teams have to add salts to waters to make a newspaper float on the surface

Mining – Teams have to break open salt boulders to find their next clue.

The next destination is Santiago, Chile. Teams must travel by bus there. One group of teams get a leg up by getting on the first bus, while the second group lags behind. And Rowan and Shane totally mess it up. But it was one of many mess ups the duo created for themselves.

On the bus one of the Baseball Wives asks if Tim knows their husband, and it turns out Tim used to play ball with him. This makes Tim and Marie consider giving the Baseball Wives the Express Pass. Marie doesn’t find them to be a threat and thinks she and Tim can easily beat them. So it looks like Nicole and Travis’ plea for it fell on deaf ears.

Upon arriving in Santiago, Chile, teams have to become Chilean shoe shiners in a Road Stop called Knack To Pack.

Knack To Pack – a team member must give a shoe shine on the shoe shine stand. Then pack it up correctly to deliver it to an address indicated on their clue.

Rowan and Shane’s bad luck streak continues with this task. It started with them getting lost on the way to the salt mines. Then they thought they’d found a quicker bus and it was actually a later bus. Even after all that they managed to catch up to the teams from the second bus. But they messed up again by picking the wrong shoe shine stand and had to go back and do the task.

The Baseball Wives also have some bad luck when Nicky forgets the rug for the shoe shine stand. She begs Marie to give her the Express Pass, but Marie refuses. Marie and Rowan also call each other names at the task. He tells the man waiting to give the next clue that she’s El Diablo aka The Devil, while she calls him Bingo. When she complains to Tim what Rowan called her, he says he has to agree with Rowan.

Leo and Jamal run into trouble with paying their cab. They don’t pay the correct amount and head to check in at the pit stop which is at Cascada De Las Animas. But Phil is playing Cab Cop and tells them they can’t be checked in until they pony up what they owe the cabbie. So for the second week in a row the first team to check in doesn’t get to stay number one

  1. Leo and Jamal but can’t be checked in until they settle their cab bill. They start fighting with each and blaming each other. And in front of Phil. Not a good idea.
  2. Chester and Ephraim now number 1. They won a trip to Grace Bay.
  3. Brandon and Adam
  4. Nicole and Travis
  5. Jason and Amy
  6. Tim and Danny
  7. Ally and Ashley
  8. Tim and Marie
  9. Kim and Nicky
  10. Rowan and Shane -- eliminated

It’s no big surprise that Rowan and Shane were eliminated. They just made too many mistakes much like Hoskotte and Naina did the week before. The irony is even after getting lost and taking the wrong bus, if they hadn't messed up the shoe shine task they would still be in the race, because of Nicky leaving the rug behind and having a hard time finding it.


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