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The Amazing Race, Season 25, Leg 2: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Updated on November 2, 2014

Bethany Waves the Flag

Bethany on task in England.
Bethany on task in England. | Source

Get Racing

After a pirate-filled leg one of The Amazing Race the teams are ready to find out where they are going next. Misti & Jim (#TheDentists) depart first at 4:21 AM. The clue says the teams will be traveling from the Virgin Islands to London, England. Once they arrive, teams have to go to Tower Bridge and find their next clue.

Jim tells us the teams will be divided into two different flights – six teams on the first flight and four teams on the second flight. Jim also reminds us that he and Misti got the Save last week, a new Race mechanic that lets them avoid elimination if they come in last in a leg. The pair are happy to have it.

Tim & Tejay (#CollegeSweethearts), Kym & Ali (#TheCyclists), Brooke & Robbie (#TheWrestlers), Adam & Bethany (#SoulSurfers), and Maya & Amy (#SweetScientists) are leading the pack. They gather at the airport and wait for their flight. Maya & Amy compliment the dentists on getting the Save last leg.

At the airport Bethany tells us she lost one of her shoes last leg. Wow. Really? That's pretty bad going to lose your shoe in the Race – and really bad to do it in the first leg. Luckily for Bethany, Amy wears the same size shoe... And she actually has a spare set of shoes to give Bethany! I think the fact that Amy has been toting a spare set of sneakers around is actually more mind boggling than Bethany losing her shoe in the first place. That's a seriously lucky break for Bethany.

Flight #1 takes off and we see the stragglers gather for Flight #2. Keith & Whitney (#TeamNashville), Michael & Scott (#TheFirefighters), Dennis & Isabelle (#TheDatingCouple), and Shelley & Nici (#MomDaughter) wait together. Shelley says, “You don't have to outrun the bear, you just can't be the last one.” It's a slightly odd Race analogy, but we'll take it.

Shelley interviews that she and Nici are major Race fans and that they've watched since the very first episode. They're here to win. They've waited a long time for this. Hmmm... I hope this isn't foreshadowing an early end for this team.

Phil Keoghan Waits with Winston

Hos Phil Keoghan waitis with a Winston Churchill impersonator.
Hos Phil Keoghan waitis with a Winston Churchill impersonator. | Source

London Calling

Meanwhile, across the pond, Flight #1 arrives in London. Bethany marvels that they are, indeed, driving on the wrong side of the road. Yup, that's the way it works, Bethany.

Tim & TeJay and Misti & Jim get to Tower Bridge. There they find the Detour clue: About Face or Pancake Race. In About Face teams have to learn soldierly moves from some British Beefeaters – soldiers of the Queen's Guard. A guard has to judge their moves as they perform a changing of the guard. If the parade commander says they pass, the team can go on.

In Pancake Race teams have to take part in a bizarre Parliamentary ritual where they make pancakes and then run around a racetrack flipping their cakes as they go. They need to complete the task within the time allowed to succeed.

Tim & TeJay and Misti & Jim both choose About Face. Adam & Bethany arrive and choose Pancake Race. Kym & Ali, Brooke & Robbie, and Maya & Amy choose About Face. Meanwhile, Flight #2 arrives at the airport.

Adam & Bethany get to Pancake Race. They get a lesson in pancake making while the other early teams drill with their instructors. Adam & Bethany make beautiful pancakes on their first try. Now they have to race. They have 1:15 to complete it. I am telling you, these two absolutely fly through, flipping their pancakes like crazy. They have 22 seconds left on the clock when they finish. Wow!

We learn the next thing teams have to do is travel by train to Oxford, England. Adam & Bethany bounce off. Misti & Jim attempt About Face. However, the parade commander tells them their attempt was, “Shocking! Absolutely disgusting!” and they have to go off to practice more.

We get more scenes of the parade commander telling teams how much they suck. Meanwhile, Keith & Whitney pick Pancake Race and Shelley & Nici get to the bridge and decide to do About Face. The ladies both used to be in the military so they think this will be right up their alley. Michael & Scott and Dennis & Isabelle choose Pancake Race.

Brooke & Robbie are practicing at the parade ground. While he walks Robbie looks like he has some sort of bad fungus growing between his legs. Those two appendages are nowhere near each other. It's odd. The instructor reminds Robbie he has knees. Snork.

After much practice, Misti & Jim complete the About Face Detour and receive their clue from the parade commander. The other teams waiting are bummed. Kym & Ali also succeed. One of them kisses the parade commander and he grimaces.

Teams drill some more. Brooke & Robbie are frustrated. Shelley says it's just taking a while to come back to her, but she'll get it. Over at Pancake Race Keith & Whitney fail to complete the course in time. Michael & Scott can't even make a decent pancake!

The parade commander threatens to beat Brooke to death with her own arm. I guess she didn't do a very good job. Shelley & Nici are also sent back to try again. The ladies tell us they are super fans and have been waiting 14 years to do this. No other team is as big fans of the race as them. Yikes, all these interviews with Shelley & Nici are making me nervous. This could be their undoing.

But just then Dennis & Isabelle tell us what big fans of the race they are. Isabelle says they have been training hard. “We've been basically studying for The Amazing Race as if it were the final exams for life.” That's pretty hard core. So now we have two “super fan” teams.

Teams struggle some more at both Detours. Pancakes aren't flipped in time and marches aren't marched. But, finally, scientists Maya & Amy complete the About Face Detour. Shelley & Nici complete it too leaving only the wrestlers, Brooke & Robbie, at that Detour.

Over at the Pancake Race Keith & Whitney complete the Detour. The firefighters, Michael & Scott try, but Michael drops his pancake. There's a lot of that.

The Dentists Drill

Misti & Dennis do another kind of drilling at the parade ground.
Misti & Dennis do another kind of drilling at the parade ground. | Source

Drop Back and Punt

As most of the other teams work on getting out of London, surfers Adam & Bethany arrive in Oxford. The clue tells the team they'll have to both go on a punt, a boat designed for shallow water, and use a pole to make their way one lap around the river's loop. Adam & Bethany push off. Kym & Ali also start punting.

In London, Michael & Scott and Dennis & Isabelle finish the pancake race. However, Michael & Scott fail due to “insufficient tossing” of their pancakes. Dennis & Isabelle pass. The firefighters are not pleased.

Brooke & Robbie are still stuck at the About Face Detour too. The parade commander tells them not to ignore his “Yoda-like” advice. Snork. We'll just have to see if the wrestlers or the firefighters finish this Detour first. And its... Michael & Scott! But Brooke & Robbie aren't far behind them. The teams hightail it to Oxford.

We see more teams arriving in Oxford and going punting, but Adam & Bethany are still way ahead. Adam finishes the punting and they receive their next clue. They have to go to Christ Church college in Oxford and “tip their bowlers” to find their next clue inside the hats.

So, surfers Adam & Bethany made the punting look easy, but the other teams seem to be struggling. Some teams are heading off into the bushes while others are getting spun around. Dentists Misti & Jim finish the task but find they were pushing their poll from the wrong end of the boat and they have to do it all over again. The same fate awaits Kym & Ali.

Kym & Alli Punting

Kym & Alli punting in Oxford.
Kym & Alli punting in Oxford. | Source

Which Detour?

Which Detour option would you choose?

See results

Express Pass to the Top

Adam & Bethany get to Christ Church college. They get their bowler hats and umbrellas. Inside the umbrella is a clue saying there is an Express Pass at a nearby pub, The Bear Inn. The first team to find it, earns it. An Express Pass lets your team skip any one task on the Race. The hat tells the team the location of their next Pit Stop, Churchill's birthplace.

The surfers know they're in the lead and it doesn't take them long to decide to go for the Express Pass. Bethany says that she is missing an arm (lost a long time ago in a tiger shark attack) and if there is a task that she can't do, the Express Pass will allow them to skip it.

Back on the river, Misti & Jim and Kym & Ali complete their punt. Keith & Whitney are moving along, but poor Whitney has already landed in the water a couple of times. Several teams are stuck in the current where a few waterways come together. But Michael & Scott have arrived at the task and they fly through it, passing other teams. I guess all those firefighter muscles help.

Adam & Bethany find the Bear Inn and pick up their Express Pass. They learn that Churchill's birthplace is Blenheim palace, so they head there. About this time, Misti & Jim arrive at Christ Church college. Jim is sure Adam & Bethany went for the Express Pass so he and Misti are going straight for the Pit Stop. Kym & Ali do the same.

Keith & Whitney are fourth out of the punting task. Just then we learn Nici really has to go pee. Really, really has to go pee. She needs to go pee so badly Nici just sort of waves her butt off the boat and over the water and goes. I think several locals are going to die they're laughing so hard.

A Punting We Will Go

Teams go punting in Oxford.
Teams go punting in Oxford. | Source

The Pit Stop

Now we see Adam & Bethany arrive first at the Pit Stop. They win a trip to Sweden. Yay, newlywed surfers! Oh, and a Winston Churchill impersonator is there with Phil to greet them at the mat.

Turning back to the punters, couple Tim & TeJay and firefighters Michael & Scott finish the task. Scientists Maya & Amy aren't far behind. The wrestlers, Brooke & Robbie finish next.

Misti & Jim and Kym & Ali finish at the Pit Stop a tight second and third. Jim doesn't seem thrilled with second place, but he'll take it.

The only teams left on the river are mother and daughter Shelley & Nici and dating couple Dennis & Isabelle. They are both really struggling with the current. Nici sobs to us about how much they want to stay on the race.

At the Pit Stop Keith & Whitney check in followed by Tim & Tejay. Tim says the race is much harder than it looks. Michael & Scott, Maya & Amy, and Brooke & Robbie all finish within a minute or two of each other. Sir Winston has wise words for them.

Shelley & Nici finish the punting just ahead of Dennis & Isabelle. Both teams run desperately for the next clue. Isabelle is crying and saying she doesn't want to be last – but she is right now. Shelley & Nici are just ahead. But they have a bit of trouble finding where Churchill's birthplace is.

Both teams are in cabs racing to the Pit Stop. Daughter Nici sobs that she doesn't want to go home. “This is so scary!” Mom Shelley comforts her. Meanwhile, in the other cab, Dennis comforts Isabelle.

And... Shelley & Nici arrive at the Pit Stop first! Whew! I thought they were goners. The pair is just happy to still be there. When Dennis & Isabelle arrive at the mat Isabelle tells Phil, “I don't want to hear it!” But he eliminates them anyway. Isabelle interviews that its really hard to be eliminated from the Race so early after they had done so much to prepare. Isabelle thinks there might be another universe somewhere in which they won the million dollars. Interesting thought, Isabelle. .

So Dennis & Isabelle are out. Next week the racers have to handle sheep and firefighter Michael hurts himself.

Amy & Maya Run to the Pit Stop



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