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The Amazing Race, Season 25, Leg 3: Get Your Sheep Together

Updated on November 2, 2014

Off We Go!

Host Phil Keoghan lets us know the teams are departing from the previous leg's Pit Stop, Blenheim Castle. Surfers Adam & Bethany were the first to arrive so they're heading out on leg 3 first too. They leave at 12:00 AM. Their clue says to travel to the Shetland Islands. In order to get there teams will have to take trains, cars, and a ferry.

When the teams arrive on the Shetland Islands they need to go to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and find a person dressed up like a giant puffin. Think of it as the North Sea version of the characters at Disney World. As Adam & Bethany scoot off Bethany says, “We're going to the Shetland Islands to play with puffins!” Adam & Bethany also remind us they won the Express Pass last leg and it's a big advantage.

Second out of the gate are married dentists Misti & Jim. They leave at 12:16 AM. Jim is very displeased at coming in second last leg. But he says, “The most successful people in life fail forward.” Hmmm.. I don't think I've heard that one before.

Cyclists Kym & Alli head out at 12:22 AM. Ex-Survivors Keith & Whitney are right behind them leaving at 12:36 AM. The early teams congregate at Oxford station and wait for the train. We then see firefighters Michael & Scott leave the Pit Stop at 1:56 AM. As they jog down the street Michael falls and really hurts his ankle. Its bad enough he's a little worried he could have broken it. Yikes!

The train isn't leaving until 6:36 AM so most of the teams hunker down at the station and wait. Kym & Alli are not down with that. The cyclists play with ducks on the street and dance outside of a pub. They scoff at the other teams for not having fun. Alli says the race is all about seeing the world. Kym says, “We win!”

The next morning all 9 remaining teams are on the train heading to Aberdeen, Scotland en route to the Shetland Islands. Scientists Amy & Maya say the countryside is beautiful. One of the reasons they wanted to do the race was to get out of the lab and really see the world.

Once the teams get off the train they rush to waiting cars. They drive their cars onto the ferry to the Shetland Islands. On the ferry Michael shows everyone his ankle. It is all kinds of crazy colors and very swollen. Michael must have fallen hard. He wraps it up and rests it and hopes he can get through the leg. The firefighters say they work great together as a team.

Time to Find the Puffin

The teams get to the Shetland Islands and now its time to find the puffin – or at least a guy in a puffin suit. Tim & The Jay tells us they're here to travel together because they don't get to do that often.

The island is gorgeous with brilliant green grasses and lovely rolling views of the North Sea. Michael & Scott and scientists Amy & Maya are the first to find the puffin. The new clue tells them to go to Scalloway Castle to get their next clue. Michael is noticeably limping.

Firefighters Michael & Scott get stuck behind “The blue car from hell.” The car is going really slowly down the narrow streets and its frustrating them.

Perhaps due to avoiding slow drivers or getting great directions, Survivors Keith & Whitney are the first to arrive at the castle. They search around, climb over fake bones, and find a skeleton watched over by some kind of Viking warrior with a wolfhound before they find the Detour clue.

The Detour options are: Pony Up or Light My Fire. In Pony Up teams have to cut 50 pieces of peat and deliver them to a house via Shetland pony. In Light My Fire teams have to join some Vikings and properly create a special kind of torch that's used in a Viking fire festival.

After Keith & Whitney, Michael & Scott, Amy & Maya, and Adam & Bethany all arrive at the castle with Misti & Jim and wrestlers Brooke & Robbie right behind. Unfortunately for boyfriends Tim and The Jay, they are lost. They're definitely in last place.

Shelley & Nici Moving Peat


Misti & Jim Doing the Pony Up Detour


Pony Up or Light My Fire

Dentists Misti & Jim go for the Pony Up Detour. Jim says if you can do a physical Detour they tend to be faster. Misti's concerned about dealing with the Shetland ponies because, in her experience, they can be “sassy.”

Keith & Whitney are going to Light My Fire because they're too worried the ponies at the other Detour will be difficult to handle.

Tim & The Jay finally arrive at the castle, but they're definitely lagging behind. We see Adam & Bethany, scientists Amy & Maya and mom and daughter Shelley & Nici all working away at the Pony Up Detour.

Robbie & Brooke wanted to do the Pony Up Detour, but they couldn't find it. So now they're joining Keith & Whitney at Light My Fire. The Detour involves very carefully rolling burlap around a torch post and nailing it in place. There are a couple of other steps too and at each stage the team's torch has to be approved by a Viking.

Dentists Misti & Jim have all their peat cut and they soon discover that hiking up the rolling peat hill to the cottage to drop off their loads is very difficult. They have to make a couple trips up and down the hills too.

But the other Detour isn't proving to be a picnic either. Keith & Whitney tell us how perfect your torch has to be to get approved and wrestler Brooke is getting really frustrated with the process. Michael & Scott and are also struggling. But eventually the teams start getting through the stages – well, except for Robbie & Brooke. Brooke says, “I'm going to cry.”

Over at Pony Up Misti & Jim's pony may have just noticed their crazy white teeth because the poor creature starts to go crazy. The pony really fights the dentists as they try to get it up the hill one more time.

At Light My Fire Kym & Alli and boyfriends Tim & The Jay arrive and get to work. Tim thinks he'll excel at this because he loves wrapping packages.

Misti & Jim are the first team to finish either Detour. Jim thinks that's as it should be because they arrived at the Detour first and they should never be passed on a challenge. Their clue tells them to head to the next challenge at Berry Farm.

Mom and daughter Shelley & Nici are second out of the Detour. Kym & Alli finish plastering some kind of cement on their torch and go off to find the longboat where they have to burn it. Tim & The Jay burn past a lot of teams and finish their torch. Michael & Scott follow suit. Only Robbie & Brooke are left struggling with their torch. They're really freaking out.

Tim at the Light My Fire Detour


Getting Your Sheep Together

Misti & Jim arrive at Berry Farm. Phil tells us that dogs have been helping farmers herd sheep on the island for centuries. “Now, teams must work like dogs. Literally.” Teams have to work together to get a herd of sheep through the center of a course made up of 6 open fences. After they get all the sheep through the center teams have to herd them into a pen. Oh, and Phil says, “Barking is optional.” Snort.

Misti & Jim start running around trying to drive their sheep through the fences. The sheep respond by running hither and yon and bouncing back and forth. Yeah, it's not working for them.

Meanwhile, wrestlers Robbie & Brooke finally finish their torch. They're the last team to head out from the Detour.

Misti & Jim are still wrestling with their sheep, but they've calmed down a bit and that helps the sheep behave. The dentists are finishing up as Shelley & Nici and surfers Adam & Bethany arrive. Shelley looks at the task and says, “This is going to be easy and fun!” Uh oh. The sheep respond to her declaration by leaping and bounding around her head. I think Shelley may be revising her opinion.

Misti & Jim get all their sheep penned and get their next clue. Instead of coming in the form of an envelope they're handed a clue that looks like a Viking cloak pin. The shepherd says they have to go to where it was found.

Phil tells us the teams have to figure out that they have to go to the Pit Stop at St. Ninian's Isle. It was made famous by the discovery of an 8th century treasure there.

As Misti & Jim try to find the Pit Stop Robbie & Brooke finish the Detour. Misti & Jim find a museum. They stop there and get the directions to St. Ninian's Isle. Smart.

Back in the land of sheep teams struggle to corral their charges. No one seems to have much luck yet. The teams seem to be scrambling around a lot and I doubt that makes the sheep feel cooperative.

Scientist Maya Herds Sheep


Phil and Mr. Puffin


The Pit Stop

Dentists Misti & Jim arrive at the Pit Stop before any of the other teams corral their sheep. Phil is waiting with the guy in the puffin suit. Phil says he's “bamboozled” by the dentists' hyper-bright teeth and that they are team number one. They win a trip to Dubai. Nice! I wonder if Phil will comment on their teeth every time Misti & Jim finish a leg?

Jim says the other teams should have a target on the dentists' back because they're so good. He also says their goal is to become the most dominant team to ever go on the Race. Lofty ambitions, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the dentists. And their teeth.

Back with the sheep, Shelley & Nici finally figure out that they have to calm down and go slowly to get the sheep through the fences and into the pen. Scientists Amy & Maya are doing the same and it works for them. They're done!

Kym & Alli almost get their sheep through the fences, but one lone sheep goes rogue and messes them up. Surfer Bethany is about to give up on the sheep when the animals suddenly start behaving and walk right into the pen.

Meanwhile, Amy & Maya are trying to figure out where the Pit Stop is. They take their pin and walk up to some random construction workers who tell them to go back to Scalloway Castle. Oops. That's not good.

Keith & Whitney and Shelley & Nici finish the sheep task just as firefighters Michael & Scott arrive. This challenge can't be good for Michael's injured ankle. Tim & The Jay also arrive. They “Baaaa!” furiously at the sheep to try to communicate with them. Okay, then.

Cyclists Kym & Alli go all Zen on the sheep and corral them. We then see Adam & Bethany check into the Pit Stop in second place. Michael & Scott aren't doing well. Michael's limping too much to really help. He interviews, “I don't really like sheep. Sheep have strange features.” Okay, then...

Tim & Te Jay

Will Tim & The Jay get Phil-iminated this leg?
Will Tim & The Jay get Phil-iminated this leg? | Source

Wrestlers Robbie & Brooke are having better luck. They click at the sheep and convince them to go through the gates. This is a nice comeback for the wrestlers after their near-disastrous showing at the Detour.

We then cut to the scientists, Amy & Maya. If you remember, they got directions to the Pit Stop from some construction workers. Well, apparently that hasn't worked out well for them because they are wandering through an empty church looking for Phil. Hopefully, this won't prove to be a fatal mistake.

Speaking of the Pit Stop, Keith & Whitney check in third. Phil says rumor has it they squabble a lot on the race. He says people might wonder why they're together as a couple. Whitney says, “I don't care. It works for us and that's all that matters.” So there, Phil!

Back at the challenge Tim & The Jay are trying to use shirts and socks to block the pen. Surprisingly, this scheme does not work. Luckily for them, Michael & Scott are still struggling with the sheep too. Scott wants to give up on the task and take the 4 hour penalty, but Michael says no way.

Both teams continue to try to get their sheep in the pens, but Michael & Scott are the first to do it. They shout, “I'm never counting sheep again!” The firefighters then decide to head to a pub to get someone to tell them where their pin was found. I think this is an idea about as solid as asking construction workers. Michael & Scott really don't help things because they say they need to find where the pin was found – or maybe the foundry. The folks in the bar say there is a foundry on the island. Ouch. Apparently the foundry is 29 miles away. Double ouch.

At the Pit Stop mom and daughter Shelley & Nici check in fourth and the scientists must have figured things out because they check in fifth.

Tim & The Jay finally finish with the sheep and grab their pin. We then see Robbie & Brooke and Kym & Alli check into the Pit Stop in sixth and seventh place.

Michael & Scott stop at a jewelry store to check if they're going the right way. The lady says to go somewhere entirely different. I can't tell if she's giving them the right location. Tim & The Jay and Michael & Scott both drive frantically through the countryside – and Tim & The Jay get to the Pit Stop first. They're thrilled!

What looks like a while later Michael & Scott check in with Phil and the puffin. Phil tells the firefighters they have been eliminated. The guys say it was a disappointing day. They didn't want to get knocked out because of sheep. That's what they all say, guys. That's what they all say.

Finish Order for Leg 3

Misti & Jim
Won a trip to Dubai
Adam & Bethany
Keith & Whitney
Shelley & Nici
Amy & Maya
Robbie & Brooke
Kym & Alli
Tim & Te Jay
Michael & Scott


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