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The Amazing Race, Season 25, Leg 5: Morocc' and Roll

Updated on November 2, 2014
Dentists Misti & Jim on the plane to Marrakech.
Dentists Misti & Jim on the plane to Marrakech. | Source

Last week cyclists Kym & Alli finished the leg first – and each won a car! – so they're first heading out today too. The cyclists open their clue and find they are now heading to Marrakech, Morocco. They need to go to the Jemma El-Fnaa marketplace to find their next clue.

The other teams roll out of the Pit Stop too. They all end up on the same plane, so everyone is back on an even playing field, arriving in Marrakech at 8:35 AM. Keith & Whitney are riding to the airport as Whitney tells us they've been engaged for almost a year and a half. She wants to win a honeymoon while they're on the Race.

Mom and daughter Shelley & Nici say they're in a better spot than they were at the end of the last leg when Nici stomped off the mat. Shelley says they haven't been together like this for a long time and they have to work on their communication.

Dentists Misti & Jim came in last in the previous leg, but since it was a non-elimination leg they're still in it and they didn't have to use their Save (the special card they won that allows them to finish last one time and not be eliminated). At the airport Shelley & Nici learn the dentists still have the Save. The other teams don't look pleased about this. Misti says, “God was certainly looking out for us.” Gak.

Jim lets us know how displeased the other teams were about his team not having to use the Save. He's glad they all know he and Misti can't be eliminated today. Jim thinks this means a team won't use the U-Turn on them because who would want to face a team you U-Turned?

The teams get on the airplane and fly to Marrakech. In the taxi on the way to the market Jim reminds us he and Misti have to do a Speed Bump – a task only they must perform – because they came in last in the non-elimination leg. Jim's not worried. “Team Domination, back in the house.”

The teams struggle with pronouncing “Jemma El-Fnaa” as the taxis make their way through traffic. Shelley & Nici ask their driver if they can pay him to leave their bags in the car while they run around the market and do tasks. He agrees.

In Jemma El-Fnaa square we see many people, vendors, monkeys, and even cobras. Jim & Misti run off looking for their Speed Bump. Cyclists Kym & Alli get out and tell us it feels like they're in a movie. Teams run around searching for the brown door where they are supposed to get their next clue. They arrive en masse at the clue.

Amy & Maya by the Cart it Out task.
Amy & Maya by the Cart it Out task. | Source

Cart it Out

Teams must do the Cart it Out task. In this task they have to help a local food vendor set up their cart so its ready to serve meals for the evening. The teams also learn that there is a U-Turn ahead. Dentists Misti & Jim have to do their Speed Bump before proceeding to the Cart it Out task. In the Speed Bump they have to take 8 large rugs and use a pole to hang them from a wire along a wall to display the rugs for sale. The dentists get moving, with Jim carrying a giant pile of rugs. He's barely willing to let Misti carry any rugs at all!

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams grab food carts and drag them into the market to set them up. Many of the teams almost run themselves over with the heavy carts. Surfers Adam & Bethany say the cart was heavy and made the food carts in New York look luxurious. Boyfriends Tim and The Jay are shocked by how much work is ahead of them to set up the cart.

While the other teams work on their carts Misti & Jim try to complete their Speed Bump. It turns out using the pole to hook the rugs on the wire about 10 feet up on the wall is tricky. Jim is making progress, but Misti's pole keeps getting stuck. Good thing its not the other way around. Heh.

All of the teams working on the carts are making progress, but they're also dropping pieces of equipment and cart everywhere. Bethany says they didn't even fully know what they were putting together. Adam says there was a language barrier, which didn't help.

In order to complete the carts the teams have to thread poles along the roof line. This activity involves balancing high on tables and benches. After that, they have to put out the food. Wrestlers Robbie & Brooke are setting up an egg cart. Engaged couple Keith & Whitney finish their cart first. Whitney says one of the French guys at the cart liked her (in all her American blondeness) and that helped. The clue says they have to go to the local tannery to find what's next.

Misti & Jim are still struggling at the Speed Bump. Jim's having trouble tying the knots back on when they fall off the rugs. The dentists are really hoping they don't get U-Turned because they're getting so far behind. They finally finish and rush off to start setting up their cart.

Back at the carts, Kym & Alli, Robbie & Brooke, and Shelley & Nici finish with their carts. Sweet scientists Amy & Maya finish shortly after. Adam & Bethany and Tim & The Jay finish the cart task while Misti & Jim are just starting.

Meanwhile, even though Keith & Whitney finished the cart task well ahead of the others they still haven't found the next clue. They wander around the back alleyways searching. Luckily for the newlyweds, the other teams are also having a lot of trouble finding the task.

While the other teams continue searching, dentists Misti & Jim finish building their cart. Host Phil Keoghan shows up right next to them and tells us Misti & Jim are 12 minutes behind the other teams. That's really not too bad. They must have knocked the Speed Bump and cart task out.

Keith & Whitney finally find the tannery. Phil tells us tanneries like this one have been preserving leather since Medieval times. Phil says for this Roadblock a team member must scrape and properly prepare 3 goat skins. They must then deliver 3 bundles of prepared hides by bicycle to a nearby cobbler. They will get a receipt and then return to the tannery to receive their next clue.

Dentists Misti & Jim perform their Speed Bump before heading to Cart it Out.
Dentists Misti & Jim perform their Speed Bump before heading to Cart it Out. | Source

The Roadblock

Most of the teams arrive at the Roadblock at right about the same time. Keith of Keith & Whitney is going to do the task. Amy of scientists Amy & Maya is doing it and Brooke is doing the task for the wrestlers. Bethany is tackling the Roadblock. She says she's been wanting to do a Roadblock. I hope having only one arm doesn't cause her to struggle too much. Tim and Kym are doing the Roadblock for their teams.

As they all go into the tannery Amy steps into one of the dark pools of liquid where they cure the hides. That's likely full of urine and other tanning goodness so it's probably not the best place for her foot. Amy says, “That was a fun way to start the Roadblock.”

Brooke starts dry heaving just from the smell of the tannery. She says, “This is not okay” as she scrubs at one of the hides. Kym says, “This is definitely one of the grossest things I've done in my whole life. Holy crap!”

Shelley & Nici get to the Roadblock and Nici elects to do it. Bethany's really having no problem scraping the hair off the hides. She's holding the hide with her feet and scraping with her hand. Way to go, Bethany! Adam is proud.

Misti & Jim arrive at the Roadblock. It seems like they've made up more time. Misti decides to do the Roadblock, but she's a little nervous because she had trouble at the last Roadblock at the sandwich shop in Denmark. “So I needed to just mentally get past that.”

Kym is the first one to finish scraping hides and get her bundles on the bike. She rides off to find the cobbler. Keith and Tim also set off on the bikes with Bethany just behind. She has trouble getting the bundles of skins on the bike, but a couple of guys help her.

By now everyone except for Nici and Misti are searching for the cobbler, and nobody can find the shop. Now, Misti passes Nici, getting to the bikes just seconds before her. It's a race!

The other teams have all managed to converge on the same little intersection. Kym sees Bethany riding her bike and balancing the skins with one arm and remarks, “Bethany is a beast!” Brooke is impressed too.

Back in another small corridor, Nici is struggling trying to keep her three bundles of hides on the back of her bike. As she tries to fix them Misti comes by and accidentally knocks Nici's bike over. Misti cries out, “I'm so sorry!” and heads off. Nici is not pleased.

We get more scenes of all the racers searching for the cobbler. They pretty much all end up at the same corner again. The market is a maze! Finally, Tim gets someone to lead him to the cobbler and the other teams follow in line. It's a bit of a skirmish as racers fight to turn in their bundles to the cobbler.

Now it's a race to get back to the tannery. Tim cries, “I don't remember any of this!” We then see Nici, Keith, Brooke, and Misti get back to the tannery first. Shelley is thrilled to see her daughter. Keith jumps to the front of the line with the tanner, cutting Shelley & Nici off.

Shelley is furious because Whitney wasn't quite up to the line yet and racers are supposed to be together before they do anything. Keith claims Whitney was there. Shelley & Nici aren't happy at all and freak out. A bit of shoving goes on and Keith says, “You push me one more time...” Shelley responds, “And what?”

From my point of view, Keith probably should have been in line behind the mother and daughter, but the actual time difference it made was less than a minute so Shelley & Nici are overreacting. Both teams comment that they are not happy with each other.

The teams all charge off to find the next clue. Whitney says they have to hurry because they could get U-Turned.

Wrestlers Robbie & Brooke do the Tea Time Detour.
Wrestlers Robbie & Brooke do the Tea Time Detour. | Source
Sweet scientists Amy & Maya at the Twirl Time Detour.
Sweet scientists Amy & Maya at the Twirl Time Detour. | Source

Twirl Time or Tea Time

Time for the Detour! In Twirl Time teams have to become street performers. One team member has to twirl the tassel on their hat for one minute straight without stopping while the other team member keeps time on a drum. In Tea Time racers have to pick up a tea set and carry it to a restaurant. There, one racer uses a single arm to hold a tray of glasses while the other racer has to pour the tea in a specific, high manner above the cups.

Adam & Bethany decide on Tea Time. Kym & Alli go for Twirl Time. Wrestlers Robbie & Brooke pick Tea Time while rivals Shelley & Nici and Keith & Whitney pick Twirl Time. Dentists Misti & Jim and boyfriends Tim & The Jay pick Tea Time. Scientists Amy & Maya pick Twirl Time.

The teams heading for Tea Time pick up their tea sets. Apparently, they're heavy, because they all complain about the weight as they head to the restaurant. The Twirl Time teams get dressed and get their instruments. They then get instructions on playing the rhythm and twirling their tassels.

At Tea Time the teams learn they have to pour with two hands at once and lift the pots higher as they go. I guess Bethany is holding the tray. We see the teams give the task a go, but so far they aren't using the right technique.

Over at Twirl Time the teams are rapidly discovering that twirling the tassel continuously for a minute is really hard. Whitney interviews that she might be a singer-songwriter, but this gave her no advantage since she never has to twirl her head in her regular life. For the poor scientists Maya keeps trying to twirl her hat and it comes right off her head! Maya says her head and the hat were like oil and water.

Over at Tea Time no one's having success yet. But then Adam & Bethany come in and do a great job. They use excellent teamwork and get the task done. The clue tells them to head to the U-Turn. They rush off.

Alli is working the hat for the cyclists. She manages to keep it going and they finish the Detour. Keith is trying the tassel now for his team, but its still not working. The scientists and Shelley & Nici aren't getting anywhere either.

Teams keep trying, but its not going well. Meanwhile, Kym & Alli arrive at the U-Turn and don't use it. The clue tells them to go to Al Matjar carpet shop to reach the Pit Stop. Adam & Bethany get to the U-Turn next and choose not to use it either.

Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici run towards the U-Turn and the Pit Stop.
Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici run towards the U-Turn and the Pit Stop. | Source

The Pit Stop

Kym & Alli rush to the Pit Stop just seconds before Adam & Bethany. Phil greets them and tells the cyclists they have each won $5000! That must be a bummer for the surfers to hear, but they seem to take it well. Kym & All just hope they aren't getting a target on their backs because they are doing so well.

Back at Twirl Time the teams are still struggling, but Shelley gets her twirl on and the mom and daughter finish. They rush to the U-Turn and debate whether they should use it on dentists Misti & Jim or engaged couple Keith & Whitney who they had the fight with earlier in the leg. Shelley & Nici decide to use the U-Turn on... Keith & Whitney. That three second advantage from cutting in line is definitely not paying off.

We then see Tim & The Jay finish the Tea Time Detour. Brooke is getting frustrated because she doesn't realize what she's doing wrong.

Shelley & Nici arrive at the Pit Stop while Tim and The Jay don't use the U-Turn and then check in at the mat just in front of the mother and daughter. Misti & Jim and Robbie & Brooke both finish the Tea Time Detour. Amy starts doing the tassel for the scientists and gets the job done.

Robbie & Brooke, Misti & Jim, and Amy & Maya all get to the U-Turn and choose not to use it. Keith & Whitney still haven't completed Twirl Time. Whitney says they have to switch Detours. Keith reminds her that if they're U-Turned they'll have to come back and do it again. Whitney doesn't care. So they head to Tea Time.

At the Pit Stop Robbie & Brooke check in 5th, Misti & Jim check in 6th and Amy & Maya check in 7th one right after the other. Jim says “We're back in it. We're excited!”

We see Keith & Whitney finish the Tea Time Detour and then go back and finish Twirl Time after finding out they were U-Turned by Shelley & Nici. It's very dark out when they finish. Whitney says everything on the race confirmed they are right for each other. When they get to the mat Phil tells them that they've been eliminated from the race. Keith & Whitney say they'll just have to pay for their own honeymoon now.

Next week on the Race goats and heights!

Finish Order

Kym & Alli
Win $5000 each
Adam & Bethany
Tim & Te Jay
Shelley & Nici
Robbie & Brooke
Misti & Jim
Amy & Maya
Keith & Whitney


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