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The Amazing Race, Season 25, Leg 4: Thinly Sliced Anchovies

Updated on November 2, 2014
Sweet scientists Amy & Maya getting ready to board the ferry to Aberdeen.
Sweet scientists Amy & Maya getting ready to board the ferry to Aberdeen. | Source

Ferry Tales

Phil lets us know the teams are perched on St. Ninian's isle just where the North Sea meets the Atlantic ocean. The teams got to stay in tents there overnight. According to Jim, they're sandy tents too.

The teams drag themselves up and get ready to go. Dentists Misti & Jim are the first to depart. They leave at 10:36 AM, about an hour before the other teams start going. The clue tells them they'll have to take a 13 hour ferry back to Aberdeen, Scotland and then fly to Copenhagen in Denmark.

Jim reminds us they have the Save so they know there's no elimination in their near future. Even if they come in last this leg, they're still in the race. After that, Misti & Jim arrive at the ferry. They ask for a travel agent to book plane tickets with but there isn't one. The lady at the desk suggests using the internet at the library so they do so. They get tickets for a flight arriving at 4:00 PM in Copenhagen.

And can I just pause here to say Misti's makeup may be some of the thickest pancake I have ever seen grace the Race. It's almost as scary as the Dentists' teeth. Really.

The rest of the teams head out from the tents and to the ferry dock. They find out there is no travel agency available. The teams decide they'll just have to deal with it in the morning in Aberdeen.

Scientists Amy & Maya stand on the ferry and say it looks like there will be a big herd of racers heading to the travel agency in the morning. It should be “interesting.”

Meanwhile wrestlers Brooke & Robbie say the travel agency doesn't open until 9:00 AM and the ferry gets in at 7:00 AM so they're going to head directly to the airport to book tickets.

Flying off to Copenhagen

The teams drive off the ferry and scatter to either the travel agency or the airport. Cyclists Kym & Alli are the first to get to the airport. They manage to book themselves on a flight getting to Copenhagen at 2:00 – two hours before the Dentists. Nice!

Tim & The Jay get on a flight arriving at 5:15 PM, while Brooke & Robbie get on a 5:10 flight.

At the travel agency the poor agent looks terrified as the four teams flood him. Mom and Daughter Shelley & Nici get a 5:20 flight, Survivors Keith & Whitney get the 5:10 flight, and so do scientists Amy & Maya.

Misti & Jim interview that they found out the cyclists are two hours ahead of them, but they're racing for the win until Phil tells them otherwise.

Adam & Bethany at the airport on The Amazing Race
Adam & Bethany at the airport on The Amazing Race | Source

Copenhagen Cars

Phil is waiting at the airport as Kym & Alli rush by and grab a clue off of their car. Their task now is to drive the brief trip out of Denmark to Sweden using the new Ford C-Max hybrid. They can only use .1 gallon on their 20 mile trip. If they don't conserve gas well enough the teams will be forced to answer a geography question before getting their next clue.

Kym & Alli are enjoying driving the car and watching their fuel efficiency closely while they go over the bridge. They use exactly .1 gallons and get their clue.

It's a Detour. Parking Space requires teams to turn a parking space into a “parklet.” This is a place with furniture and décor where people can hang out and relax. They can pick a garden or living room set up and make it exactly match the picture given within 30 minutes – or try again from the start.

Wedding Cake has teams making a traditional Danish wedding cake. Then they have to balance it on a bike called a bullet. The bullet has a flat platform in front and a regular bike seat in back.

Cyclists Kym & Alli go with the biking task, Wedding Cake. What a surprise. They busily get going on making their cake – it's stacked in many layers and decorated with flags.

Brooke & Robbie with their C-Max.
Brooke & Robbie with their C-Max. | Source

Denmark Detours

While Kym & Alli work on their cake, dentists Misti & Jim drive their car over the bridge – but they used too much fuel so they have to answer the trivia question. They need to name the capitals of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Unfortunately, they don't know the answer so they run off to get help.

The other flights are arriving. Teams get in the cars and try to drive conservatively. Some teams seem better at following the car's hints. Some teams... not so much.

Okay, Misti & Jim get some help and answer the question. They decide to do the Parking Space Detour. Cyclists Kym & Alli are making progress wobbling around on their bullet bike, but they're afraid their cake will topple. The cyclists agree that riding this type of bike is really hard – and they should know.

Back at the car, Brooke & Robbie have blown the fuel efficiency and have to do the question. Same holds true for Adam & Bethany, and scientists Amy & Maya. They work together to answer the geography question.

Shelley & Nici are finally getting to Denmark. They are quarreling something fierce! That's never good.

Kym & Alli deliver their cake successfully! They're the first team to complete the Detour. They get the next clue and head out.

Misti & Jim start building their parklet. They choose the garden setting. They stare carefully at the picture. Misti says they pay attention to details for a living. Jim says, “We're going to blow everybody away.”

At the same time Brooke & Robbie and Adam & Bethany start working on the Wedding Cake Detour. Amy & Maya join the dentists at Parking Space.

Tim & The Jay failed to drive efficiently enough but they – gasp – actually know the Scandinavian capitals so this doesn't set them back at all. Shelley & Nici do drive efficiently enough and move on. They choose Parking Space too.


Which Detour Option Would You Do?

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Tim & Te Jay outside the Roadblock at Ida Davidsons
Tim & Te Jay outside the Roadblock at Ida Davidsons | Source

Order Up Roadblock

A Roadblock is a task only one team member can perform. This Roadblock takes place at Ida Davidson's sandwich shop in Copenhagen. There are over 280 sandwiches on the menu. The team member must take an order of four sandwiches and correctly report the order to Ida Davidson. The sandwiches they have to report are:

  • #128 Bombay toast, macaroni, chicken giblets in curry-mayonnaise with egg and smoked salmon

  • #35 Thinly-sliced anchovies, beetroot, raw egg yolk, capers, onion, and horseradish

  • #159 Tomato, scrambled egg, 2 boned anchovies in oyster sauce and chopped chives on toast

  • #82 Liverpaste with truffles, 2 anchovies in oyster sauce and fried egg

That's a lot of sandwich.

Kym agrees to do the task. She tells us the only time she was a waitress she was fired. We see Kym struggling to memorize just the numbers on the sandwiches.

Keith & Whitney and Brooke & Robbie head out with their cakes on the bikes. Adam is holding the cake while Bethany peddles. Since she only has one arm, this is a really tough task for her. Cake pieces are falling and teams are struggling. Keith & Whitney and the surfers decide to switch to Parking Space.

Speaking of Parking Space, Misti & Jim get their work checked – and they've missed something. We see the camera zoom in on a flowerpot. It's missing a petal. Misti & Jim can't figure it out. Their time runs out and they have to start all over again.

While that happens, Kym finishes her sandwich orders and the cyclists head for the Pit Stop. They are flying out ahead of the other teams.

Brooke & Robbie are going so slowly on their bullet bike they are annoying other cyclists. Robbie keeps apologizing, saying he's in a race. Brooke's arms are killing her from holding the cake. But they get the task done and they are thrilled! Robbie just wishes he could eat the cake.

Back at Parking Space Misti & Jim still don't know what they're doing wrong. Meanwhile, scientists Amy & Maya call over a judge to check their mini-living room and they are good! Keith & Whitney also finish. But Misti & Jim are wrong again. (Then the editors give a nice flashback to Misti & Jim saying they want to be the most dominant team to ever hit the race. Snork.) Misti & Jim decide to try the Wedding Cake Detour.

Kym & Alli heading to the Pit Stop on The Amazing Race.
Kym & Alli heading to the Pit Stop on The Amazing Race. | Source

The Pit Stop

Kym & Alli check in clearly first at the Pit Stop. They are met by Phil and a local greeter along with two beautiful black Great Danes. Kym & Alli have each won a new Ford C-Max Hybrid. Nice!

Meanwhile, Maya is doing the Roadblock for the scientists and Robbie is doing it for the wrestlers. Robbie tells the shop owner this will be hard for him because he gets hit on the head a lot.

Back at Parking Space mom and daughter Shelley & Nici and boyfriends Tim & The Jay catch up and both teams start putting things together for the parklets.

Misti & Jim have built their cake and head out to their bullet bike. Jim mutters how much easier this Detour is... until he gets on the bike. Oops! One of the flags on their cake falls off. That can't be good.

As we head back to the Roadblock we see Maya complete the challenge. She collapses to the floor in glee and the scientists head off. Robbie paces back and forth trying to remember his sandwich – and he does it. The wrestlers are done too. “I'm a phenomenal waittress!” He crows.

Adam & Bethany make a few tweaks to their parklet and complete it. Tim & The Jay are not far behind at all. Shelley & Nici are still working on the task.

Meanwhile, Misti & Jim deliver their cake... only to find it is missing its flag. The dentists have to go back to get it.

Back at the Pit Stop the wrestlers, Brooke & Robbie, check in second. They are followed by Keith & Whitney in third. Where are the scientists? They left the Roadblock before both of those teams.

Shelley & Nici are fighting over how to place things in their parklet. They've been fighting a lot today.

Dentists Misti & Jim hope to complete the Wedding Cake Detour.
Dentists Misti & Jim hope to complete the Wedding Cake Detour. | Source

Now Misti & Jim find the flag and finish their Detour. They interview that they know they'll have to use the Save this leg. We then see Shelley & Nici finish their Detour.

Okay, now Amy & Maya check in fourth. Amy cocks an eyebrow at Phil and he reciprocates. Heh.

We barely see Tim & The Jay at the restaurant Roadblock. Tim flies through it and they're out of there. Misti is doing the Roadblock for the Dentists, Shelley for the mom and daughter, while Adam is doing it for the Surfers.

Misti recites a sandwich without saying its number, so she's wrong. Adam completes the sandwich order, but Misti gets it wrong yet again.

We see Tim & The Jay check in at the Pit Stop fifth. One of the Great Danes towers above Phil and hugs him. Phil wonders if its mating season.

Just then we see Shelley complete the Roadblock. Only Misti remains at the task. She's just not getting it. Jim doesn't look happy. Misti then re-reads her clue and realizes she has been forgetting to say the sandwich number. She finally gets it right.

In the car Shelley & Nici fight about directions and navigation. Shelley waits and doesn't tell Nici she sees Phil until after they pass him. Nici is upset. They drag their way to the mat. Shelley says she needed to make her point. Nici just walks away. Phil calls to Nici and tells her she needs to be a grown up now. Ouch.

Next up are Adam & Bethany. They look glum about their placement, but they're in.

The dentists arrive last and immediately hand Phil the Save. Phil hands it right back and tells a thrilled Misti & Jim that this is a non-elimination leg. Jim says all his confidence is gone. “It's humbling.”

Phil doesn't say anything, but presumably the dentists will have to face a Speed Bump in the next leg.

Next week, Marrakesh!

Leg 4 Finishing Order

Kym & Alli
Each win a Ford C-Max
Brooke & Robbie
Keith & Whitney
Amy & Maya
Tim & Te Jay
Shelley & Nici
Adam & Bethany
Misti & Jim
Non-Elimination Leg


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