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The Amazing Race, Season 25, Leg 6: I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat

Updated on November 2, 2014
Amy & Maya search the streets of Marrakech.
Amy & Maya search the streets of Marrakech. | Source

The teams start this leg from the last Pit Stop, Al Maatjar carpet shop in Maarakech, Morocco. Kym & Alli won the last leg of the race and depart at 8:15 AM. Their clue says to go to work with the famous horse drawn carriages of Marrakech.

Phil tells us the carriages are an iconic part of the city. Teams must now go to the marked hay stand and take two large bags of hay to the storage area of a stable. They then must take a horse drawn carriage ride back to the main square and reward their horses with an apple before getting a Ford Fiesta and moving on.

Cyclists Kym & Alli start searching for a taxi while they tell us that they feel strong. Meanwhile, we see Adam & Bethany leave the Pit Stop at 8:16 AM. Adam tells us of his one-armed wife, “Bethany continually blows my mind with how she adapts and charges things.” I don't think he's talking about shopping.

Both of the teams find cabs and head for the task. We then see boyfriends Tim & The Jay leave the Pit Stop at 8:30 AM. They decide to walk to the task which is probably a bad idea. The guys can't believe they're competing against professional wrestlers, professional surfers and, “Professional dentists who bodybuild on the side.”

Mom and Daughter Shelley & Nici head out in fourth place at 8:34 AM. They also decide to try to walk to the task. The mom and daughter say it was really rough at the end of leg 4 when Nici stormed off the mat at the Pit Stop. “We're trying to work on being more amicable.” Shelley doesn't want a relationship with her daughter that's full of fighting.

Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie leave the mat at 8:39. Brooke's excited! Dentists Misti & Jim are right behind them at 8:41. The two teams work together and find out their destination is 10 kilometers away so they know they need to get taxis. Jim says, “If somebody tried to walk it they'd be dead in the water.”

Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici get bags of hay.
Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici get bags of hay. | Source

Hauling Hay

Surfers Adam & Bethany are the first team to find the hay stand. Adam grabs both large bags of hay and they trot off in search of the stable. Kym & Alli are right on their heels. We then see sweet scientists Amy & Maya leave the Pit Stop last at 8:42 AM. Amy says they have trouble between tasks, but make up time at the Detours and Roadblocks. Maya says, “The directions thing is really going to bite us in the butt if we don't get it together.” That sounds like a bad omen for the girls!

Adam & Bethany find the stable and deliver the hay. Now its time for their carriage ride. Kym & Alli are still right behind them, doing a great job with the heavy hay.

Tim & The Jay finally realize they need to take a cab and jump in. They're frustrated with themselves. We then see Jim hauling both bags of hay for the dentists. They make quick work of the task. Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie are hauling their hay. Robbie threatens to body slam the bag and Brooke actually stops on the street to slam her bag down and drive an elbow into it. Poor hay!

Boyfriends Tim & The Jay arrive at the stable – but they haven't gotten their hay yet. Brooke & Robbie tell the boys they have to go way back and find it. It seems Tim & The Jay are having issues. But Adam & Bethany are having a good time on their carriage ride.

As Adam & Bethany are wrapping up their carriage ride scientists Amy & Maya run up and ask them for help. Bethany lets the girls know they need to take a taxi to the task. Doh! Adam & Bethany get their clue which says to drive yourself to a local pottery stand that's out in the desert. Kym & Alli are still close behind them.

Dentists Misti & Jim and wrestlers Brooke & Robbie finish the task and take off for the pottery stand. Amy & Maya get out of their cab and wander to a random stable. They grab bags of hay and deposit them at the drop off location. Tim & The Jay run up and ask where they got the hay. When they find out, the guys know its wrong and they run off to search some more.

Amy & Maya try to get a clue, but they find out their hay was indeed from the wrong feed station, so they run off looking for the right location too. Meanwhile, Shelley & Nici find the marked food station and load up with hay. Tim & The Jay meet them on the way. They trade information – the ladies telling the guys where the food station is and the guys explaining where the stable is. The poor scientists are still struggling.

Dentists Misti & Jim working at the Camp Detour.
Dentists Misti & Jim working at the Camp Detour. | Source

Camp or Cream

Moving to the teams at the front of the pack Kym & Alli have passed the surfers and found the pottery stand. Phil tells us the local Berber have a lot of proud traditions with a history that dates back more than 4,000 years. The Detour highlights two aspects of their culture.

Camp requires teams to exactly set up a Berber tent. When the judge is satisfied, they get their clue. In Cream teams have to get a bowl full of milk from a goat and then churn the milk into three ounces of butter using a traditional Berber method involving shaking a bladder or skin of some kind.

Kym & Alli decide to do the Cream Detour. Misti & Jim and Adam & Bethany arrive. The dentists decide to do Camp. Jim says, “Let's take animals out of it.” The surfers go for Cream.

Back in town Tim & The Jay, Shelley & Nici and Amy & Maya finish the carriage task. Shelley is concerned when she hears they'll have to drive themselves to the next destination.

At the pottery stand, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie decide to do the Cream Detour. We then see the cyclists arrive at Cream. They watch the goat milking demonstration and then catch a goat and get going. So far so good!

Misti & Jim study the Berber tent and begin grabbing rugs and tent walls. Adam & Bethany arrive at Cream and work on getting milk out of a goat. We then get footage of both Shelley & Nici and Amy & Maya getting lost on the way to the pottery stand. They're stressed.

Meanwhile Tim & The Jay have found the stand. They decide to do the Camp Detour. While they do that Kym & Alli get enough milk and fill up their animal skin shaking station with it. Then they start shaking. Alli's dubious. She asks one of the Berbers how long it takes to shake the milk into cream. When he says 45 minutes the cyclists decide to switch Detours.

Brooke & Robbie milk a goat at the Detour.
Brooke & Robbie milk a goat at the Detour. | Source

Misti & Jim are working on their tent. They realize they have to sew the sides of the tent on. Misti tells us Jim went to medical school before dental school and that he's amazing with sutures.

The wrestlers arrive at the goats and Brooke runs around like crazy trying to catch a goat. Robbie helpfully holds the bowl up and tells her he's right there when Brooke is ready. Snork.

At the Camp Detour Kym & Alli are having trouble getting the tent up because they're too short to work well with it. They give up and go back to the Cream Detour where Adam & Bethany have started churning.

Ah! Scientists Amy & Maya have finally found the pottery stand. Only Shelley & Nici are missing in action. We then see the teams at the Cream Detour taking turns singing with a Berber man while they shake away at the skins.

And we have our first team finished with the Detour! Misti & Jim complete their tent and get their clue. It tells them to drive to Terres D'Amanar and look for their next clue. So off they go!

Shelley & Nici still haven't found the pottery stand. They ask for directions at a shop and the man seems to help. Shelley says, “This is giving me hope.”

Amy & Maya arrive at the goats and get milking. Tim & The Jay are making progress on their tent. Adam & Bethany finish churning and get their clue. The other teams shake.

Misti & Jim arrive at the clue and find a Roadblock.

Wrestlers Robbie & Brooke decide who is going to do the Roadblock.
Wrestlers Robbie & Brooke decide who is going to do the Roadblock. | Source

Crossing Canyons Roadblock

Host Phil Keoghan tells us that the Atlas Mountains run for more than 1,000 miles across Northern Africa. The rock formations are great for high wire adventures. In this Roadblock racers have to go across a series of high wire obstacles and zip lines. In the middle they have to stop and solve a wooden puzzle with interlocking pieces.

Misti is going to do another Roadblock for the dentists. I think that's three in a row for her. She says she's scared when the wind starts blowing, but also finds it exciting. It's really wobbly on the wires, though. Jim says there's nothing his wife can't do.

Finally, Shelley & Nici get to the pottery stand. Amy & Maya are already churning butter. Amy says Maya is actually getting her PhD in milk fat so she knows the right technique to shake the milk. Wow! Maya says you have to thrust the milk forward the right way.

Tim & The Jay complete the camp Detour so they've made up some time. Misti is working on the puzzle and she gets it done. No one else has shown up at the Roadblock yet. Misti just does one more zip line and she and Jim are done. They get a picture of the Pit Stop.

What place will Tim & The Jay finish at the Pit Stop this week?
What place will Tim & The Jay finish at the Pit Stop this week? | Source

Pit Stop

Phil tells us Morocco is known as the land of 1,000 casbahs. On the outskirts of Marrakech, Casbah D'If is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. As Misti & Jim leave the Roadblock they see Adam & Bethany arriving. Bethany is doing the Roadblock for their team. She has to hold onto the wires with just one hand. Adam says, “She's fearless.” He keeps falling more in love with Bethany.

At the Detour, Kym & Alli complete it and move on. Surprisingly, Amy & Maya are right behind! Wow, they made up time. Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie finish next. They're worried they're last, but then the wrestlers see mom and daughter Shelley & Nici are just arriving.

At the Roadblock The Jay is scared of heights, but chooses to do the task. Meanwhile, Bethany finishes the puzzle using her feet and hand. Alli is doing the Roadblock for the cyclists and she practically runs across the wires she's moving so fast.

Misti & Jim run up to the Pit Stop and find a man playing a banjo with a chicken on his head standing next to Phil. A dove is standing on the chicken. It's quite the sight. Misti & Jim win a trip to Brazil for coming in first. Jim says they are back on top where they belong and they both grin their brilliant white smiles at Phil.

Alli and The Jay work together to solve the puzzle at the Roadblock. Brooke wants to cry as she slowly forces her way across the wires. She's freaking out! The Jay and Alli finish the puzzle before Brooke gets across.

Maya is quickly going through the wires for the sweet scientists. We then see Shelley & Nici finish the Detour and scurry off to the Roadblock. Brooke and Maya work on the puzzle and Brooke keeps saying, “I don't get it!” Maya tries to cheer her on.

Adam & Bethany check into the Pit Stop second. They're really proud and happy. Yay! We then see Brooke finish the puzzle and the Roadblock as Kym & All check in third and Tim & The Jay check in fourth at the Pit Stop. The dove flies onto Tim's head and he isn't thrilled.

Maya finishes the Detour and the scientists drive towards the Pit Stop. They hope they don't get lost. Shelley & Nici finally arrive at the Roadblock and Shelley does it for the team. But Amy & Maya are already checking in at the Pit Stop.

Shelley interviews that she and Nici tried their hardest. After they check in at the Pit Stop and are eliminated Phil makes Nici hold the dove and throw it in the air so it lands on the chicken again. Phil says he's happy the mother and daughter are getting along better again. Shelley agrees but says they aren't ready to go. “At least we proved that we actually can co-exist in each others' space again.”

Only six legs left this season on The Amazing Race!

Finish Order

Misti & Jim
Trip to Brazil
Adam & Bethany
Kym & Alli
Tim & Te Jay
Brooke & Robbie
Amy & Maya
Shelley & Nici


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