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The Amazing Race Season Finale -- And The Winner Is

Updated on December 8, 2013

Travis continues to berate and belittle Nicole

Original Airing: December 8, 2013

The moment we’ve been waiting for since the race began has finally arrived. It’s the finale and we’ll finally learn who wins the race.

Jason and Amy don’t seem to have peaked yet, so they could quite possibly pull it out.

Nicole and Travis may have peaked, however. It wasn’t the shiniest moment for the team when Nicole asked for help from the team she and Travis have been disdaining for being liars. It kind of made the two look like hypocrites.

Speaking of hypocrites, no one could be more hypocritical than the Afghanimals. They think it’s okay for them to do something to another team but when it happens to them they cry foul.

Finally there’s Pinky and No Brain as Tim and Marie are called. Marie may be one of the most despicable racers in the annals of the show when she purposely planned to steal another players cab.

So who do I hope will win? I’ll go with Jason and Amy. They really seem to be the only team that hasn’t really done the dirty on another team.

Since the Afghanimals came in last, last week, they’ll be facing doing a Speed Bump on this final leg of the race to the finish line.

Fly to Toyko. Once they land they need to make their way to the Gotokuji Temple. Then search for the clue by the white cats.

Jason and Amy intend to continue to work with Nicole and Travis to make it to final three. Nicole suggest all three teams work against the Afghaninmals to make sure they don’t make final three.

Afghanimals think they’ve found a flight that will get them to Toyko before the other teams. And they’re right. They arrive in Tokyo first.

Marie succeeds in ticking off Nicole and Travis and Jason and Amy by revealing she already has the address to their destination, but won’t tell unless they get a taxi for her. They try to leave in the two taxis there, but the airport guy won’t let them leave until a third taxi arrives for Tim and Marie, as they think all three teams are together.


Knock it Down you get to be a contestant in a game show where you’re a human bowling ball. The Afghanimals are dressed in pink outfits and they have to be the ball and knock down all the pins to get their next clue.

Call It Up -- Kinuta Park is the destination and the taxi drivers are refusing to separate and won’t go away from the pack. Telephone booth filled with water and goldfish and make a phone call. Jason and Amy and Travis and Nicole don’t let Tim and Marie know that they know where the Detour is located, so Pinky and No Brain leave to apparently due Human Bowling, instead. This task actually doesn’t take as much time as the Human Bowling.

Now teams must make their way to a fountain.

Tim and Marie think the Afghanimals got lost because they see all the uniforms still there, not realizing the sneaky cousins put the uniforms back to fool them. Little do Pinky and No Brain realize, but they’re currently in last place. And Tim and Marie can’t figure out how to knock all the pins down.

Speed Bump – become apprentice zookeeper and capture an escaped rhino from the zoo. This is actually a real drill. They get through it on second attempt.

Roadblock –

Pipe Up or Go Home – build a robot. The model is small but the parts are large. Cousins call Nicole and Amy Dumb and Dumber because they’re working on puzzle together. Marie can’t see the model thinking it’s big. Because Nicole and Amy wouldn’t help her, Marie says they’re dead to her. Marie also manages to zip through it faster than the other teams, and she arrived last. She finishes first. The other teams have parts in the wrong place.

Travis and Jason are really unsupportive jerks while watching Nicole and Travis put together the robot. Then Jason won’t stop bitching because Amy helped Nicole. Travis continues to harangue Nicole and belittle her. Dude, I’m sure your kids will be so proud of you.

Now teams have to find a vending machine. Now teams must race on foot to a shrine to check into the pit stop. The final place comes down to Nicole and Travis and the Afghanimals as they scramble to find the shrine.

  1. Tim and Marie – a trip to Aruba.
  2. Jason and Amy
  3. Travis and Nicole
  4. Leo and Jamal – eliminated

I hate to say it, but after this leg, I think I’m now rooting for Pinky and No Brain. They may not even like each other, but I don’t think they’ve ever trash talked each other as bad as Travis and Jason were trash talking their women so confident they could do it faster. Of the two, Travis is the absolute worse. I hope he isn’t teaching his kids to disrespect Nicole as much as he does. Somehow even though Tim and Marie don’t like each other they actually know how to work together.

Teams will now fly to Alaska. After arriving in Juneau they must get to the harbor and board a marked boat and go to the Grizzly Bar.

Marie made Tim sign a contract that she gets 60% of the winnings. Jason braying he and Amy are the best team, ever. Amy questions how well Nicole will do without her help.

All three teams are on the same plane. Upon landing teams find a little trouble trying to find a taxi. Then they engage in a boat race on the harbor.


Teams get to simulate a supply drop from a bush plan. Once they hit the target they’ll get their next clue. All the women decide to do the task.

Travis starts yapping that he made it clear to Nicole this is her redemption time.

All three women miss on their first attempt. Amy gets it first. Marie gets it second. Why on earth didn’t Nicole let her big-mouthed husband do it. Unfortunately, she can’t figure it out and he’s blahing his big mouth about losing 4 million dollars. Where he’s getting that amount from I don’t know, unless he said a million and it sounded like 4 million. If I were Nicole, I’d want to stay up in that plane instead of facing the verbal abuse she’ll get once she comes down. No, he said a million. It takes Nicole 21 times before she’s able to do it. In the helicopter ride good old Travis is giving Nicole the silent treatment. He acts like a two year old.

Put Yourself on Ice. They have to go to a glacier and go on a Glacier Expedition to look for their next clue and chip it out of the ice. Jason and Amy board the helicopter to take them to glacier.

You have to climb down a glacier, go across a ladder and climb back up the other side. Then you have to walk into an ice tunnel to search for their clue. The clue is located in an ice wall and you have to chip away at it to find the clue. And there are a bunch of fake clues buried in the wall.

It looks like the race is now going to be between Amy and Jason and Marie and Tim. Will Jason and Amy finally have their revenge for Marie and Tim stealing their cab?

Hike to the shore and paddle a kayak to the Marked Island to find their next clue.

While doing the ice berg climb, Travis keeps yelling what he calls encouragement, but it would just make me nervous and I’d be yelling at him to shut up so I can concentrate. Then Nicole drops one of the climbing picks. She has to make it up with one pick.

Tim and Marie start fighting as they paddle their kayak.

Take the helicopter back to Juneau and go to Blueberry Hills Trailhead to find their next clue.

Build a wall of totem poles spelling out the currency from each country they’re been in and it has to be in chronological order. Jason and Amy can’t even remember all the currencies. Tim and Marie remember all the currencies but Abu Dhabi.

Travis and Nicole manage to catch up with Jason and Amy and Tim and Marie. Jason and Amy finish first. End of North Douglas Highway is the finish line. They have to look for the marked driveway. Meanwhile at the totem pole task Travis continues to berate and belittle Nicole as she starts to shut down from all his verbal abuse. If the dude watches himself, I hope he’s ashamed of himself, because he really should be.

  1. Jason and Amy win
  2. Marie and Tim
  3. Travis and Nicole

You know, I wouldn’t have minded if Tim and Marie had won. Marie said she picked Tim because he was the only man around before the deadline was up. Tim says he didn’t care that Marie made him sign the 60/40 deal because of everything he got to experience. She says on some level she and Tim do love each other.

Travis believes their kids will be proud of them. Keep telling yourself that dude.

I have no problems with who won.

The final leg was a real challenging leg, and whomever won definitely deserved it.


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