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The Amazing Race -- The Bully Alliance Is Born

Updated on May 4, 2014

Dave is not Mr. Nice Guy

If Rachel and Brendon knew the trouble it would cause them by U-Turning Dave I wonder if they still would have done it? Something tells me if they had U-Turned The Cowboys they wouldn't be carrying on like Dave is. If you looked up the word UGLY in the dictionary you'd find a picture of Dave as the prime example.

He was so ugly and disgusting, I actually had to mute the sound a few times, because just listening to him was making me wish bad things would happen to him. Then I started worrying bad things would happen to me for wishing bad things on him.

He was just so ugly and repulsive as he was mocking Rachel like a two year old spoiled brat. Since he barely says anything about Brendan while also making fun of Rachel's looks, it seems like he holds her solely to blame for being U-Turned, which makes me think this 60 year old baby is still carrying a grudge because Rachel wouldn't tell him where the clue box was at the Spanish Steps, and if that's the case he truly is sad and pathetic. As Rachel correctly put it, Dave has never done one thing to help her so why should she help him?

Of course, all his playing of the AARP card with him whining about you shouldn't U Turn a 60 year old man seemed bogus when he jumped over the railing like he thought he was 20. Really dude? If you want to play old man, try acting like it.

The end result is this Mr. Nice Guy act he's been putting on has been exposed and the man has shown his true colors. Is a very ugly petty little man. In adversity we show our true colors and Dave's colors are ugly indeed.

Cheering the old fool on as he was mocking Rachel like a school yard bully was the Afidiots and the Dumb Blondes. They all agree with Dave that Big Brother shouldn't be allowed to remain in the race. I find it particularly hilarious that the Blondes think this when the two morons can't even find their way to the roadblocks without following another team. If anyone should go and isn't fit to remain on the race it's them. As for the Afidiots they claim they're going along with this because they know the Dumb Blondes and Mr. AARP can't beat them as the final three and they'll win. However, the ninnies are going along with AARP's claim it's really Big Brother that U-Turned them and Dave is blameless all because the old buzzard helped them during the task. They fail to get there were plenty of other teams Dave could have U-Turned. The Trotters and Cowboys easily come to mind.

Anyway they name themselves the Accidental Alliance which doesn't make sense. Call yourselves what you are. The Bully Alliance.

The Cowboys decide their going to stay out of all the bad blood on the race, but mess up and get lost so they miss the train when Dave forms his Bully Alliance, so there's no telling if they'd have even been invited to join. Lucky for them it's one of those level the playing field types of things and The Cowboys catch up. Then the Bully Alliance crows when Rachel and Brendon get lost and go to the wrong bridge to get their next clue.

The task is to clean up a trashed Swiss hotel room and have it looking exactly like the model room should. The Bully Alliance continues to crow as BB goes from first place to last. Once the room is done, they're given a clue that leads them to this giant cog thing and have to guess what it is. Of course, the Bully Alliance shares the answer with each other. Then it's off to pick out a classic mustang and to have to do an equation to guess when it was made to get your next clue.

You know being a math problem the Blondes would be in trouble, but the Aftwits gave them the answer before heading off to the next task. Rachel did her own mocking of the way everyone is helping the blondes.

The last task of the race is to pick a sled dog, to travel up a hill by gondola and fill two big milk cans and transport them back down the mountain. If ever there was a task that would knock the Blondes out of the race, it was this, unless their strong manly partners in the Bully Alliance were to help them. Only they didn't. Dave and Connor and the Aftwits left the Blondes to sink or swim on their own as they got into a three team foot race to be first with The Cowboys. At one point the one of the Aftwits was getting so much in Jet's face, he looked like he was chewing the inside of his cheek to stop for shoving his fist in his face. Seriously, I can never remember which annoying twit is Jamal and which is Leo.

The most hilarious moment of the race had to be Dave, who was playing the AARP card and preaching about why would you U Turn a 60 year old man, and then he's the only one who jumps over a railing and falls flat on his butt. Guess Dave forget his age and that 60 years old men shouldn't jump over railings.

It's by a twist of luck that Dave and Connor come in first. Ironically, after all the Aftwits braying the Cowboys came in second and the Aftwits came in third.

Because of the milk can task, Rachel and Brendon were able to get ahead of the Blondes, as one of them uttered the stupidest line of the night, "At least I'm part of the Accidental Alliance." Really? What good did it do you? Did they stay around to help you finish the task so you wouldn't be eliminated?

So, Rachel and Brendon squeak into fourth place, while the Blondes are saved once again by another non-elimination. However, since it appears another Double U-Turn is coming up and the Aftwits by Dave's BS that it was really Rachel and Brendon who U-Turned them, this may be the end for Team Big Brother and it may mean the worst team still on the race, The Blondes, may squeak into the final four.


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